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What Call of Duty and Medal of Honor can learn from Nerf N Strike for Wii.

ZOMG!!! "Did he say, Wii!?!!"

Yes I did. My son received this game the other day and for all intents and purposes this is an on rails shooter with good hit detection and aiming.

That said, there is one feature that really took me aback in such a "casual core" game. Weapon customization. During play we were able to unlock weapons and earn canisters (in game currency.) While upgrading our weapons we were able to improve fire rate, reload rate, and damage amount. Pretty standard stuff. Then we saw that we could "buy" new color schemes. Each gun has base color, secondary color AND colors for other attributes (like tracer fire.) Yes, I have green tracer fire.

Further, when we bought add-ons for our guns, the add-ons appeared on the gun in very prominent ways. Laser sighting (yup yup), sniper scopes, extra barrels and aiming reticules were all upgradable.

In short, I think that the vast amount of weapon customization available for the Nerf guns were on par if not better than the Modern Warfare games. I would love to see some imitation. It was great to have different types of ammo, sights, and barrels to choose from.

Further, for the guns available, each one can have two colors customized by the "owner."

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