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Farewell Ryan Davis

Theo1130 | 942d ago
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It's strange to think whether I'd be into video games if it wasn't for Ryan Davis. Though he wasn't my favorite personality of the podcasts I listened to(Giantbomb, and The Hotspot), I couldn't imagine Ryan not being there.

I basically grew up listening to Ryan from around the age of 11, when I was too broke to buy video games on a regular basis. But listening to Ryan or any of the other Hotspoters talk about videogames and random tangents filled my weeks with joy. That continued even as I grew, stuck in horrible jobs where I was stuck in nightshifts that seemed to drag on into eternity. But each tuesday became Giantbomb day. The night that wouldn't die just seemed to slip away into the night. Since then time has continued slipping, with the same week routine: waiting for Giantbomb day until today.

Reading that Ryan Davis had passed away was a shock, even 6 day after the tragic event. Though I am not a religious man, I wish him luck where ever he is, and condolences to his wife who has to carry this unfair burden only a week into their marriage, and I also wish the best to his co-workers at the Giantbomb and anyone who has had the pleasure of getting to know him; whether it be meeting him face to face or listening to him each week with his crazy antics like me.

Thank you Ryan.

FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   941d ago
Nicely Said Theo, I liked to listen to what he had to say as well... Him and Brad are my favourite. From Game Spot days and GB.
FriedGoat  +   941d ago
oh dear
FriedGoat  +   941d ago
Don't know why I'm getting disagrees, just thought the username was in bad taste.
coolbeans  +   941d ago
Heh...that didn't even cross my mind.

Fat Man's username has been that since joining years ago. Don't take it the wrong way.
Theo1130  +   941d ago
Thanks for your support. I didn't think It would affect me so much, but I've been down all day. Especially today, when I would get home from school and the first thing I'd do is download the podcast.
RememberThe357  +   939d ago
I was surprise how his death hit me. But he was always so damn cool on those Quick Looks you couldn't help but love the guy. And to hear he had recently gotten married, condolences to her as she tries to deal with all of this.

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