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I can definitely say I enjoyed E3 conferences (almost LIVE) - part2


I confess, I watched Ubisoft's conference in playback (was too late for me to watch live) and skipped the first part ^_^'...

absolutely crazy, boobs for starters were quite a novelty but I appreciate a game that is not shy, since it seems you can kill people in the most gory ways, yet a female breast can generate such a big fuss (which is crazier than this game!). The mood felt very tribal, very rude (I mean, using tigers to eliminate your foes!) and so colorful! That's what stands out, the rudeness and crudeness of the whole game. I particularly liked the scene inside the burning shed: it really looked real, very detailed, great work on textures and furniture. The hallucination was, of course, also very spectacular and makes you wonder, how you'll escape from this madness!

I'm not sure why, because it's something that could probably be said about most shooters, but for once I though "not very politically correct", perhaps because it all felt too likely! Yes, I feel the storyline they have developed feels very realistic, almost scarily so. Anyway, there's a lot of realism both in the environment (buildings, vehicles, props) and palette (earthy, almost dusty tones). Sam's skills though, luckily, aren't on the realistic side of things and we love him just like that, he just seemed even more deadly and unstoppable.

We have only been shown a cool video but my hopes are high, I'd love a great Avengers game, not pretending a Batman-level but not something too lame, please!

Rayman's new 3D look is absolutely wonderful, I love, love, love it! It makes the characters and world look so much more solid and real. I think that's one of those games that can really find nice and fun ways to use the touchable WiiU pad. I'm not sure I'd buy a WiiU because of it, but if I buy a WiiU I'll buy it.

One of the most wicked videos, I hope the game will be as cool and stylish and intriguing, definitely curious to see more!

The change of scenario/time looks most intriguing, and I'm curious to see how the story progresses and if there is any significant addition to the gameplay. They showed many different environments with cool new moves. The updated look of the Assassin's costume is absolutely wonderful and I like that you'll side with either faction depending on your own mission, there's no way "bad guys" can only be on one side!

Ubisoft certainly dropped a bomb with this one. The (early) cyberpunkish, futuristic setting is something I absolutely adore. Very atmospheric lighting, excellent graphics with high-res textures and great shaders made it stunning to look at. And then, low lights, wind and rain just fit the bill for the main action scene. The transition between recorded scene and actual game felt smooth enough. Perhaps the character animation, at some points, felt a bit stiff, but it's probably, mostly because everything else was so smooth and flowing. It looked like this can be a very engaging game, with an unusual "hero".

-- SONY --

Lots of great games shown but I'd have preferred a more "traditional" clip show that at lest put a title on the images (especially since a few weren't even mentioned during the conference). Stylish but not very poignant, for me.

There's developers that make games and then there's Quantic Dream, that make unique experiences, at least, that's how I feel about them. They decided to tackle a very delicate subject, what's after death. Most societies have developed and are based on beliefs that focus on that, so it's definitely not something easy to talk about. The graphics were absolutely stunning, in particular, the characters looked and felt very real and vivid. One could almost feel the inner battle Jody Holmes was enduring. The sharp contrast between an apparently harmless girl and a squad of special forces hunting her immediately added intrigue and depth to the presentation. Heavy Rain has many memorable moment, it actually is a whole memorable game, somehow, I feel Beyond can be even more engaging and memorable, I'm not sure I want to know anything more about it, I don't want any spoiler!

Looks like pure, careless and frantic fun! And it will definitely require some skills with four players on the arena, sporting different moves, jumping around and with the interaction from the background as well. The live game really showed its potential and I am glad it's not just playstation exclusive heroes since we've been shown also a big daddy!

Definitely interesting and a nice features for gamers: you don't have to be afraid a title won't sell enough on the Vita if it sports cross-playing with the PS3, I hope this will be implemented as much as possible, for online or co-op games!

Well, talk about spoiling your customers, this is really a great gift especially to newest PS3 users; I'm sure many gamers will jump at the opportunity. I've had Plus since it launched, cloud saves are simply a must and they mostly offer great downloadable games for free!

Such a popular franchise on the Vita is a good thing, never played a shooter on an handheld, I'd be curious to give it a try.

Thumbs up for a female assassin as main character and for "spin offs" that tell more of a complex world and story as Assassin's Creed is. If I don't get a Vita earlier, for some reason, I'll get the Assassin's bundle for sure, love the crystal white color!

The naval battle was really great, very realistic (as far as we can understand and imagine it, at least), great graphics and just excellent overall, looks like this new chapter will have plenty of different scenarios and, therefore, gameplay. It was nice to see so much variation about this new chapter of Assassin's Creed.

Hurray for co-op content, the game has jumped even higher on the list of day-one must-buys!

I think any kid may love something like this, a mixture of a book and a movie to play wizard! Very nice idea for the younger audience, someone called it an augmented reading experience and I think it's fitting. Perhaps the live demo was a bit too long, time-wise, but I think this can be a great tool to stimulate kid's imagination in a more interactive way and to help them learn to visualize. Having Rowling on board from the start is a good move!
By the way, I read a few comments on the net stating this doesn't look very interesting, was it very difficult to understand it caters to kids and not HARDCORE gamers ;)?

Awesome and brutal as always. I'm a GOW fanatic and look forward to some frantic and challenging action as Kratos, not too fond it's a prequel but I'll get over with. I'm also looking very much forward to the multiplayer, a brand new and different experience using GOW awesome moves and weapons!

Looked great and the flow of the action was smooth and captivating. Having a companion for the main character is a peculiarity of Naughty Dogs and this couple is unusual and very intriguing, I wonder how their relationship will develop. I confess as soon as I saw a new game from Naughty Dogs I felt super-excited as I really enjoy their storytelling, the characters and the engagement of their games. This looks like a super-hit and it won't be available soon enough!

E3 it's about fun, so let's just focus on the fun, I did!

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That was some seriously positive feedback (your exclamation points would be one heck of a drinking game LOL). You know things are great when the most upsetting part is that you have to wait.

Happy Gaming!

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