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GamesCom 2011 final day, from a real gamer

Why from a real gamer?
Im not a journalist, I´m a passionate and enthusiast that is not living the fair from behind the scene but from in front, doing queues, standing in line for hours and all that jazz ;)!

Well, I had nothing "big" left for my final day (since I didn't mean to spend it queuing for Battlefield 3 that will be in my hands in just a few weeks, nor queuing for MW3 although I was curious to see whether the SpecOps resemble MW2's SpecOps which was what made me buy it and start playing the COD series - 69 stars anyone ;)?).

So I spent the day mostly walking around checking "minor" games.
I took a look at MINIVOLTS, which looks cute but isn't so appealing to me, even because I'm no longer used to play shooters with a mouse and keyboard (and to think that when I started playing shooters with a PS3 pad I thought it would be impossible for me to manage it... how things change).

I played EL SHADDAI which, graphically speaking isn't very impressive but certainly sports a nice artistic style.
The combat seemed smooth enough and if the storyline is intriguing and the game manages to be varied enough I think it can be a nice one to play.
My vote (for now): 8

Since I had liked it the first time around I also went back to play GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTORS. I wanted to try a different class, see the various weapons... etc.
I chose a medic and I was a funny bat-girl on roller-skates and I really felt it! All in all I think this can make for a nice diversion as far as FPS is concerned, weapons and characters are funny and there are things such as trampolines and slides to give you a boost.
If they implement a good party system and the maps are good enough this is worth attention (we played a 3vs3 so the map was quite little, I'm not sure how large the final maps / team sizes will be)!

There was little queue so I took the chance and went to see the video for DARKSIDERS 2.
This time we're going to play Death. The video showed pure game-play and, of course, was quite spectacular but it only featured a couple of boss battles so I can't say whether it still features the kind of open-world the first did.
The style is still all there, very comic-like and exaggerated, I like it and the colorful palette and it certainly something to look forward to :)!
My vote (for now): 8

Well, Bioshock 2 was one of my favourite games and I'm pretty excited for Bioshock: Infinite. I have to confess the cinema presentation was great! Columbia, the airborne city looks so complex and rich and the story sounds quite intriguing if along the lines of the previous titles.
Graphics-wise the improvement is huge while the style remains the same. It seems there are quite a few gameplay mechanics allowed by the new environment and setting and I'm really looking forward to this one!!
My vote (for now): 9.5

Another short movie showing pure gameplay. Style and mood are the very same of the first title with the contoured comic-like, quite stylized graphic and a definite downplayed approach to the game.
We were showed the new ability to throw weapons at your enemies once you run out of ammo, something that definitely added to the comedy of the video and mood of the game.
Another sequel to look forward to, for sure, especially by those that enjoy co-op gaming!
My vote (for now): 8.5

Unfortunately this was the very same trailer shown at E3, quite interesting but nothing new to see. I think this has good potential and can be a solid experience.
My vote (for now): 8.5

Well, GamesCom it's over and so it's my immersion in VG, well, previews at least.
Now I'm back to my PS3 (Section 8, Red Faction: Guerrilla and Infamous 2) and to my PC: still playing Warhammer Dawn of War II Retribution.
And I'm eagerly waiting for Resistance 3 and Warhammer Space Marine.
I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to try Dead Island at GamesCom as I'm still undecided about it.

Deuz Ex: Human Revolution was just delivered to my door so I'm actually quite busy ;)!!


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bwazy2463d ago

No Guild Wars 2? What the ****.

SweetIvy2462d ago

Yep, I'm not into MMORPGs ;)

Aery2462d ago

Probably she can't have the time to try ALL the games.

felidae2463d ago

Insulting Gamescom Report from german TV channel RTL

SweetIvy2462d ago

Well, a German popular song says that "life is to short for RTL", lol, I guess that says something about their quality.
Honestly that's quite a lame article and nothing new about teenagers that you couldn't find in any Secondary school or are we forgetting already the smelly ourselves (I do remember my looks at 16 o_O') :P?

news4geeks2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

I thought that was really harsh on the guy at 1:56 in that video. Seemed like a nice guy and they just exploit him for viewing laughs.