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GamesCom 2011 2nd day from a real gamer

Why from a real gamer?
Im not a journalist, I´m a passionate and enthusiast that is not living the fair from behind the scene but from in front, doing queues, standing in line for hours and all that jazz ;)!

Well, my second day at GamesCom started with a little disappointment. I was set to go straight to EA´s space (which is basically one third of Halle 6) to get an head start on Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 but the queue (just minutes after the fair had opened) were already at between 4 and 5 hours for MS3 and more than 8 hours for Battlefield 3... I guess everyone in front of me went there...

So I changed my plans.

I queue for RAGE and it was well worth it.
Before playing RAGE however there is a lenghty presentation of PREY 2 and I must say it looked very interesting.

I didn´t get to play the first Pray so I can´t compare but what we´ve been shown (pure gameplay) is an open-world FPS set in a cyberpunk alien world where you are a Bounty Hunter that has to earn money and respect and remain alive.
I really liked what I´ve seen, it´s very dynamic, the world looked quite big and detailed and with a lot of "verticality" and gameplay seemed varied enough. You shoot, you parkour etc.
The mood is great and while it wasn´t on my must-buy list before now I´m more than intrigued!
My vote (for now): 9.5

well, we got to play quite a bit and it certainly was interesting!
The graphics, overall are great, very good mood, lots of stuff around. Up-close though they aren´t that awesome (this was on PS3), not something that can yet compare with Uncharted 3, I mean but still very good.
The gameplay is very smooth, the way you move and explore the world intriguing, the NPCs nicely done. The missions systems seems to work well.
I also drove some vehicles and that was quite smooth and enjoying too, so... still looking forward to it!!
My vote (for now): 9.5

PSVita: one of the let-downs of the fair, not for the console itself, which is pretty awesome but for the management.
After one stays in queue one hour or more one gets to pick the game you´ll be playing... and what do I pick among the LBPs, Modnation Racers, WipeOut etc.? "Smart as..." sigh.
Well, I went with my buddy and we checked Dungeon Hunter: Alliance together.
The game itself was still a bit rough. The graphics are great but frame-rate isn´t particularly brilliant, a couple of enemies got stuck in an angle etc.
Anyway while in queue I had the chance to check out another girl playing LBP and THAT really looked awesome. Smooth, awesome graphics, nice controls and some new gameplay mechanics to exploit the Vita´s controls. Maybe I´ll play something more today (I´ll have to hope for a good pick though, that´s a system that sucks).
My vote (for now) to PSVita: 9.5

well, we could say yet another TPS but truth is it´s very nice! It plays very smoothly, seems to have nice classes and abilities, power-ups etc. etc.
I liked the feeling, we played a 3vs3 zone-conquest game match and it was good. I understand this will be a PSN & XBLA so it certainly one to look forward to for a change of setting and some fun!
My vote (for now): 8.5

well the game looks great but that´s no news for the series. And again, it played very smoothly, steady game-play and crazy weapons, of course, this time, some co-operation is required between the characters to solve puzzles and progress.
I´m eager to see more, I felt that "a Crack in Time" was a real masterpiece of the series and I´m always in line for more Ratchet & Clank!
My vote (for now): 8.5

Late in the afternoon most queues were closed already (read: Mass Effect, Battlefield etc.) and we decided to get back to SONY´s over 18 zone to check out TWISTED METAL a bit more.
Some of the vehicles are really crazy and feature even crazier weapons, I can´t really say much about lasting appeal but just playing a few match it really looks funny (in every sense)!

But... something I hadn´t notice on our first visit was a part of the booth dedicated to non-exclusives, namely Battlefield 3 and Assassin´s Creed Revelations multipayers.
Indeed, rather than spending days in queue you can enter the SONY booth and have a look at the online modes of these two.

the feeling is just as the previous one (which I really liked despite the awful and bugged team match-making) with some polishing here and there (changing abilities is faster and can be done while waiting to respawn directly on screen).
There are different characters with different moves and abilities. Animation is slick and smooth as always and it´s definately a different multiplayer to look forward to!
My vote (for now): 8.5

BATTLEFIELD 3 co-op campaign.
The co-op in Battlefield 3 is a feature I´m really looking forward to and definitely a welcome feature.
The part we played was inside a city (hostage rescue). The graphics did appear a bit rough but was an early built, I understand.
Still, all in all the game looked pretty good and as smooth as usual. The co-op seemed well implemented and feels quite nice.
I don´t think I´m gonna queue 5 to 10 hours to check out the multiplayer, I guess I´ll just wait a few weeks to get my hands of my copy and start playing for real!
My vote (for now): 8.5

See you tomorrow!

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thebudgetgamer2432d ago

i love the way rage is looking as i'm tired of military shooters, seems like a breath of fresh air.

SweetIvy2430d ago

Indeed the world looks very well built, realistic in all its details, it's full of things all around giving the sensation of something really "lived" by people, day by day.
I'm looking forward to it too and considering how many people queued a lot of people are waiting for it :)!!