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2010 games you shouldn't miss - playing the hardcore way: Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain
A very intense and compelling experience

The trophy one unlocks right upon finishing the first chapter is "Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama", so that's exactly what Heavy Rain was in the minds of its creators and what it really is as a game.
It sort of feels like playing a movie and you decide how it should go on and proceed.

It is an intense, unique experience and one just wants to keep playing to see the next scene, drive the next character, get nearer to solve the mystery.

Playing it in hard mode it's not particularly difficult if one's used to the SixAxis controller. It certainly does require a good doses of reflexes but that's true for most games.
Probably the most difficult scene is at Mad Jack's, when you have like a 10 sequence, your fingers only won't probably be enough so get ready to put your nose on the pad as well :P!
Anyhow, apart from the commands it mostly is a matter of choices, one has to chose how to impersonate the characters, what path to walk.

By impersonating all various characters you also basically experience various methods of investigation:
- the advanced ARI of FBI agent Norman Jayden
- the private-eye way with Scott Shelby
- the assault journalist with Madison Paige
- the desperate father with Ethan Mars

Obviously everyone has his/her own peculiarities and it's very intriguing to impersonate them, seeing things from their point of view etc.
This is a gaming experience that really shouldn't be missed!!!


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