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2010 games you shouldn't miss - playing the hardcore way: God of War 3

Well, the first month of 2010 are gone already and we there have been some amazing games already.
This year should be a huge one for games, even bigger than the last one.
Many very promising games are coming (Alan Wake, Modnation racers, Red Dead Redemption) and E3 is just around certainly with big announcements (apart from the ones revealed already, for example Little Big Planet 2 and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood).

As far as these very first months are concerned however we have had really bit stuff that no one should miss, read along:

God of War 3
Massive, brutal and totally awesome!

I have to confess this was my first God of War game, mostly because I started to play games more seriously rather than occasionally after I got my PS3.
On one hand I certainly missed elements of the story and so on (although I did actually know the story) but on the other hand I didn't have any expectations and just enjoyed what I got.

After I played the demo I was a bit unsure whether I would play it or not because it looked a bit too crude, however once I've got it in my hands I just truly enjoyed it.

What is really impressive and something that Santa Monica Studio wanted to exploit is the scale of everything in game, from the environments to the characters and enemies: is really massive.
Everything is huge, complex and totally awesome-looking. Considering this is the Studio first game on PS3 it's really an outstanding achievement!

The gameplay however is what totally sold me.
Although definitely frantic it does not get chaotic or repetitive. The moves are great and the animations exceptional.
There are several and different weapons that are most suited (and sometimes necessary) to defeat certain foes which means you get to use and experience them all and that you have to put some thinking and definitely strategy in your fights, especially in Titan mode where you get hurt quite easily so dodging and blocking are must-haves.
You easily get to know the various weapons, switching is very easy and fast so that you can mix and match moves and magics.

Playing it in Titan mode IS hard, truth be told tough checkpoints are very well put and saving points are also frequent enough. One doesn't easily get frustrated about dieing and having to re-play that much of a level.
There are a couple of spots that really are hard to beat: a fight in the labyrinth ("you got to be kidding" kind of thing) and the first part of the fight against Zeus.
Beating it in Titan however is really fulfilling!

As for the gore I have to say this really is brutal but definitely not in a morbid way.
I guess it's all in the character, Kratos is just that, he fights ruthlessly and without second thoughts and in the end it does not leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Apart from the game itself the additional Challenges are pretty cool (the stoned one is a hard one!), they are hard but very varied and nicely structured, really added more fun to the game.

One last note goes to the graphic which simply put is outstanding!
Obviously anyone expected as much from Santa Monica Studio but the point is they really delivered it.
Kratos is alive, so detailed, he really looks like made of flesh and muscles and the various foes and monsters are also great!
Models, textures and normal maps are impressive but probably it's the shading and lighting work that made the God of War III world so real and alive.
The lighting truly make all the details stand out and always create deep, atmospheric moods.
This game deserves a second walk-through in easy-mode just to appreciate the world they created to its fullest, like it is an exhibition of contemporary 3D/game art!

ps.: and let's not forget the score: it's in my playlist already!

developer: http://www.worldwidestudios...


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