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Western Media Bias, The Evidence.

A lot of people on here are always claiming media bias when a review or article doesn't favor their opinion. Now I've never bought into any conspiracy theories but evidence is piling up and recently, perhaps due to the release of Killzone 3, there has been a slew of anti-Sony articles attempting to counter the fantastic year the PS3 has lined up. Makes me think twice when I read the mad conspiracy comments and at least have a think about how the western media could be more influenced by a big western company like Microsoft then you'd like to believe.

Anyway I'm not here to try and convince you that these mad commenters are 100% right, just to get you to think about it for yourselves and come to a logical conclusion. To this I'll be using something that doesn't crop up much in gaming media... evidence.

Here we go:

First off, an extremely in depth and well written article appears and bring EDGE's review scores into question

This article uses sound logic and statistics to actually prove that EDGE consistently rates PS3 games down. I'd be the first to argue that a site might genuinely not like a game but after 5 years of proof in easy to understand graphs it's hard to defend their behavior.

Now I'm gonna look at economics and offer some evidence that, perhaps due to the economic downturn, it's never been more important for western media to try and sell home made goods, despite their quality.

To do this I'm going to compare gaming with the car industry and how the media looks at the reasons you should buy 'homemade'. This article is one example that a popular way of thinking is to disregard anything foreign in an attempt to boost the economy in your own country...

...The article is not only promoting American made cars but also simultaneously slandering foreign competition. Here's where gaming is most comparable. At this very moment there are 3 anti-PS3 articles in the 'hottest' section at the top of N4G, all of which are western sites attempting to 'put-down' the foreign console.

Not only that but this article attempts to argue that the western media take a dim look when reviewing any Japanese games...

...However not all western media takes this narrow view, at least as far as the car industry is concerned. This site argues for both views.

It also promotes the evolution of American made cars rather than just putting down the competition in an attempt to get people to buy an inferior product. This kind of article is very rarely seen in gaming, it's more about going 'against the grain' to muster as many hits as possible but I'm not here to argue the quality of article, more their hidden agenda (if they have one).

I'll leave you with an article that has taken another in depth look at bias in the media and found themselves agreeing with some of the conspiracy shouters.


So, far from the mad rambling of fanboy comments, there is quite a lot of truth mixed in. After recent reviews of Playstation 3 exclusives (GT5, Killzone 3) I find myself also agreeing with a lot of the screams of bias and, even though some are just annoyed and lashing out, there is too much truth in the matter to disregard it entirely.

Please take the time to thoroughly read this and all the articles I have linked, sit down and think about it without the sound of console war drums ringing in your ears. When you come to your own logical conclusions you might just be surprised.

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Rage_S902443d ago

i don't really believe all this conspiracy talk but edge.....edge is definitely biased

Godmars2902443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Not really conspiracy, more like unconscious mindset.

Just look at how KZ3 is getting dinged for story quality and game length. The last COD took heavy criticisms for its story and yet it had lots of tens which were based on it multiplayer. Meanwhile we're talking about KZ3 which is may by a western game company.

Of course on the other side was listening to Invisible Walls on GT and they were making more PC/360 connected comments than anything. Only really referenced the PS3 when talking about PS3 games, and seemed to bring up any negatives that they could.

Ilikegames762442d ago

That's the MS marketing money at work there. Many of the malls around Asia are displaying the 360 with Kinect while the PS3 is nowhere to be found. I was told that those displays were sponsored by MS.

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Bathyj2443d ago

Great read, and very damning, especially the Edge article. It really paints a picture even a 10 year old could understand. Its not opinion, its facts splashed on a page for all to see and all the bu bu buts in the world cant alter those facts.

Problem is, you're yelling at a brick wall. No one who still holds onto their PS3 hate like its their last dollar is going to let go of it now. Its all that keeps them warm at night. They've invested to much of their angst into it to admit they are wrong now.

Certainly everything points to PS3 being a great system, yet some still will not acknowledge this simple fact. A stance as bewildering as a man denying standing unprotected in the rain gets your clothes wet.

Secondly the Buy American sentimentality is a very real thing. We're always hearing it. And I'm not saying for one second its a bad thing at all. I'm only pointing out, when it comes to cars, sure everyone's happy to buy American, and that goes for many industries, but when it comes to consoles, people like to pretend like its not a factor at all, as if admitting it would be to admit its the ONLY reason you buy an Xbox.

Obviously thats not true, I'm not so narrow minded to thing a generation of adolescences, teenagers, and 20 and 30 something's are only buying Xbox to be patriotic, but it is a factor thats swept under the carpet, probably because Xboxes fanbase doesn't want people to know the extend this psyche extends to the gaming media which is mostly US based, and the extent to which said media can manipulate what we read, and them hopefully think and do.

Now before anyone gets all up in my face about his, have a read of this article and all the links. And read what I've said. Forget how much you love Halo and just try to take it in.

I have not once said PS3 is the better console. I haven't said Xbox is a bad console. I'm not trying to convince the hater PS3 is the best. Thats up to people to decide for themselves. I just want them to admit its good. You can let go of that hate, and still prefer your Xbox, I'm more than fine with that. But thats NOT what we're talking about here.

We're discussing the gaming media's treatment of them and if its equal or fair.

To me the first link on Edge speaks volumes and its pretty hard to dispute.

If you do, please do so with facts, not simply saying your opinion and writing FACT at the end of the sentence.

Dont abuse me for what I think, try to change my mind with an argument.

Gandhi said "If the cause is good, I always believe in fighting, but do you fight to punish your enemy or change his mind?"

Clarence2443d ago

Well said. People who screem buy American don't know that just about every piece of technology has a foreign part or something in it. I enjoy both the PS3 and 360, but the truth is the PS3 is the better system. If the M$ had put blu-ray into the 360 how different the articles would have been. The truth is that the majority of media does not like the PS3. Any game that is exclusive to the PS3 is reviewed diffrently than the exclusives on the 360. KZ3 is a perfect example of that. It has received low scores mainly due to its storyline. Gears, MW, and COD do not have great storylines but they get great scores.

Ilikegames762442d ago

All consoles and handhelds are made in China. So saying buy American is kinda strange. They should be shouting buy American made product, if there's still any left made in America.

The-Tentacle2443d ago


Wow, just wow, I never thought that I'd see such understanding
on the pages of N4G. You not only fully grasped the subtle concepts but extended on them in a well thought out and mature comment. Seriously WELL SAID, I feel honored that you choose this blog to share your enlightened viewpoint on this site.

You seem to be as big a fan of the truth as myself and, as hard as it for people to swallow, you seem unafraid to share your opinions of it.

My goal with this blog was to get at least one person to have a good think about the situation in the media and, judging from your comment, I succeeded.

Cheers man.

Bathyj2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I think alot of the biased against PS3 is simply people not being able to stand up and admit they were wrong.

Killzone 2 is a great example of this.

It was universally panned from the moment the trailer came out. Many people still believe Sony tried to pass it off as gameplay. Google "killzone e3 jet lag" if you want to know the truth. Anyway...

when the game DID arrive, it smashed expectations on the graphics that many had deemed impossible. Instead of eating a little humble pie and giving credit where it was due, they set out to discredit the game in any other way they could. The length, no co op, Rico, too grey. These things many other games get passes on, but suddenly were gamebreaking faults for Killzone.

Out of all the publications that mocked Killzone 2 pre release, how many can you think of that acknowledged they might have judged it harshly when the game dropped? Very few that I can think of when they really should have been lining up around the block.

Thanks man, glad you liked it, I liked yours too and gave you a bubble.

And I hope other, even if I dont convince anyone at least read it and have a think about it and realise its not all about being a fanboy. I tried my hardest in writing this NOT to attack anybody because that only puts them in a defensive mood. I'm not trying to to be con Xbox, I'm being pro PS3. You dont have to hate one if you like the other.

It comes back the Gandhi reference too. He was one of the most amazing people in history to me. He thwarted an Empire yet he held no rank, title or position other than the fact he was a great thinker and that line rings true to me. To much fighting in general is about punishing your enemy for simply having a different point of view, where changing opinions is more effective.

theunleashed642443d ago

what is with this deep hatred towards sony? i never got that,did sony push them down in the mud & kicked them in the face?. all sony has try to do is provide for the fans & give them the best experience as possible whether its the exclusives or online service yet their efforts get shitted on by the media & xbox fanboys. "ps3 has no games" this was the first thing i heard when the ps3 first launched now it's 2011 & ps3 has a more expanded line-up but is this enough for the media? one word: no it's still not enough. the gaming journalist's ate crow but won't admit it that they were wrong, ps3 wasn't doomed & will never be doomed it's not dying & it's here to stay get over it 360 fanboys & gaming journalist's.

Godmars2902443d ago

Honestly, never mind the Sony hate, what I don't get is the MS can do no wrong mentality. Just using the $10 increase as example, I don't think there's been one thing that MS has done that doesn't become a positive or defended shortly after its announced. Prices for HDD were never really questioned, nor was ODST from a $40 to $60 game. Just as anything PS3 gets over-examined, 360 get a free pass.

2443d ago
Ingram2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

First of all, sorry for not taking the time to be as cold headed and well-mannered as some of you N4G's elders are.

Conspiracy? I do think so.Just microsoft? nah, multiple publishers and shareholders are to blame too.
They tried hard to sink the PS brand as a whole, to this day I hear in my country "PS3 has no games" can you believe it?, whoever they are, they aimed for the head, repeated repeated until the message was spread and clear, settled in the heads of the populace for years to come.

"Wait & See when the 360 starts using the HD DVD for games" told me a dimwit the other day.He was, to this day, 2011, unaware of the format wars winner, the WB deal, etc.
He was of course unaware too that they weren't comparable because HD-DVD was NOT for games.Marketing, the low kind.

Why? because press in small countries just mimicks the angloparlant source.And the source has been repeating too many times, for too long that PS3 is a failure but didn't really put that salt in 360's multiple wounds when credit to reality was due. Result? uninformed people living forever in 2006.

That magnificent human energy put in cockslapping PS3 buyers and brainwashing(on the full extent of the term)the press, could've been used for something creative like making games.Then again this is to be expected, some people seem to pretend this is only a business, ignoring the obvious philosophical and social implications of gaming.Why invest in R+D when you can hire Greenberg or Molyneaux and let them talk?

clearelite2442d ago

Well said! You and everyone else have already touched on a number of things I would have mentioned, so I will keep my comment brief.

I noticed nobody mentioned anything about Wii hate. Here in the US I think the bias among journalists and consumers has less to do with patriotism and more to do with marketing and manipulation of public opinion. It is company "directly competing" with YOU KNOW who that is the focus of a lot of the hate. But, alas, their efforts were not entirely fruitful because Sony is still doing well world wide.
But as Bathy(I believe) put it, there may be a smidgen of patriotism involved as well, whether conscious or subconscious that drives some of these trends, but it is probably not the dominant cause.

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