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15 of PS3's Dirty Secrets: Shhhh... don't tell.

The PS3 is a GREAT console. Great processor, strong exclusives, bluray, free online gaming, and more. But with all it's strengths, the road for the PS3 has been a rough one this generation. Here are some facts that Sony would rather consumers not know...

#1: Sony lost A LOT of market share from last gen to this gen. The PS2 used to be king... by a long shot. But with a slow start, the PS3 is fighting to keep within grasp of the second place 360. Sony still dominates Asia, and holds a slight lead in much of the world, but it has lost significant influence in the largest market of all: the USA. As total numbers of consoles go, the PS3 sits in 3rd place worldwide.

#2: Historically, most multiplatform games are better on the 360. They tend to be more stable and have better graphics, even if the differences are slight. Just about any game running on the Unreal 3 engine are great examples. Games like Mass Effect 2 show that parity is coming, but even then the one year old version running on an older engine is arguably just as good (each has it's ups and downs).

#3: Sony lost big money selling PS3 consoles. Ignoring software sales, Sony lost an estimated 300$ per console at release, 50$ per console in 2008, 40$ per console in 2009 when the Slim came out, and 18$ per console sold in Feb 2010. The PS3 was reported by Shuhei Yoshida to be finally breaking even for each console sold in June 2010. In contrast, Wii always sold consoles at a profit. The 360 sold at a loss of 126$ per console when it was released, and was breaking even after 1.5 years (compared to Sony's 4 years). To rub salt in the wounds, the 360 "slim" further increased profits per console sold and Kinect was sold at a reported 50$ profit per unit on release.

#4: Sony loses big money with its online PSN. One of Sony's big selling points is also hemorrhaging money. Nothing in life is free, but at least your gain is Sony's loss. Such losses make the money lost per console sold far higher than money lost due to selling consoles for less than the hardware costs. As such, the 360 becomes even more profitable than the PS3.

#5: Sony sells less software per console than the 360. Royalty fees from software sales is what finally allowed the PS3 to become profitable, but even there the PS3 has lagged behind the 360. VCGhartz estimates put the 360 at 9.4 units software sold per console. The PS3 trails at 7.2 units software per PS3 sold.

#6: PS3 failure rates are higher than Sony will admit, and 360 failure rates are lower than the "interwebz" would have you believe. 360 fail rates are undoubtedly higher than the PS3, but at least they do a better job standing behind their failed consoles with a solid warranty and prompt replacement.

#7: PS3 online gaming is being corrupted by hackers right now. You have to look no further than the COD series than to realize that with the recent compromise with PS3 security, PSN gaming has taken a hit with glitches and cheaters. One can only expect this to get worse if Steam services continue to expand and increase ties with the PC world... known for a strong hacking/glitching community.

#8: Blu-ray is slow. What the blue-ray does well is play movies and hold lots of storage space. What it does not do well is go fast. Copy speeds are slower than the 360 drive. Yes, games will fit on only one disk, but few games actually require more than one disk on the 360. And given the popularity of large hard-drives on new consoles, most games are best played when downloaded to your console, making multiple disks a moot point. Sadly, copying just takes longer on the PS3.

#9: Digital downloaded content is the way of the future, not blu-ray. A lot of people bashed Microsoft for sticking with it's DVD drive and not adopting Blu-ray. Microsoft countered by saying that digitally distributed content was the way of the future. These days Sony is linking with Steam, and even Mass Effect 2 was a day one digital download. At least Sony is doing a good job with their adoption of the digital model.

#10: Move is lagging behind Kinect. Moving into the casual market was a smart move for Sony and Microsoft. The problem is that the Move was too close to the Wii to really capture the imagination of the casual market (who probably had a Wii anyway). Kinect was unique, and better or worse, it stood out... and sold far better than the Move, in far lass time. The fact that Sony is quiet about actual sales to end customers like you and me is very telling... in a bad way for Move.

#11: Move has a weak game line-up. At the moment Kinect actually has a few decent games. All the good Move games are "coming soon". Move is all hype and no content at the moment. And on the subject of hype...

#12: PS3 exclusives are not living up to "fanboy hype." The PS3's largest strength at the moment is in it's large exclusive lineup (another very large cost to Sony...). Any Sony fanboy can send you a list of upcoming PS3 exclusives, and a much shorter 360 list. And to date, the exclusives that have been released are solid, and arguably the best showcase of what the PS3 can do. However, Uncharted 2 aside, PS3 exclusives have just not been living up to the hype of the PS3 fanboys. GT5 was not a game-changer. GOW was beautiful, but not revolutionary. LBP2 was solid, but more of the same. To be fair, these were all great games, but they were over-hyped, and gamers were left expecting more, and not appreciating what they had. When the reviews are finished at the end of 2011, don't be surprised to find out that games like Killzone 3 are just more of the same. Fans will scream bloody murder, and "play games not reviews," but at the end of the day the content will not match the hype. It never does.

#13: Sony is terrified of the next gen consoles. As outlined above, Sony has invested a lot of money in the PS3 and has adsorbed a large amount of loss to get the PS3 to where it is today. As such, for the PS3 to be a financial success for Sony, they need to extend the life of the PS3 as long as possible. The next Wii, and the next 360 will be out sooner since their consoles were far more profitable, and can thus afford to move to the next gen. They smell blood.

#14: Sony is already designing the PS4: Sony knows that the next gen Wii and 360 will be announced within a year or so (Wii desperately needs it, and the 360 will follow). As such they are surely smart enough to already have a team that is designing the PS4. Sadly for PS3 gamers, the losses Sony takes this gen will force Sony to sell the PS4 at less of a loss than the PS3. As such, to get a good price-point, Sony will have to cut back on hardware quality.

#15: PSN will eventually charge for multiplayer. Xbox Live is a proven cash cow, and Sony wants in. PlayStation Plus is testing the waters this gen. Expect paid PSN mutliplayer to begin with the next gen, and don't expect PS3 multiplayer to stay free at that point either. Sadly, hackers will be used as an excuse to charge for multi-player... because the increased patches and security will cost money. No more free online folks.

Stay tuned for the 15 dirty secrets of the Xbox 360...

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Scottyabanks2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Very interesting, and I'm looking forward to your 360 list. I do have to say that the majority of your list are opinions of things that may happen, because of what's happened, and aren't exactly secrets, and is borderline fanboy due to it's opinionated nature, and only borderline because of your mention of a potentially similar 360 list to be. However, there are a few good facts in there, but many more opinions than facts.

iamnsuperman2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Agree good but most are not supported by fact but assumption. For instance failure rate has no facts what so ever nor does exclusives section. The next list you do please have more facts and less assumptions. This isn't really a list of PS3 secrets Sony do not want you to kno more a collection of your thoughts of the PS3 and Sony

SasanovaS19872610d ago

the games sony has put out are dissapointing? left us gamers hungry for more? lolol kid is confusing trolls and fanboys for gamers. true gamers know the quality sony gives them, and they keep supporting and purchasing the games.

TheLastGuardian2610d ago

#9 oh god, DO NOT WANT!

#11 Kinect may have am ok casual line up but Move has the better line up of games imo.

#12 Yeah well, that's just like, your opinion man. PS3 exclusives are some of the best games of this generation imo. It amazes me how many high quality exclusives Sony has put out this generation. They deserve to have the most success because they try the hardest to bring us as many quality exclusives as possible.

nycredude2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Nothing but a fanboy rant. Jesus people are really obsessed to be wasting so much time to write absolute garbage like this.

Seriously there is enough of this garbage on N4g already, now we have to deal with blogs.

Many of these are just opinions and asumptions and others are just retarded.

Sony are terrified of next gen?
Psn will eventually charge for MP? WRONG

Psn corrupted by hackers? and names one game? SO PSn is ruined cause of hackers on cod?

BLuray is slow? LOL

Sony sells less software and cites vgchartz

THis guys has absolutely nothing to back up anything he/she says here.

I can't wait to see the 360 version of this. My guess is it will be just as misinformed.

multipayer2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Most of it sounds like he's promoting the 360, but isn't this about PS3? Bluray player in ps3 is slow though, it explains the lengthy installs.

firefoxprime2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Yeah...but you also wasted your time reading this "garbage". Guess "you" have alot of time on your hands as well. Not much of a life, is it?

U mad? *giggles*

Kurt Russell2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I hope the OP is right... just because I would love to see what happens to emo fanboy nerds like nycredude if was to :)

Bluray is slow, players and burners don't nearly match that of their DVD counterparts. That's not to say it will always be like that, but for now it is. "mimicked idiotic LOL"

The above blog may not be fully represented and backed up like it should have been... But then the same goes for your little spotty nerd rant.

@OP I hope your 360 article is equally as critical just to stamp out the fanboys ironically accusing you of being a fanboy.

smashman982609d ago

im with scotty on this one i want to see your 360 list because to me it looks like nothing more than a fanboy rant

mushroomwig2610d ago

Do you have any actual proof for numbers 6 and 15? As in links from credible sites? I only ask because it just seems like you're writing anything for attention.

blackburn52610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I am sorry but your list is full of assumptions, opinions and things people already know. For instance Sony already admited that PSN is in the red and needs to improve and we all know the multiplats look slightly better on the 360. Also failure rates for the PS3 were not tallied by Sony and if the PS3 fail rate were high you can bet your head everyone would make sure and report it and repeat it over and over again. I hear more about people buying over the 360 6 times then I hear that about the PS3. Also many 360 game fail to live up to the hype.Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Fable 3, SCC all hyped up games that under proformed after 360 fans hyped them to the moon. Also I am not sure what few decent games for Kinect you mean. DC and KS? Everything you said just makes you sound like another 360 fanboy desperately trying to put down the PS3. I want to see if you are this harsh in your 360 list. The PS3 has it's faults but try not to use opinions as if they are facts next time.

-Alpha2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Some of this I agree with, some of it sounds like opinion/requires more proof.

Nice list though, can't wait to see the 360 list.

I doubt Sony will charge for multiplayer. I expect them to have a free service to play online at the least. So long as XBL is around Sony cant compete with them, especially if they charge.

What makes PSN competitive is the fact that it is free. That's the plain truth. The fact that people pay for XBL is testament to how much brand power it has.

The fact is that XBL is a proven service over PSN and people simply are more familiar with it. If PSN is going to start charging they need to be much better than XBL and I don't see that happening considering how much of PSN still lacks in many ways.

If it starts charging it needs a damn good reason to.

SuicideShaun2609d ago

You know, I got to be honest. I feel like even the psn+ service lacks a lot. I keep buying the 3 month one until we get a real reason to purchase it. I am currently dissapointed in the amount of content considering that it does cost as much as xbl.

inb4 20,000 disagrees.

smashman982608d ago

lol then dont buy it. also ur wasting money if keep buying the 3 month 1 versus just buying the year and just waiting for some awesome deals. i personally dont subscribe because i rarely buy psn games. with that being said u cant complain about a service that is optionnal in everyway.

SuicideShaun2608d ago

Yeah, I only did it for the dcuo beta.

Gawdl3y2610d ago

I hate the stereotype that PC is more prone to hacking and glitching. This isn't true at all, thanks to things like PunkBuster and VAC. Not to mention that if someone DOES manage to glitch or hack while playing online, since most games run on community-run dedicated servers, they usually end up getting banned from the server by a server admin and reported to Valve or whomever fairly quickly.

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