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What Nintendo Should Add to the Wii U

The Wii U has launched, but I can't help but feel like Nintendo missed some big opportunities with the OS and it's apps. So here is my list of things thats should have been added from the start.

1)Camera App
The Gamepad clearly has a camera, like the Nintendo 3DS, yet it lacks any important uses. Why not add an aplication like the DSi Camera where you can play with pictures that you take adding another feature to the Wii U. Nintendo wants this to be the center of the living room don't they? Hell, even the Wii could display pictures off an SD Card!

2)Music Streaming
The DSi and 3DS have both have a sound app. Why doesn't the Wii U. You could play music off of an SD Card and record sounds with the built in microphone on the Gamepad. Once again, the Gamepad gives them opportunities to make this a true multimedia platform and they don't take advantage of it. Or, another idea would be to get Pandora onto the system, which would almost be better as alot of people today prefer that over buying their music.

3)Swapnote Support
Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS systems seem to have alot in common in an attempt to make their systems more universal like the way Apple's products are. So why not add more connectivity by adding a Swapnote app that works with 3DS systems too? It has the touch screen and microphone to do it.

4)Nintendo Video
Once again making their systems more universal, why not add a Nintendo Video app to the system. They could play special HD videos, in the same way they show off 3D videos on the 3DS app. And while they're at it, why not add Youtube and Amazon Instant Video support to the 3DS?

5)Game Notes
Once again, another idea from the 3DS is Game Notes. Do you see where I'm getting at? The touch screen makes it perfect for the Wii U as another multitasking option.

6)Digital Download Movie Support
Why can't we purchase digital copies of movies and download them onto the system either? This would be a great way to make up for the fact that the system doesn't play DVDs or Blu Rays considering most Blu Rays I buy come with a digital copy anyway. It would work great too in the Nitnendo TVii app too.

7)News and Weather Apps
Okay, I realize nobody used these channels on the Wii so why would they make them for the Wii U? Because they could work so much better. The touch screen interface and tablet controller would make it alot easier to navigate. Plus, with Off-TV Play you could use it at the table while drinking your coffee in the morning instead of reading a newspaper.

I'm not concerned about the Wii U at all. I think it's current set of features is enough to justify buying one, at least for me. But if Nintendo is serious about this being a complete entertainment machine they should really consider adding these features. The Wii U could be the center of everyone's living room like Nintendo wants. But what do you think? What features do you think should be added to the system? Or is it fine just the way it is?

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seamonkey4201846d ago

add a DLNA video player too to the list. i would love being able to stream my local nas server to the wii u like i do on my ps3, smarthdtv and other gadgets. seriously nintendo really missed the boat on local media player. :)