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Why is Nintendo so dumb?

Technical World | 1628d ago
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People thought that Nintendo had it all together when they first showed off the 3DS. But then it came out. While some still enjoy their 3DS and it is an improvement it has also been a huge dissapointment. Here's why...

Nintendo eShop:
The interface on the eShop is very strange. "Store Shelves" include "Hungry?, Extreme Games (which consists of hangman and Moto eXtreme), and Party to the People. Why? And with a lack of any good original or Virtual Console games it seems more like a glorified DSi Shop then anything else.

How to Fix:
The eShop does have a tile for Search but most people wouldn't think to go to it. If you go to the Search tab then you'll be able to find normal categories. Nintendo needs to make that known to shoppers or fix the tile system so it's seperated like the Search categories. And Nintendo needs to support the eShop if nobody else is. Some original games on it would make it worth checking out. And no more of this one or two eShop games a week. There are so many games for Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Advance, Game Gear, and more that they are sure to be good for a long time. Also use notifications to remind me every week once it's updated. If my system was glowing blue I'm sure it would remind me to check it.

Nintendo Video:
While it's a very good idea since Youtube won't work with the 3DS the Nintendo Video App isn't that great. Mostly because all of your videos go away in three days. Nintendo did this so even if you don't have internet available you could watch anywhere almost like having 3G. But that means you could miss out on older videos.

How to Fix:
Nintendo needs to overhaul Nintendo Video. Make it like Youtube more so that if you do have internet you can watch any video that has been put on it so far. But so that you can still watch videos anywhere let people save four favorites to the SD Card so that when they open up Nintendo Video they'll be able to watch them. Or better yet, let us watch YouTube on our 3DS!!!

Nintendo promised that we would be able to multitask with the 3DS and they didn't lie, we can....... to an extent. But only to an extent. We can check our friends list, browser the web, write notes or check notifications. But that's it. Now I would love to play Zelda and listen to Linkin Park but for some reason Nintendo doesn't feel the same way.

How to Fix:
Update the OS with multitasking. Let me listen to music while I go to my other apps at least. I can do it on my phone so I should do it here too.

Friends List:
For people like me the friends list works great. I only have about ten friends online so srollinng through isn't a hassle. But for people with 60 friends finding a certain person can be hard. With a oldest to newest sorting and no search you have to go one by one scanning. And Nintendo's message system consists of the smallest status' in the world with the hope that your friend is checking ur status as you update.

How to Fix:
Add a search bar so we can search for certain friends. Oh and let us send actual messages. When we hover over a friends icon give us a button to send a message. Doing this would make setting up online games much easier. I shouldn't need to call someone to set up my game in 2011.

While I could pick apart every single aspect of the 3DS I'm focusing on these few things because these are the one's I personally hate. So please Nintendo I hope you read this.

-Alpha  +   1628d ago
I associate none of these things with Nintendo. All of it-- multimedia playback features, multitasking, online networking, etc. is completely out of Nintendo's realm of sense.

It's too bad because they should get with the times. At the same time, I am not bothered as much by it. When/if I buy a 3DS it will be solely for the Nintendo games/RPGs that I hope the 3DS gets a good library of. When it comes to handhelds, I prefer and want absolute simplicity. I truly love the DS for its simplicity. The kind of games you see on the DS aren't what you see anymore, and I felt the DS kept that market alive.

Now, if this was Sony, I'd be fairly upset, but look at the Vita and you will see that when it comes to technology, it trounces the 3DS. Sony is at the top of that game. These are things I don't expect Nintendo to evolve, but they sure would be nice because if you are going to have it, you shouldn't make it half-assed.

Guess it depends on what you are looking for. If these features are what you really want in a handheld, then it sounds like you need the Vita
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ABizzel1  +   1627d ago
I must say I'm disappointed with my 3DS. I agree the multimedia features are completely lack luster, the eShop is horrible, and there's no games for it.

The biggest problem I have with the 3DS is that there's nothing new about. Not new as in a new system, but new as in I felt like I've played this before. The 3DS feels like an insignificant upgrade. Sure the graphics look better (Gamecube/ Wii-like), and there's 3D, but none of that really does anything to give gamers a new experience as of now. Street Fighter, Zelda OOT remake, and Dead or Alive are the only good games, and while more are coming it's still just not worth boarding the 3DS train until sometime next year when there are a few good original games to be had.

As of now the 3DS feels like just another model of the DS, or DSi to be more precise. Maybe when more original games come out.
Godmars290  +   1628d ago
Nintendo hasn't "had it together" since the N64. That was when they should have adapted to the times, but because of the irony that was Sony, they lost it. The Gameboy carried and brought them back, but they still didn't do what they needed to with the Wii and certainly not with the DS or 3DS.
-Alpha  +   1627d ago
What do you think they should have done with the DS? I thought it was a great handheld
Godmars290  +   1627d ago
The DS wasn't that much of a misstep, but it gets too much credit for saving Nintendo. It was all the versions of the Gameboy that not only kept them alive when they weren't surviving with consoles, but let them dominate handhelds.

Heck, the last version of the GB directly influenced the DS's design. Where the 3DS on the other hand wasn't enough of an advancement and only shows how out of touch they are technically. Especially if the rumors of the second analog add-on or the redesign are true.
Mario007  +   1627d ago
yeah that's why Nintendo dominated this gen with DS and Wii :P
Ingram  +   1627d ago
Dominated in sales.

As in, Just in sales.
Mario007  +   1627d ago
@Vaistrat: bullshit, at least with regard to the DS. The DS had tremendous success because of its great library of games (mainly jrpgs). That was the only reason why it managed to beat the PSP
Ingram  +   1627d ago
You Nintendo people are insufferable this generation around.I have one word for you: Shovelware.
The DS had tremendous success because:

1) Nicole Kidman appeared on TV among other celebrities; Nintendo cut back on R*D and spent most of its bucks on marketing.

2)Price point and novelty form factor.

3)It promised to make stupid people smarter, and to bring fake dogs to your home without the need to clean poo.

Distant 4)JRPG's
theonlylolking  +   1627d ago
They aint going to do that again for a LONG time. Casual gamers dont spend like hardcore. They buy once and then a LONG time later they buy something new.

If nintendo can trick people like apple did then they could get DS and wii sales again.
blackburn10  +   1628d ago
Nintendo is no good with that stuff. They are still a game company, not a tech company like Sony and Microsoft. Multimedia,networking,even basic thinks like online networking are not Nintendo's forte.
Mario007  +   1627d ago
The only valid point is the e-Shop and the search button isn't that hard to find to be honest.

Multitasking a RAM issue rather than OS issue, you can't just magically change the OS to allow it to do things the RAM won't allow it to do. It's the same with with PS3 and cross chat.

Nintendo Video- the videos are there for a week,sometimes a month. They disappear because they are licensed for a short time and so the whole Nintendo Video is for free. If it were to stay there or allow you to download the videos a monthly subscription would have to be used (like with Netflix)

people are way over dramatic with companies, make one mistake and suddenly you 'pretty sucky lately'. 3DS is selling exceptionally well since the price cut and argurably the only two mistakes nintendo did make with was to price it at 250 euro and allow third parties to dominate the launch
coryok  +   1627d ago
false, nintendo hasnt added anything that they didnt anticipate being on the 3ds. they knew they wanted music on the 3ds, but they didnt take music into account when considering ram? thats bad engineering.

sony didnt anticipate cross game chat, so they didnt include it in their initial needs, hence they dont ahve enough ram for it. surely there will be things that nintendo will want to add down the road, but its too early for that now, its been out for less than a year.

nintendo knew what was needed and decided to not support multitasking for these things. just becasue its a hardware issue doesnt mean that nintendos not to blame. they knew that it was a problem and the did nothing about it, their fault.

btw im not defending sony, its just what happened, i feel like sony should have added another 256mb of ram, maybe not the ultrafast ram thats used for the main operating functions, but an extra regular 256 would have been cheap and provided a lot of functionality, even if it wasnt as fast. bad engineering on sonys part, but not even half as bad as what nintendo did, there was a blantant disregard from wha thty advertised and what they did.
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Kee  +   1627d ago
Nintendo have been really dumb about the 3DS. With the right starting line-up that 3DS should've flown off the shelves.

The eshop is a mess. There's nothing really good on there. Plus if there was something good, I can't buy it because the eshop cards aren't available in the uk yet so they dropped the ball there, too.

They need better games on there with cheaper prices and to release point cards. I checked every major gaming shop (like all 10 of them) in Glasgow (big town in scotland) and they never had them. I did sort of fancy the DSiWare game "Zenonia" but couldn't buy it because I don't have a credit card.

They also need to bring out a real pokemon game. None of their super pokemon rumble pish. I'm sure it appeals to someone but damn, WHY U NO MAKE RPG?????
TruthbeTold  +   1627d ago
Not allowing us to use Youtube on our 3DS is just stupid. It's not like the thing doesn't have the capability. It's just another example of Nintendo deciding what people should and shouldn't want rather than giving them choices. It's a fail way of thinking when tech is involved. Especially since they want people to carry the 3DS with them at all times.
Hufandpuf  +   1626d ago
Yet half of the Earth bought the Wii.
TrickisDcnc2011  +   1625d ago
I just got my 3ds for £99.00 brand new on special offer at a small games retailer and to say they used to cost a bomb like 250 quid is ridiculous for what it can do. I mean its good and i like it but with the little things like no youtube compatabillty and lower end multi tasking options and tonnes more things it cant do, I wouldnt justify paying £250 for it but now that its price is lower it makes more sense to just call it a small handheld 3d game console with some potential within future updates.

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