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5 Things the eShop Needs Now

When Nintendo announced the eShop people got really excited. But then it opened. And while it is definately an improvement and Nintendo fans don't mind. I don't think that someone who owns a PSP would want to go from the PS Store to the eShop. So here are the things Nintendo should add to grab people's attention.

1). Linked Accounts Between Systems

Unlike Xbox Live and PSN Nintendo has never made people create a specific account. But they need to change their ways. The eShop is the perfect way to start. What if they revamped Club Nintendo to be like Live or PSN so it was their whole system they used? Connecting this to your screen name online would also be good outside of the eShop making it easier to add friends by means of Club Nintendo. Please Nintendo, if not this than a variation of it.

2). More Elaborate Virtual Console

Remember when Nintendo preomised more than Gameboy for Virtual Console. Well we're still waiting and even once it happens it won't have a ton of consoles. Why not go past portables? Bring the whole catalogue from the Wii over in one swoop. And then bring Club Nintendo (#1 coming back in) into play by letting people share the Virtual Console games between the Wii and 3DS.

3). Original Games

Where are the original games? These are a given and the eShop lacks them. DSiWare and 3D Classics won't cut it. Some have been announced but we need a good flow of them every week to seperate the DSiWare from the next generation. Make DSiWare more like PS Minis and let the original games take the spotlight.

4). DS Games Brought Back

The Nintendo DS has an amazing catalogue of games. Why not bring them back? Chances are you've probably missed out on a few great games so why not let us download them to our 3DS's SD Card? Don't stop there either. Do something like Sony does on the PSP and offer some retail 3DS games on the eShop. That would be a great way to make the 3DS extremely portable.

5). Movies

The PS3 and the PSP have it. It could even be a seperate shop. But add a shop or a section where we can buy or rent movies and TV shows to watch on our 3DS. I would love to buy 3D movies to watch on my Nintendo 3DS. Make it a multimedia machine. Alot of people will be willing to buy a 3DS if it means 3D entertainment. Some people don't buy them for the games.

While not all of these are neccessary for Nintendo, if Nintendo wants to have the top store to download content these will deffinately be sellers. Nintendo, I hope your listening because this is what you need.

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El_Colombiano2497d ago

1. Yes

2. Ports take dev time. It's not just "bringing them over".

3. Yes

4. Sure, why not. But I prefer physical games.

5. No. No no no no no and no.

Oldsnake0072496d ago

i want to be able to play nes and SNEs games from the virtual console on my 3ds.