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The next generation will dissappoint many

Reading comments on the PS4 rumors I've noticed a trend. People don't want it. Even after Nintendo announced Wii U people aren;t too sure about the next generation. And while people would be upset to have to buy another system so soon after this generation started I don't think that's the true reason. People are nervous it will suck.

Remember when Nintendo announced the Wii U a month ago and people were skeptical? It's because as far as we could tell it wasn't that big a step forward this generation. It was innovative, yes. But compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 power wise I don't expect it to be too far ahead.

Sony recently said that Sony would invest far less into the PS4 than the PS3. Is that scary? Very. (I'm a true Dr. Suess) Anyway, I think this is Sony preparing us for the same thing. It won't introduce to us a new format nor crazy ammounts of power that blow us away to today's standards. It will be close to the Wii U I think and here's why.

It doesn't have to be. Neither does the Wii U or the next Xbox. graphics might be coming to a standstill far a while. They will be better yes, but not that much better. So what will they do to make us buy these new systems? Innovate. They'll pull a Wii with a slightly more powerful system with large innovation. Only this time they'll all be pretty much on par. But this is just my opinion. What do you think the next generation wiill offer now that it's looming over the horizon?

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Godmars2902325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

I really doubt "Next Gen" will be as major a step as it seems the PS3 and 360 took, largely because they didn't deliver. There's just been too many complaints from devs, too many disappointments from gamers to think otherwise.

If anything, where Nintendo needs the Wii U to make an entry into HD console gaming, Sony probably needs the PS4 for an easier development platform while MS needs, could use, a larger data storage format.

Of those three Wii U could be in the most trouble because it could lose the casuals the Wii brought in while failing not to get the hardcore who already have HD consoles. After that its MS depending on weather or not they use BR for their next system or a game-only format while trying to be an all media system. Go DDL only.

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ABizzel12324d ago

Personally I think it was time for a new Nintendo system, and the Wii U is exactly what I expected from Nintendo. The problem with the Wii U however, is the fact that it's a supped up PS3/360. If it came out a year ago or even today it would be great, but it's not coming until 2012 most likely March and if not November. November would be a dire situation, because that would give them no time to get hardcore audiences from the PS3 and 360 since more than likely the PS4 and Xbox 3 will be out the following year, or at least hinted at bringing with them a TRUE next gen.

The PS4 and Xbox 3 aren't in high demand right now, because most people didn't get their console until a few years ago once the boxes dropped to an affordable price so they are more willing to wait 3 or more years. But for those of us who had consoles since launch we're ready, but don't want a $600 price. I personally want a new console in about 2 - 3 years. The PS3 will be 7 - 8 years old 360 8 - 9, and it will definitely be time for something new.

The thing is will the next gen be what we want? The easiest thing to notice right off the back of a generation change are graphics. Graphics don't make or break games, but great graphics do make a great game that more enjoyable. But will the next gen of consoles be that much of a leap over the current consoles as the PS3 and 360 were over the PS2 and Xbox?

I think that question is the real reason gamers aren't ready for a next gen quite yet. As of now comparing games from PC, 360, and PS3 the PC version is the superior version. Often times having better lighting, better textures, more details/characters on screen, at least 4x AA, and a much better framerate depending on the specs. of your PC. But to the majority of console gamers those changes aren't enough, and if that's what the next gen is going to be like, then there's no need to move on just yet.

I think Crysis 2 is the best example to show this.

Crysis 2 PC (no DX11) vs 360

In that video you can clearly see the PC version is superior in every way, but is it worth spending $400 - $500 to upgrade a PC or buy a brand new console to be able to play Crysis 2 with the graphics of that PC version. To most gamers "NO" it isn't. But with the release of new mods for Crysis 2 DX11 and GTA4, I think we're starting to see just what the next gen will look like.

Crysis 2 DX11 (this is a great vid. of DX11)

GTA iCEnhancer mod (I think GTA 5 needs wider streets for better driving)

And with more and more games taking advantage of PC hardware like Battlefield 3, The Witcher 2, Rage, Far Cry 3, Epic's Next gen demo it's safe to say that the developers are ready for the next gen of consoles as well. The problem is it cost too much to produce a console capable of running those games on max settings right now, and while we want it now, we're willing to wait a couple of years for it to be priced reasonably.

It all boils down to how much does it cost to run it. And once both parties (console manufacturers and publishers) agree on a sweet spot then we'll have a next gen, but until then we're happy with our current HD systems.

ilikegam3s2324d ago

Lets put it this way....
X360 and Ps3 > Wii.
X360, Ps3 and Wii U will be rivaling each other like crazy, cos apparently Wii U will have graphic on par/same as/slightly better/etc.

But then... Wii U is basically considered next gen... So the nextbox/ps4 will obviously be waaaayyyy better than their predecessors and Wii U.
But honestly... it is hard to believe that tech/graphics can really improve, just by judging from the games being released now.
Imo next gen wont really have that big of a leap from graphics, sure it will be obviously better. But we wont see major graphic changes like Oblivion and Skyrim for example.

consolez_FTW2325d ago

This is a good blog man. I agree that Graphics will come to a stand still ( Besides some better textures ).

ThatHappyGamer2325d ago

I just want the next gen consoles to run all games @ 1080p, 60FPS and with atleast 8x AA..

The current gen consoles promised all games @ 1080p but 99% of games run @ 720p & 30FPS.. :(

ABizzel12324d ago

I had added that to my post, but it was over 4,000 characters.

Yeah all next gen games should have a standard of 1080p, 60fps, but I betting 4x AA is the safer option, even though I'm sure they'll be able to push 8x AA as well.

To be honest I'm ready for an 120fps or 240fps. If I'm not mistaken Super Stardust 3D runs at 120fps, but thanks to 3D it seems like 60fps per eye. I hope 3D either drops off, or becomes much better. Right now it's just a visual effect and I personally think it's nice, but I want it without glasses and I want a better depth of field in games.

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havok21002325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

The reason that Sony is not dumping as much money into the PS4 is because the product very likely will not require it. Sony has been working on the R & D for cloud based services for some time now. I expect that cloud based services like Onlive will replace the idea of consoles as we know them.

Sony will probably continue to support the PS3 with gaming software and updates for users without access to adequate broadband networks. The move to a streaming model would drastically reduce production costs for software and hardware, while allowing Sony to deliver cutting edge content without the threat of piracy. By simply updating their server and gaming hardware, Sony could conceivably deliver an experience on par with the rapidly advancing PC gaming competition.

Microsoft, undoubtedly, also has plans to capitalize on the technology, as does Valve via the Steam distribution platform. The idea is to introduce these proprietary services while the brand recognition is still strongest. Allowing Onlive too much time to expand it's installed base will yield prohibitively diminished returns on any future attempts to cross over.

Rush2325d ago

Your living in a dream world if you think the PS4 will be cloud based.

Simply put most places in the world don't have fast enough internet speeds to support it. Remember the UK is the worlds 3rd biggest gaming market and are broadband is horrible.

Onlive bombed, and so will anything cloud based for at least the next 6/7 years.

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