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Monster Rancher + PlayStation Vita = Win

First, a quick introduction of what Monster Rancher is for those who don't know:

"In Monster Rancher, one takes the role of a monster breeder whose goal is to raise monsters to fight in tournaments. The breeder must take it in hand to raise the monster throughout its life, training it, keeping it healthy, making an exercise schedule, and trying to maximize its abilities before it dies of old age or is retired. Monsters have good or bad morale depending on how they are raised; loyal monsters are more likely to perform critical hits, while disloyal monsters might refuse to obey commands or not fight at all. Retired monsters can be combined to create more powerful monsters." - Wikipedia

The major draw for this series back in the PlayStation 1 and 2 days was gamer's could pop in just about any CD (and later DVDs) and it would generate a unique monster. This created nearly an endless possibility of monsters and playing options within the game. Sadly, this doesn't appear to have transitioned well to the new generation of consoles and portables, but all of that can change with the PlayStation Vita.

In February, Sony will be unleashing the most powerful and feature-packed handheld console to-date. Among those features is a read camera. Now, imagine all those little barcodes on just about every single item and product we have lying around in our homes, at work, and especially in stores. Realistically, they could take Monster Rancher 4 (PS2), add in the ability to use the rear camera for scanning barcodes, and voila! Monster Rancher Portable.

With the portable-ness of the Vita and the ability to scan barcodes, this could be a perfect opportunity for Monster Rancher to come back into the spotlight. Heck, they could even throw in location-based monsters when checking into certain places. Needless-to-say, the idea alone has me very excited. Whether anyone will act on this idea is still to be seen, but one can only hope so!

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Chaostar2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Sounds pretty cool.

I don't remember Monster Rancher but I do remember those barcode battler toys. I think you should throw Invizimals into the mix and make it an augmented reality game too.

SynGamer2295d ago

Augmented reality would be a great addition!

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