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"Fanboys are funny..."

We want proof.

svoulis | 874d ago
User blog

For starters I try my best to stay out of this whole fanboy war crap. This is something I simply cannot ignore. My question for Microsoft is, "Where is all the Xbox One 3rd party game footage?"

Honestly now, I have been doing as much research as possible to compare the 2 on fair ground and on a unbiased level but this is ridiculous. For a company so confident in their hardware they have shown little aside from off-screen footage and first party games.

Microsoft, why have 3rd party devs been showing their games on PC's or PS4 hardware and not on your console. Is this cause for concern?I mean who could genuinely answer this.

When I do find footage for games it is usually off-screen and first party only. How do you get away with this? What are consumers buying Day One without footage?

what we've seen so far as far as 3rd party is concerned.

BF4 (PS4 and PC)
The Division (PS4)
Destiny (PS4)
Watchdogs (PC and PS4)

The only reason I ask is that consumers get what they are expecting. What could their motives be behind this. Why are 3rd party studios not showing off Xbox One Tech?

Now trust me. I have friends and family that swear by Microsoft and their console. Which is fine. That doesn't take away from the fact that No ONE has been talking about how strange this is. With all this "PS4 being 50% better then Xbox One" and all that hype surrounding it, how is it hard to believe when Microsoft has only shown very little footage for their own games.

For example. I was doing my absolute best looking for Forza 5 in game footage (not that pre rendered crap from E3), and all I can find is off-screen footage, which isn't going to help anyone because its off-screen. I want to see real footage. Ryse has had little to no footage, and the footage I do find is all from the E3 demo as well.

Is this any indication of what to expect from Microsoft, to remain "hush-hush" about the topic, yet leave comments about "we'll see about PS4 being 50% better" crap. If Microsoft was so inclined to prove that theory wrong wouldn't they try or at least let publishers show off the same game on each system? To prove to us all that Microsoft's Console can in-fact compete fine against PS4.

My intentions are to get a PS4 at launch and Xbox One for Christmas (from my girlfriend) but honestly, if Microsoft doesn't start proving more then saying I don't even know if I want an Xbox One now.

Here is what I am talking about for further proof.

Upon trying to find footage of games on both systems to write a compelling argument for Microsoft, I simply couldn't. EVEN on the Official Xbox Magazine website they were showcasing Watchdogs with PS4 footage. Here is the link.

Skip to about 1:25 and you can clearly see the "press square" key come up.

They also do it with multiple games on the website.

All I am saying as a consumer this doesn't look very well for Microsoft. Honestly. What could it all mean though?

Has Microsoft really rushed out their console because of the reveal of PS4 in February?

For a company touting how great their hardware was, what was the reason for the Overclock on the CPU?

If you weren't so concerned with "RAW PERFORMANCE" why did you overclock in the first place. Much less do it "over the weekend" before production started?

Is that safe to do? Considering anyone who has owned an Xbox 360, probably fell victim at one point to the RROD? I went through 3 Xbox 360's before my Xbox 360 slim and they all went out with a red ring. Can we expect this kind of behavior with Xbox One?

I have a collection of Over 120 Xbox 360 games. I held through with all the issues with hardware, all the proprietary price hikes on hard drives, etc. I was doing it because I am a gamer, and at one pointed I liked your games.

But honestly Microsoft, If you can't even have the decentcy to show off your own games and 3rd party games to proof to us that we have nothing to worry about. I'll invest my money elsewhere cause I will not be tricked into your PR crap.

Here is all I could really find on Microsoft games.

I wont post the screenshots of 3rd party games as I really cant find any that are from the Xbox One. It's all PS4 and PC.

Ryse (The game I'd get day one when/if I get a Xbox One)

Dead Rising 3

Forza 5


Infamous Second Son

Drive Club

Killzone Shadow Fall (multiplayer screenshots)

See what I mean how much a difference a game looks with an off screen shot opposed to actual captured footage? This is what I mean. Sony is doing it left and right with exclusives. All over the internet you can find raw game play of all their exclusives. Not so much with Xbox One.

So please Microsoft show us what your console is made of. Show us consumers that we have nothing to worry about. Stop keeping us in the dark with nothing to compare it too.

Oh and for 3rd party studios. Why aren't you showing Xbox One gameplay? Just curious.

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment to discuss this. I'd like to see other peoples opinions on this.

Godmars290  +   874d ago
If any of the rumors turn out to be true then MS is only setting themselves up for a big embarrassment among the pixel counting crowd, which in the long run wont mean much to them.
NewMonday  +   873d ago
the most telling thing is that BF4 has exclusive marketing for XB1 but only shown on PS4/PC.

when both consoles release their wont be anywhere to hide and things could even get worse for MS.
5h4h4b  +   873d ago
Amazing stuff svoulis. I, myself, cannot understand why MS hasn't actually shown 3rd party titles on its platform yet, considering that they are pretty damn confident about their system. This is a very suspicious point, and its adding fuel to this debate that ps4 is indeed more powerful than x1 and the difference will be conspicuous if 3rd Party titles will be shown on x1 and will be compared with ps4.
People may come and say that drivers are not ready or are in a bad shape currently, but these people shouldn't forget that it's MS, this is a department where they are the king. This only proves that MS rushed x1 after ps4 reveal in feb.
Godmars290  +   873d ago
If they were confident about the XB1, they wouldn't have rushed to increase its specs while saying specs don't matter. They wouldn't be doing a number of things.
Fireseed  +   873d ago
Would you have preferred them to have the ability to make those optimizations and just sat on them in some sort of act of artistic integrity?
Godmars290  +   873d ago
I'd prefer that MS make some attempt to let their products stand on their own merits. Actually put some effort towards those ends. Not just throw money and double speak at it's issues.

For instance: repeatedly insisting that XBL is a great value yet putting 3rd party services like Netflix behind it. If MS thought that it was such a great service they'd let the basically multiplayer online service stand on its own.
Sarick  +   873d ago
IMHO: Microsoft is like a caged animal looking for ways to escape their own trap they accidentally stepped in.
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5h4h4b  +   873d ago
Comparing those pics , I can easily say ps4 exclusives are definitely better looking.
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FamilyGuy  +   873d ago
They've got two months.
If some ridiculous problem shows up before launch that makes people change their minds they can always cancel their pre-orders.

Optimization apparently takes longer on the X1 to get to a point where they're comfortable showing game play off retail hardware so multiplatform games simply aren't ready yet.
In order to ship on time they've got to be ready at least a month before launch. At this time, Oct 22, we should see final code for all launch titles running on X1 hardware. Whether it's ready or not that is pretty much their deadline. I imagine there will be a lot of day 1 game patches if they don't meet that deadline but the games will have to come out regardless.

It is concerning that we're not seeing the multiplatform games but it will happen sometime before the system launches.

I'm more concerned with the thought that if devs are spending so much of their limited time on simply getting X1 games looking on par with the PS4 versions then there's a lot less chance we'll see them do any extra optimizations for the PS4 version. They'll just get the PS4 to a comfortable ("good enough") spot and then use all their focus on bringing the X1 version up to par. Never going back to put any effort in making the PS4 version better. Leaving it at that "good enough" state because of time restrictions.
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svoulis  +   873d ago
Two months is cutting it close, reguardless of driver optimization or not. How much trouble is Microsoft actually in with all this? Do you think 3rd party DEVS are slowly reaching out about the power of each system for any particular reason?

I think that Devs will probably work on the PS4 version as the main developing platform, and if need be tweak it down to function properly on Xbox One.

The only reason I think this is because, we are only seeing footage running on PS4. Kind of like Devs are doing their best on that console, and maybe get a slightly downgraded version on the Xbox One.

My main cause for concern is the idea that both these consoles are suppose to have a 10 year life cycle. Raw Performance/power may not mean much right now, but 5 years down the line it certainly will.
generalthadeape  +   873d ago
"Raw Performance/power may not mean much right now, but 5 years down the line it certainly will".

This is one of the strongest reasons that makes me question keeping my Xbox One pre-order.

A "weak" system now will eventually be a "weaker" system sometime soon in the future.

We've been told these systems will last 10 years-- I really don't want to constantly be "behind the curve" the entire lifetime of the Xbox One.

This is another serious problem that Microsoft has to face-- I'm buying the best next-gen system I can find-- NOT another iteration of the Wii U!

Come on Microsoft-- you guys have to pull this stuff together, if you want to be taken seriously.
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EXVirtual  +   872d ago
You know, I think Sony and MS mean that that's how long they'll be producing the consoles. I think it'll be a bit longer though.
But either way, I'm thinking it'll be 6-7 years before the PS5 and XB2 come out. I've never seen any hardware that hasn't been replaced or updated in 10 years.
cell989  +   872d ago
That last part is so sad but true, I foresee a future where PS4 gets no justice from most 3rd party devs
GiantEnemyCrab  +   873d ago
Once the hardware is out and these games are in the wild they won't be able to hide. If the versions are less than their counterparts you can bet the gaming world will not be silent about it. You can always hold off on buying the games until they are out and people had a chance to play them.
svoulis  +   873d ago
But at that point you own the System and then what? You think Microsoft is going to return all those consoles that people dont want. Sure especially after signing into Xbox Live you agree to a EULA that you can't file a class action lawsuit of ANY KIND against them for any reason.

Yeah. Thats going to work well.

I think Microsoft needs to do something quick. If Sony is the only real contender, then we have a problem. Competition is needed to ensure good games, and good customer support. Sony will start slacking if they are too far ahead of Microsoft in terms of Quality. As you have seen how much they've changed since since PS3 launch, when they were the selling PS2's all over and Xbox was left behind. I hope it doesn't come to this. I want good competition for both consoles, not completely one sided like its been :\.
generalthadeape  +   873d ago
"But at that point you own the System and then what?"

That's why I'm NOT paying off my Xbox One pre-order completely before the 22nd-- it's going to be hard since the PS4 comes out a week before-- all I can say is, "Microsoft better hope to hell that all of the PS4s are snatched up on November 15th or else they may have more than a few people "jump ship" by the time the Xbox One arrives".

It's a tough choice-- I love the Xbox controller, my gamertag & gamerscore, but I just don't feel like settling for such a "sub-par" system".
svoulis  +   872d ago


More proof to my theories. 3rd party studios are showing other versions of the game to keep buyers intersted in the console and games for the Xbox One. Imagine if the footage we see for Watchdogs on PS4 and Xbox One were so different, that it would really show where the consoles lays.
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FamilyGuy  +   872d ago
LOL WOW, it just keeps rolling in.

Your blog post had enough proof behind it as is and the consistent influx of supporting information is just overkill. MS is having a PR nightmare and it's been happening almost every day since the first announcement of their console.

It's crazy how they did pretty well this gen and got a lot of fans but now everything seems to be turning around on them. If there weren't so many things I already didn't like about the company I'd probably feel bad for them.
Kayant  +   871d ago
It's like I mentioned yesterday --->

The thing that I find annoying and misleading with MS atm is that it takes so long to clarify stuff.... It took Aaron 3 days to clarify Ryse was 900p. Why!?

They let something run for some time then later clarify like the Fifa solution which was very misleading.

Good blog btw svoulis :)
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cell989  +   872d ago
Big kudos to you, awesome research and yet unbiased
memots  +   872d ago
it is worrisome but not for me since i aint buying it Day1.

Waiting for a bit. Just be patient people.
svoulis  +   871d ago
Patient for what exactly? For devs to continue to show other systems footage of games? Or running the "games" you "THINK" you're getting on Xbox One on PC's?

No thanks, Microsoft lost all of my trust pulling that DRM crap. If they can shut it off that easy, they can turn it back on as well, at any given time.

Now instead of earning the trust of their fans, they keep lying about stuff and making themselves look like fools.

First Ryse is native 1080p a few days later its 900p upscaled.

Secondly, No 3rd party devs are showing games on their system 2 months from LAUNCH.

Third, they talk about how raw performance and power don't mean anything its about the games, yet put their foot in their mouth bragging about overclocking their CPU the weekend before production.

Fourth, if they didn't think their system was under-powered they wouldn't have overclocked it in the first place. There is no excuse for anyone to ever do that unless you were trying to get more out of your system.

So with that being said, I ask you. What has Microsoft done in the past 4 months that has helped people trust them as a platform again?
memots  +   871d ago
hey i fully agreed with you, this worry me a lot. But since i am not an early adopter i can wait see , and if MS is truly the train wreck then i will have no issue with it since i did not buy it.

If they recover and show me value and great game then i will buy one, but until then they aren't getting my money.

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