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PC Gaming and why I prefer Consoles.

So, unless you haven't been on this site for about the past 6 months you will have, without doubt, seen some game called Battleifeld 3. The buzz around it is massive partly due to the graphics, mostly however, because most believe it will kick COD from its perch at the top of FPS's. What it has also caused is a war between PC gamers and console gamers. In this blog I will discuss why I game on console for the most part and why I believe it's better. I will try be as non-bias as possible and take into account the advantages of PC gaming. I'm going to go through each advantage of the PC compare it to consoles. I'm not out to annoy PC gamers, but I'm sure some of my comments might.

Now, I do game on PC a bit. I have a toshiba L650 laptop which can handle Crysis at high settings (1020x600 res). Some of my favourite games were on PC only: Rome: Total War, Half Life 2, Battlefield, Oblivion. I've only ever gamed on a Laptop, which could be partly why I prefer console as Laptops aren't really meant for gaming.

The PC as a way of gaming without doubt has its advantages. Firstly, graphically you can't beat PC. This does however, come at a cost. People say PC gaming isn't expensive, but compared to buying a console it is no doubt. The graphics on the PS3 and 360 are awesome and only recently have we seen such a big difference between high end PC games and what this gen of consoles can produce, though I would argue its not as big a gap as people say. I do think that Crysis on MAX settings does probably look better than anything on console but you need some serious hardware to get it looking that good. The best graphics from a console game released at the moment has to be Killzone 3, with Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3 possibly beating that when they're released. Now some would argue that Killzone 3 does beat Crysis on Ultra settings. BF3 and Crysis 2 DX11 are the best looking games ever seen, no doubt but there isn't a generation gap between the too. Killzone 3 is not a million miles away. So your paying big money, compared to the price of a console to get graphics that aren't that much better. Also, you have to update your hardware on a PC to keep maxing games, whereas on console you only have to every 6 years.

The freedom: People say that your restricted on consoles as to what you can do with your games. To some degree you are, with mods on PC and the like not appearing on consoles. There are advantages to the console 'holding your hand' however. You never have to tinker with settings on games, never have to find the correct drivers (something that can massively affect performance of gmaes on PC, see Splinter Cell Conviction), never have to worry about patches. I find that unless you can put a game on MAX settings on PC, you're always tinkering with the settings and not actually playing the game. Consoles take all this nonsense away. PC gamers will argue that you don't own your console (see Other OS incident) but piracy happens without these restrictions on Consoles and gaming would be nowhere near as big now as it has been, because of Consoles. PC gaming is dieing because of Piracy. You want a game free? just download the torrent.

The Games: The consoles exclusives are better than PC exclusives. There are exceptions but for the most part console gamers get a better range of games and better exclusives. This is an opinion, but the opinion of the majority (see metacritic). Uncharted 2, and I know people go on about it but that's because it really is that good - you have to see it to believe it; My favourite game of 2010, Red Dead Redemption, L.A Noire, GT 5, God of War, Gears of War, Little Big Planet, Halo, Killzone, MGS 4... the only AAA PC exclusives are Total War, Witcher 2 (coming to 360), Crysis 1. There are others like Amnesia and Stalker but that's about it. A game can be great despite its graphics. MGS 4 isn't as good as Crysis graphically, but its a better game (metacritic). PC gamers seem so obsessed with graphics and tech they forget about the games themselves. If you have a gaming PC, great, but your missing out on so many great games, games that have pushed genres and gameplay forward.

Controls: Some people prefer mouse and keyboard. Here's why I don't. The Mouse is more precise but that's about it. There's no triggers, no vibration, no anologue sticks. Sticks are better because they allow small or large amounts of movement. Each button on the SIXAXIS has pressure sensitivity.

There's my reasons for preferring consoles. PCs are great, but consoles are what games are made for. Please comment and give me your opinion.

Thanks for reading, however annoyed you were when reading it.

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NovusTerminus2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

PC does and always will look better. But the reason I don't do much PC gaming is the lack of support from the developers.

Because most people just pirates the game, so why should a developer put it on the PC? Capcom went out of their way for Devil May Cry 4 and it hardly did anything in the PC market.

Yes, PC's are great but you also cannot do the same kind of gaming with a keyboard and mouse that you can on a controller. Shooters and RTS games work very well... But what else does? Stealth games like Tenchu? Nope, High speed action like Ninja Gaiden, DMC? Not really. And any kind of Fighting game is out the window.

The Keyboard and Mouse is very restrictive on the actual kinds of games you can play. I know I can hook up a 360 or PS3 controller to the PC, but is that not kind of killing the purpose?

Default controller for every console the PC is one of the worst.

Good post, it's nice to see someone talk without just screaming out nonsense. So kudos to you!

TheDareDevil2520d ago

I've been gaming on my console for a year now and I have to say, I prefer using the controller to a mouse/keyboard because of the tactical feedback that controllers offer.
The best thing about consoles is that you just have to insert the disc and play the game(unless you have a PS3, then there will be some installing done).

Godmars2902520d ago

Its sad that PC gamers are oblivious to what console gaming has done for them.

If not for them and more importantly arcade games, PC gaming would either be nonexistent or strictly a hobbyist thing.

JOHN_DOH2520d ago

sure consoles are great but most of the big multiplats came from pc. COD, Elder Scrolls, L4D, Battlefield, Crysis, Far Cry, Unreal, Rainbow Six, HalfLife, DeusEx, Tomb Raider?, etc. Competitive multiplayer was also made popular on pc.

stevenhiggster2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Tomb Raider was originally released on PS1 (Saturn and PC too, but not PC first), but other than that your points are valid.

Godmars2902520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Actually I was talking in the context of Pong, Space War, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. The Zero to first generation games which started it all.

Many PC gamers have been doing nothing but bitching and moaning about consoles at a time when they've become closer to PCs, while also pissing on the consoles that came before. Dismissing the crisis that games like Crysis brought to *their* industry while the PS3 and 360 somehow stole sales and titles from them.

Console games are more popular than PC titles because they're easier to use. Where until the current consoles gen anyway, but still don't require hardware updates that can be more expensive than the game meant to use it.

JOHN_DOH2519d ago

Most pc gamers I know have consoles too. sure some pc gamers bitch a lot but so do gamers that use ps3 or xbox. I'm old enough to have played pong when i was a kid but come on, the consoles today are basically locked down pc's and use gpus based off of pc just stripped down probably for cost, power, and heat.

F4sterTh4nFTL2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

PC gamers these days play all the new games on triple or more screens and in 3D for the ultimate immersion into a gaming world, PC games have textures so extremely high thanks to 12+ gigs of RAM that even average multiplatform games look better than console exclusives. You mention PC missing out on Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption, L.A Noire, GT 5, God of War, Gears of War, Little Big Planet, Halo, Killzone, MGS 4, but fail to realise PC gamers can play God of War 1 & 2, Gears of War 1, Halo 1 & 2, MGS 1-3 on PC and the only games that PC gamers are really missing out on are Uncharted 1-3, Red Dead Redemption & Forza 3-4 as GT5 is the biggest disappointment ever, Little Big Planet is for kids in grown ups bodies, LA Noire is coming to PC, Halo sucks compared to Half-Life, Killzone is a depressingly shit game that gives me headaches because of its low fov value, MGS4 is a long and complicated movie with only 3 hours of gameplay if we remove all the cool cutscenes. Every single multiplaform game looks & plays better on PC unless the developer deliberately fucks it up due to their incompetence, 1000s of controllers can be plugged into PC and a PC can also be plugged in the same TV that has the console plugged in and the PC games can be enjoyed on a couch.

P.S. Most PC gamers also have consoles because they are the most hardcorest of the hardcore gamers like me and we dust of our consoles only for big AAA exclusives like Forza 4 & Uncharted 3.

Bonobo123452520d ago

'Hardcore gamer'

'Gaming Enthusiast'


sdtarm2520d ago

you sound like a mad little nerd

grow up, LBP is for kids? GT5 is the biggest disappointment? haha damage control much?

stevenhiggster2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )


You sir are a moron, I am a PC gamer and console too. I know lots and lots of other PC gamers as well.
And I can assure you, only one person I personally know has a multi monitor set up, and even then he only games on one while leaving the other on the desktop. I also dont know anyone with more than 6gb of RAM.
In fact, I just went back and read the entirity of your post and tbh I think you are just a bit nuts.

kramun2520d ago

'Now some would argue that Killzone 3 does beat Crysis on Ultra settings.'

Only ps3 fanbois would make that argument, and they have more than likely never played Crysis, let alone on Ultra settings.

'never have to worry about patches.'

I've had to wait ages to play a game on my ps3 sometimes because a game needed to be patched, or a firmware update was required. It is actually quicker to download a patch on my pc and install it onto a game, much faster.

'PC gaming is dieing because of Piracy.'

Yeah I've heard that for years now, it still isn't true.

'The consoles exclusives are better than PC exclusives.'

That is just a case of opinion, Metacritic doesn't change that.

Anyway, this is all a rant from someone who clearly hates pc gaming, and pc gamers, and who is most than likely jealous. I say this because you have "Getting annoyed with PC gamers sucking BF3s dick!" on your profile which is a big clue.

Fine you don't like pc gaming, no one is forcing you to play on pc. But this isn't an objective look at pc gaming vs console gaming, it's just someone with a chip on their shoulder talking nonsense.

pr0digyZA2520d ago

I am a PC gamer with about 3 gaming PC's and also have a 360,PS3. And I personally prefer PC. You have your opinion and nothing anyone says here will change it, one day you might get a real gaming PC (not a laptop :P) and see some of the things you miss out on which I won't write out because I am sure you will see more of that to come.

AllyOmega2520d ago

Why on earth would anyone have 3 gaming PCs? Do you constantly upgrade all of them?

speaking of which... I can haz one? :P

pr0digyZA2520d ago

Lol not all of them are top of the line my bottom one is a q6600 with an 8800GTX, then I have i5 with 560ti and latest is i7 with a 580. If you think I have a lot of computers you must see my LCD's I think I have 5 or 6 not including HDTV. I think I hoard always thinking if my one pops then I have a spare.

Also my personality type is that if I buy something it must be the best or else don't buy at all-weird I know.

AllyOmega2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Geez... Do you use them all? Or do they sit in the corner in case the one you use breaks? (the computers I mean.)

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