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My wife and a new Xbox 360

So here I am today waiting for my wife to get home from grocery shopping, reading N4G about Sony's decision to delay Home once again. Needless to say, as a PS3 owner, I'm not to happy about it and not for the reason you may think. You see Home looks like an alright piece of software, but really to me its just a second life/Sims type deal. What really had me hoping for home is Sony's answer to Xbox Live and all the awesome things you can do on there that you can't do on a PS3. We all know the differences by now so I won't rehash them here.

I must admit as a PS3 owner that I do get jealous of Xbox's great online capability. I personally believe that the PS3 is a better system but with that gaping hole we call online play, its just not complete. People keep saying the good folks in Japan will never figure out how to really do online stuff and I'm starting to see peoples point on that.

Anyhow I was thinking about GTA4 and if I was going to buy it or not when it comes out. I was pretty much set on not picking it up at first but maybe sometime in the future. With Xbox having DLC and just a better online system, I just wasn't all that interested in it. I have COD4 to kill people and Grand Turismo to drive cars so I figured I was pretty much set. Then the wife got home. I went to help her grab the grocery's out of the car and as I walked outside she told me to grab the bags in the back seat. So I opened up the door and what do I see? A brand new 360 elite sitting there on the seat. I must say I was shocked. Still am really.

As I got tooling around on some Halo after I got the system set up and checking out all the online goodies MS has, I must say I'm amazed out just how far my beloved Sony is. I'll admit I like the Sony store better but the utter lack of content compared to Xbox is mind blowing. To think that Sony of all people, the same guys who do movies and music and everything have dropped the ball this bad just amazes me. And now their big online social network has been delayed till god knows how long. Remember its just the open beta that has been delayed. So who knows when we will see Home as a final product. By that time, and I can't believe I'm saying this, it may be to late.

Now Sony is touting that they are gonna have tons of movies for download soon. As with everything lately with Sony, the word soon pops up. The funny thing is we have a Blu- Ray right in the thing. Do PS3 owners really want downloadable movies? Maybe, it will be interesting to see how that all plays out. The thing every PS3 owner wants is in game xmb, and a online community that accually functions. None of those things seem to be coming anytime soon, and all the people who own 360's that Sony thinks will just switch over and buy em a PS3, really there is no reason to. 1 or 2 games usually don't cause most people to run out and spend $400.

Another thing is achievments. I know people dog on them all the time but lets face it. Gamers love em. Now that I've been exposed to them, I LOVE THEM. They just give me alittle extra to keep me playing a game that I can tell already. So for that reason and the DLC, I'll be owning GTA on the 360. Sony I must say that I'm ashamed right now of how badly you have handled this thing. So until you get your act together my PS3 will be a dedicated Blu Ray with some GT5 Prologue and MGS4 thrown in every now and then. Its really upto you guys to make this thing right, but like I said the clock is ticking and it is getting louder and louder

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Jack Meahoffer3683d ago

The points you listed pretty much sum up why having both consoles is the only option. At this point PSN doesn't live up to XBL. When and if it finally does the XBL cost will become a major issue but right now paying $1 a week is worth the functionality.

That being said there are great AAA exclusive games on both consoles that I don't want to miss. While I think both consoles have significant problems they are both worth owning for the things they do correctly.

ben hates you3683d ago

good consoles, having both is the best way to game

TheSteelest3683d ago

I know this guy is married, but the way he spaeaks sounds suspect... I mean, don't you get that vibe from his blog? Dude, man up! I own both systems and I'm not ashamed at all. As a matter of fact, I prefer my PS3 over my Xbox. It's probably because I use it to surf the web and play my music on it(I have it hooked up with the fiber-optic cable to my surround system 'cause of the DTS sound!!!). I like the look and feel of the console and the XBR, not to mention that the graphics are sick. The online features this cat is talking about really threw me off. He must not have a computer or doesn't know where the nearest Blockbuster is, if he's so concerned with downloading movies. Sure, those are nice perks to have on your system, but do you really need them if you all ready have a computer? I play online all the time on the PS3 Network and have no issues or problems to speak of. And if I'm feeling lazy to take four or five steps to my computer, I have the Internet on PS3 to surf! Now that's a very unique and useful feature. I like a lot of games on Xbox, but I don't really like going back and forth with the controllers. I'm a lot more comfortable with the dualshock 3, which is why I'm going to cop GTA IV on PS3... playing it with a dualshock controller is the only way to play GTA... Steel One is the illest!

ben hates you3683d ago

it says your new to n4g well time to learn, the world is full of opinions very little facts to find on the internet, his opinion is not the same as yours and mines not either so accept that he might not be as happy with his ps3 as you are

spooky2053683d ago

dual console ownership is definitely the way to go. although i am in a different boat as you. i actually prefer my ps3 more. u see ps3 definitely lacks key features in the online department but it is definitely a more reliable service. the problem with sony is that they played the waiting game. their console was released to try to win the format war ASAP. now that that is over sony is focusing on where it counts and does a great job of listening to what their customers want. like any console it will only get better with time. PSN pros- more reliable service, its free, dedicated servers, better drm policies, original games. XBL- content (obviously), in game communication, and a more social network (this kinda goes both ways with all those annoying 11 year olds who think cussing is "cool") i think they compliment each other nicely. the best thing to do is not to listen to any PR from either company because both only come in one flavor.....bullsh*t!!!!!
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jadenkorri3683d ago

thats kewl, dual consoles, i ahve the ps3 and the wii, one day ill get a 360, but really a clock is ticking for Sony right now, this Home should be released soon or at least give us what we want, in game XMB.. and alot of features that 360 has...i really don;t want to sony to copy 360, but at this point since you have something close, you might as well go all the way....

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