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My wife and a new Xbox 360

strembones | 2846d ago
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So here I am today waiting for my wife to get home from grocery shopping, reading N4G about Sony's decision to delay Home once again. Needless to say, as a PS3 owner, I'm not to happy about it and not for the reason you may think. You see Home looks like an alright piece of software, but really to me its just a second life/Sims type deal. What really had me hoping for home is Sony's answer to Xbox Live and all the awesome things you can do on there that you can't do on a PS3. We all know the differences by now so I won't rehash them here.

I must admit as a PS3 owner that I do get jealous of Xbox's great online capability. I personally believe that the PS3 is a better system but with that gaping hole we call online play, its just not complete. People keep saying the good folks in Japan will never figure out how to really do online stuff and I'm starting to see peoples point on that.

Anyhow I was thinking about GTA4 and if I was going to buy it or not when it comes out. I was pretty much set on not picking it up at first but maybe sometime in the future. With Xbox having DLC and just a better online system, I just wasn't all that interested in it. I have COD4 to kill people and Grand Turismo to drive cars so I figured I was pretty much set. Then the wife got home. I went to help her grab the grocery's out of the car and as I walked outside she told me to grab the bags in the back seat. So I opened up the door and what do I see? A brand new 360 elite sitting there on the seat. I must say I was shocked. Still am really.

As I got tooling around on some Halo after I got the system set up and checking out all the online goodies MS has, I must say I'm amazed out just how far my beloved Sony is. I'll admit I like the Sony store better but the utter lack of content compared to Xbox is mind blowing. To think that Sony of all people, the same guys who do movies and music and everything have dropped the ball this bad just amazes me. And now their big online social network has been delayed till god knows how long. Remember its just the open beta that has been delayed. So who knows when we will see Home as a final product. By that time, and I can't believe I'm saying this, it may be to late.

Now Sony is touting that they are gonna have tons of movies for download soon. As with everything lately with Sony, the word soon pops up. The funny thing is we have a Blu- Ray right in the thing. Do PS3 owners really want downloadable movies? Maybe, it will be interesting to see how that all plays out. The thing every PS3 owner wants is in game xmb, and a online community that accually functions. None of those things seem to be coming anytime soon, and all the people who own 360's that Sony thinks will just switch over and buy em a PS3, really there is no reason to. 1 or 2 games usually don't cause most people to run out and spend $400.

Another thing is achievments. I know people dog on them all the time but lets face it. Gamers love em. Now that I've been exposed to them, I LOVE THEM. They just give me alittle extra to keep me playing a game that I can tell already. So for that reason and the DLC, I'll be owning GTA on the 360. Sony I must say that I'm ashamed right now of how badly you have handled this thing. So until you get your act together my PS3 will be a dedicated Blu Ray with some GT5 Prologue and MGS4 thrown in every now and then. Its really upto you guys to make this thing right, but like I said the clock is ticking and it is getting louder and louder

Jack Meahoffer  +   2846d ago
Welcome to dual console ownership! Congratulations!
The points you listed pretty much sum up why having both consoles is the only option. At this point PSN doesn't live up to XBL. When and if it finally does the XBL cost will become a major issue but right now paying $1 a week is worth the functionality.

That being said there are great AAA exclusive games on both consoles that I don't want to miss. While I think both consoles have significant problems they are both worth owning for the things they do correctly.
ben hates you  +   2846d ago
both are
good consoles, having both is the best way to game
TheSteelest  +   2846d ago
Sounds kind of gay...
I know this guy is married, but the way he spaeaks sounds suspect... I mean, don't you get that vibe from his blog? Dude, man up! I own both systems and I'm not ashamed at all. As a matter of fact, I prefer my PS3 over my Xbox. It's probably because I use it to surf the web and play my music on it(I have it hooked up with the fiber-optic cable to my surround system 'cause of the DTS sound!!!). I like the look and feel of the console and the XBR, not to mention that the graphics are sick. The online features this cat is talking about really threw me off. He must not have a computer or doesn't know where the nearest Blockbuster is, if he's so concerned with downloading movies. Sure, those are nice perks to have on your system, but do you really need them if you all ready have a computer? I play online all the time on the PS3 Network and have no issues or problems to speak of. And if I'm feeling lazy to take four or five steps to my computer, I have the Internet on PS3 to surf! Now that's a very unique and useful feature. I like a lot of games on Xbox, but I don't really like going back and forth with the controllers. I'm a lot more comfortable with the dualshock 3, which is why I'm going to cop GTA IV on PS3... playing it with a dualshock controller is the only way to play GTA... Steel One is the illest!
ben hates you  +   2846d ago
lets see
it says your new to n4g well time to learn, the world is full of opinions very little facts to find on the internet, his opinion is not the same as yours and mines not either so accept that he might not be as happy with his ps3 as you are
spooky205  +   2846d ago
dual console ownership is definitely the way to go. although i am in a different boat as you. i actually prefer my ps3 more. u see ps3 definitely lacks key features in the online department but it is definitely a more reliable service. the problem with sony is that they played the waiting game. their console was released to try to win the format war ASAP. now that that is over sony is focusing on where it counts and does a great job of listening to what their customers want. like any console it will only get better with time. PSN pros- more reliable service, its free, dedicated servers, better drm policies, original games. XBL- content (obviously), in game communication, and a more social network (this kinda goes both ways with all those annoying 11 year olds who think cussing is "cool") i think they compliment each other nicely. the best thing to do is not to listen to any PR from either company because both only come in one flavor.....bullsh*t!!!!!
feel free to add me.
PSN- spooky205
XBL- spooky205
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jadenkorri  +   2846d ago
thats kewl, dual consoles, i ahve the ps3 and the wii, one day ill get a 360, but really a clock is ticking for Sony right now, this Home should be released soon or at least give us what we want, in game XMB.. and alot of features that 360 has...i really don;t want to sony to copy 360, but at this point since you have something close, you might as well go all the way....
Charlie2688  +   2846d ago
Remember now that you have a 360 you should be worried about ventilation and cooling if you wan to avoid or at least delay the RROD, keep it in a well ventilated place and try to get an external fan to ventilate the 360 AFTER its been turned off since it is then were the hot air is trapped that causes the RROD

And by your comments it looks like you are becoming a Achievements whore like me little taste of them and I got hooked
Boldy  +   2844d ago
No don't get the intercooler fan. They don't do anything other than make your system louder.
NO_PUDding  +   2846d ago
Achievements really do little for me.

But PS3 is definately where to get GTA IV.

Or if you have an HDD then keep it on yoru Xbox, but on those leaked game footages I succumbed to popping is a REAL big issue. Areas don't load, and such, so I imagine installing it would be the best bet.
ruibing  +   2846d ago
The title of this post threw me off. What does your wife have to do with your experience with a 360?

I'll probably buy a 360 myself before this gen is over, if only to play its exclusive JRPGs. But until its reliability is fixed and the gen is close to being over, I'm going to stay with my PS3. It's dedicated free online service, regular updates, and ability to make me feel the possibilities in store for it is infinite is really hard to replace with any other console.
Covenant  +   2846d ago
Welcome aboard, mate!
I am the proud owner of a 360 Elite and a Wii, and will soon own a PS3. Each system has its merits, something for everyone to play or do. That was a nice surprise from your sure to reward her accordingly! ;)

Enjoy your systems, mate. And as you've discovered, Achievements are like gaming crack...once your hooked, it's a tough addiction to fight!
Jinxstar  +   2846d ago
I own a 360 Elite a ps3 60 gig that i upgraded to 200 gig and a wii. 5.1 surround and a 56 inch HD TV.... Just so you know how hard core a gamer I am.

Now The only thing that really irks me about your blog my friend is that you make it seem like XBL is somehow stabler or faster then PSN. I have DL'd a few movies and shows from XBL but for the most part you look at quantity over quality... "XBL has 40 episodes of beauty and the geek. you fail Sony" Thats just an example... I mean dont get me wrong I love carcassonne on XBL for DL game and... Ikaruga is kinda cool but for the most part I only like the classics on there... CAstlevanisa and fable to name a few... PSN I have 20 Games atm some suck but for the most part I have yet to see anything that compares to Flow, Trials of Topoq, Pain, Everyday Shooter or Super Stardust... To name a few... on XBL

Also the point I brought up earlier... Hasn't XBL been plagued with fail this year? Yes! I know cause I was trying for days to play my new COD4 Map Packs...PSN has yet to go down for stuff like that. We will see how true this holds tomorrow. I think it will be fine though. Granted in game XMB is all I need. With that one feature I feel it would be on par for actual online gaming. Easily if not better due to being an open network i.e. UT3 and the promises LBP brings along with you being able to choose whatever headset you like and a million other options I feel that in game XMB is all Sony would need to be superior as for as pure online gaming goes...

I have had lag on both systems on par with eachother... I don't know what else to say to you man... Content is cool but quality is better. I can wait for quality instead of having stuff I could care less about like "Rent Lost! 450 MS points" how about "No, Ima watch it on TV like a normal person. I have DVR for a reason so I don't have to pay for this crap" I can wait for home and in game XMB cause that stuff is worth it... much more then having "Oh GTA DLC you will never play cause there are a million and one games coming out before then that will make you forget all about it but buy it now anyway for 360!!!!!"

Just my opinion man. I know you got a shiney new toy and its cool for you to check it out but it wears on you... My HD has failed on me so many times and MS just keep telling me to format it. I had to buy a mem card to save my games cause I got tired of losing my save files... The system is plagued with issues and I still love it. Bioshock and lost oddessy are amazing games to name a few of the many cool exclusives... But really. I get tired of MS's crap anymore....

Still though take it as what you will. This is just my opinion. Uno and Bejeweled are not game worthy to me. Why? Cause they are free on pop cap games but MS charges you...Thats why I hate XBL that and the amounts of jerk wads I have found there measuring their junk between matches and getting in pis$ing contests over dumb stuff is vastly inferior to PS3 where I often hear a lot more about tactics and ideas over XBL's arguments...
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InYourMom  +   2846d ago
Great post!
and welcome to multiconsole ownership. Now you can see thru the fanboy BS on both sides of the fence and make your own opinions from experience.
strembones  +   2846d ago
Let me clear a thing or two up. First let me say that I personally like my PS3 better. I agree its a better system, you will never get an argument there. This post was mainly about my first couple of hours with the new Xbox and what my first impressions were. I agree there is alot of crap on XBL but also some very nice things as well. It seems to me there are a ton of demo's to check out and that is one thing I like. Nothing worse than blowing money on a game the blows. I am so content right now knowing that whatever these two companies throw out, I'll be able to have it. Make that 3 companies because I have the Wii as well. I must admit that the achievments really have me hooked though. And conenant my wife has been rewarded properly for her gift = ) Ok maybe that was an award for me as well.
Jinxstar  +   2846d ago
=D Sorry I was really tired when I wrote my reply. I really do love my 360 and PS3. I do prefer my PS3 but mainly because I have more friends on PSN is all not really for any other reason. I am buying GTA4 for both systems. Actually I am supporting MS more as I bought my GF's brother a copy for his Bday as well. I normally buy games on PS3 cause I support the underdog and feel competition is the healthiest thing for the industry. honestly when/if Sony pulls ahead I will be supporting Ms more...

All in all though I understand your point. Being able to play Bioshock and Ratchet and clank without having brand loyalty is a good feeling.

Game on bro
Bricheous  +   2845d ago
I think you're right in saying XBL is a more complete experience but you are also clearly saying SONY has dropped the ball and may never pick it up. In saying that, there are going to be some that just disagree.

I can see things from your stand point, I'm bummed HOME isn't up and running but I have a few things to say in SONY's defense. I'm a developer and designer so I can relate to the problems they may be having. You say that Japan may truly never figure out how to do online stuff but that's not a valid argument. I'm sure the Japanese and American's that are employed at SONY know exactly what they are doing, use the internet, and know how to develop for it. What it really boils down to is delivery and meeting expectations. Lets face it MS has a huge head start on internet content based on its history. They practically wrote the book. Expecting a console to meet that bar within a year and a half is ambitious. There are business plans to develop, code to create, contracts to secure, and expectations to meet.

Personally, I think Sony is doing a good job (not great) right now being that they came to the party late and are still holding their own on the dance floor. Give it some time. Soon enough we'll be playing online with full XMB integration and for giggles we'll have the option to rent, buy, and download content. Until then, yeah I guess if you're interested check out XBL. Personally I don't use XBL for more than downloading DEMOs and playing Halo3 and COD4. So, in that case both systems are pretty much on even playing ground in my book.
littletad  +   2846d ago
You owe it to yourself to be an owner of both systems.
Being loyal in a system of currency is bogus. Be a gamer and nothing more, and let the games guide you to what system u should be playing them on.
Bricheous  +   2845d ago
Patience my friend, patience
I can say I am a proud owner of both systems but I've always be down for what Sony has to offer. I've owned all 3 Playstations and I still favor PS3 over my PC and XBOX.

Despite XBL being a great interface it still has its flaws. The amount of content is a double edge sword. I'm a designer so I can say that navigating XBLs interface is a hassle and could be done better. Plus, XBOX points are still a hassle (I wish I could pay with my debit ala the Playstation Store). Lets not forget the pricey subscription that is required to play online. After 6 months of opening new accounts and entering contests to get free memberships, I actually had a friend who went out and bought me a Gold membership just because he felt bad lol. Sony is free and you'll never beat that.

I prefer XMB's clean design and there are less button clicks to get where you want to be (the new store is a step forward and has bundles of potential). Besides, the only time I get to use XBL's wonderful multi player integration is when I play Halo3 or COD4. Other than that I don't play any other games online (or off in that case) on the XBOX. Yet I have a variety of PS3 titles ( I own 3 XBOX games and 10 PS3 games) all begging for a more seamless experience ( Warhawk being one).

Yeah, Microsoft has a head start but its just that, a head start. Sony hasn't realized internet content fully until the PS3(PS2 doesn't count.) You can't expect them to catch up over night but HOME is a promising future. I respect them for holding out until the time is right. If they did release it, buggy content and all, we'd be complaining about that too. So, what is needed is a little bit of time and patience. The great thing is that both companies offer awesome products and this can only fuel the competitions. Who wins there? We do!
strembones  +   2845d ago
Thanks for all the comments guys, its great to see everyones opinions, it really helps me get my thoughts into focus. When I say the Japanese may never get the online stuff right what I meant was that obviously they underestimated how important (at least to American gamers) that it really is. Just look at the Wii and PS3. I understand Home is a monster undertaking and Sony reallllly needs to make sure that they get it right. My original post was more about me just venting at the short comings of the PSN. Demo's give me more demo's Sony! In my opinion I truly do believe the PS3 will pull ahead to stay. Microsoft I still believe has hampered themselves by selling as system that has no hard drive and the pure size of a Blu Ray disc is something that I don't think Microsoft will be able to compete with or have an answer for.

All in all now that I have all 3 systems my gaming life feels complete. Both systems have great exclusives, Bioshock is awesome and I can't stop playing GT5 prologue.

I'm a Sony fan first and foremost and I just want to see them catch MS and blow em away honestly. I have a new CPU that has Vista and I must say just trying to game on it has made me angry enough to want Sony to beat them even more. Thanks again for all the feedback from you all. Everyone has made some great points in here and thats what it is all about. Look me up on PS3 in COD4 or XBL in some Halo 3 action. I'm a noob so you guys can get some easy kills
Says you  +   2834d ago
You're full of it and you think the
Last paragraph isn't bias well it is and the people that think having both consoles is good are just plain dumb having one console is nothing wrong and if a person only wants one console then they only want that just because having one console makes you a fanboy get a life all of you!.

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