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I'm young, and don't enjoy playing video games that much.

(Note: I posted this on AP Forums under the name ShinigamiKing, so don't think I'm a troll.)

I'm young, yet I don't enjoy playing video games that much.

Whether it's God of War, Uncharted, Final Fantasy, DBZ/Naruto games, NFL Street, Madden, or Angry Birds, I don't seem to truly enjoy playing video games, at least not the way others do. I like going on forums like NeoGaf and seeing discussions about the industry, or seeing collection threads of N64, PS1, and Sega Saturn consoles and games. I wish to create a console that I've already drawn and designed, along with games to. I'm a teenager (14). Yet whenever I play games, I don't get a REAL sense of enjoyment for some reason.

For instance, I finished God of War. I Might start GoW 2 soon. As I finished the game, or even played it, I enjoyed it. Same with Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VIII. I enjoyed them, yet I can't say I liked it a lot for some reason, even I though I enjoyed them while playing. I don't know whether or not "they feel like actual games" to me, or because they're single player games, but something bland. I played NFL street with my bro, and it was a fun, competitive experience, but something felt missing.

There's always one thing missing. Like something always feels missing either when playing, or after I finish a game. Maybe I should play more? I have some emulators that plays N64 games (like Zelda OoT, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64,), and PS1 games (Final Fantasy VIII, Chrono Cross, Madden NFL 2000, Gran Turismo, etc.), along with SNES games (Super Mario World, Final Fantasy VI, Gradius III, Chrono Trigger, etc.). The emulators work good enough. I haven't finished any of the games aside from Final Fantasy VIII. There are times where I'm struggling a lot, and I get frustrated and leave (Chrono Cross).

I don't want every game to have a super complex story with majority of the game being attacking other people. I like to have that, but not all the time. I guess what I want are games that don't feel like time wasters, but at the same time, not always having to have the goal of attacking enemies and listening to cutscenes all the time. (I play mobile games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, and other ones like Basketball Shoot. They don't necessarilly feel like time wasters, especially CCS and AB, but I don't get a sense of completeness or fullness sometimes.)

Maybe its just me watching to much previews of things and then having it feel stale when I finally get to play it (because I wasn't as rich as the rest of the kids in my class, and by the time my family had good money, we had good internet first, before getting video games. So I always saw previews and gameplay of games I wanted to buy a lot before I bough them.). For what it's worth, I do have some form of depression (I take Prozac, though I don't know if works that much or if I do need it or not.) But I don't know if that's exactly it.

Again, I like looking at the consoles, mods, game collections, I like talking about and/or learning about the industry and its flaws, etc. But when I play, it's not the same. Is it taste, or what? Should I play Nintendo consoles? Or am I the type that would enjoy games with accessories (light guns for shooting games, racing wheels for racing games, headsets, Kinect, motion control, etc.)?

Please help.

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Pintheshadows1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Maybe chap, it just isn't destined to be your passion like it is for other people (myself included).

For example, my best friend has both a 360 and a PS3. On his 360 he has L4D and Forza. On his PS3 the Uncharted series, TLOU, and God of War 3 plus a few others. However he can't just sit around playing games all day. He likes them sure, but he doesn't love them.

He isn't like me. I can play for hours and hours on end without even getting in the slightest bit bored. The fact is he would much rather play his guitar all day. That is his passion. I can't blame him for that, everyone is different afterall.

I guess what I am saying is not everyone is going to love the same thing so do not worry. You may discover something out of the blue that you do love and games will become a distraction, nothing more. Don't try and force yourself to like them.

I do believe however that there will be a game once in a while that you will adore, but you won't find that feeling with every game you play.

I'd suggest experimenting. Take a risk perhaps with something you have never tried before. Remember as well, you are still young although by your age all I did was game. I refused to go outside.

Have you tried anything like Skyrim? You talk about not wanting to be attacked all the time. Well Skyrim really lets you do what you want to do. Admire the scenery and explore. Hit people with swords. Chat to the inhabitants of the world. Go do a quest. Maybe you want something a little more than what you have played. Maybe you need something more immersive.

Also, Kudos for mentioning the Saturn. I still have mine. Steep Slope Sliders all the way.

StrawHatPatriot1586d ago

Thanks. It's just that, again, I like talking about the industry. I like seeing the hardware, the accessories, the gamess. But when I play them, I don't get the same enjoyment. I mean, I can spend hours upon hours playing Triple Triad on Final Fantasy VIII, but other than that, nothing else.

I will play open world games like Skyrim at some point.

SegaSaturn6691586d ago

I would advise you to take up a hobby like wood carving or skiing maybe, don't bother having anything to do with video games if you aren't passionate about them.

StrawHatPatriot1586d ago


It's not like I intentionally try to not be passionate about games.

Cam9771585d ago

Please try Dark Souls, I beg you.
The difficulty is addicting, the soundtrack is incredible and the level design is fantastic. It ticks all the boxes, play it, please.

ravinash1585d ago

If you enjoy the hardware and tech, maybe try something like the Raspberry pi.
It's a good why of learning how computers work and coding. Get a few books on the subject and just try playing with it. It may open a whole new bunch of opportunities as well as enjoyment.

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Kryptix1586d ago

Here's what I understand. It looks like you enjoy social interaction if you like seeing discussions and going in forums and reading people's thoughts. And playing with someone else made games fun. And from the looks of it, you also get bored quick jumping from game to game. You're also looking for something that hooks you in. Trust me, I got the same problem, too many games to play, hard to get hooked to just one. If you got a good PC, I suggest trying an MMORPG. Starting with a free-to-play MMO, give it a few days then upgrade to a high quality MMO like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 if you got the money. I think you find playing with people a lot of fun with a mix of that single player experience to fill in that "missing something." Plus MMORPGs can be played at any pace you want, you can also talk to players in the world, share thoughts. Even do quests alone or with other people, collect items, explore, do many things. If you want a good free to play MMORPG, I think Perfect World would be great since it's similar to World of Warcraft. But you can Google search, "Top free MMOs" and use Youtube to decide what you find interesting to play. If MMOs aren't your thing, try online competive or co op games on consoles.

StrawHatPatriot1586d ago

Thanks for the advice.

I might get into online co-op games more to see if that makes a difference.

Donnieboi1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I think I know where your coming from. The moment that you said that u enjoy the discussions and even making your own idea's, shows me that you are very creative. Your idea's probably transcend what most people today have conformed to. You probably have an idea as to the types of things that you feel are missing in games today. I have felt the same way. Ask anyone on n4g who I am friends with and actually share my PSN with, and they will tell u that I have a TON of games for it (plus a vast collection of older, vintage games), and yet I find very little enjoyment in playing many of them (the current-gen games, that is). Many of my friends will rarely ever see my online gaming. And no, it's not that I don't love games--it's just that I feel like something is missing in them too.

To be honest, I don't exactly find much joy in playing GoW, Uncharted (even though I liked UC2, I never cared to replay it again), and a few other popular games. But it's the actual INDUSTRY that I love most. I still love games, it's just that I find that maybe I'm not interested in the trends it's taken (such as heavy emphasis on Western shooters). But I still find joy in Japanese games and a handful of competitve multiplayer games.

continued below...

Donnieboi1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )


Bottom line, what I'm saying is that maybe:

For one, your creative IQ makes it hard for you to just play games without having a venue to share your own creative input on what you did or didn't like about those games. I think that creative people need to vent their own idea's sometimes, so perhaps an open forum (such as n4g) for you to discuss what you didn't like (or what u think could improve) a game is just what you need to reinvigorate your interest. Because it's no fun pretending to like a game just because everyone else likes it. If you honestly think u could do better, than maybe u really can. Perhaps a career in the gaming field is in your future?

Second: consider looking into niche games and games from other regions of the world. For example, I felt a renewed hope for the industry ever since Sony started putting major emphasis on Indies. Indies come up with some incredibly unique concepts, and are challenged to think outside of the box due to their limited budgets. Also, there are some unique genre's that have crept into the West that come from all over the world. Such as Papa & Yo which comes from South America, Catherine & Persona series which are from Japan, unique games like Animal Crossing, etc. I think unique games like that will help to turn the wheels in your head and get the creative juices flowing. As it's important for us creative types to experience new types of things. or else we get bored with conformity and simplicity of what's handed to us.

StrawHatPatriot1586d ago

As I read your post, I smiled, thinking "this dude is smart, it's like he's met me before".

I am creative. I plan to work in television and create shows; I wanna create a all-in-one box similar to the XBOX One (minus the anti-consumer policies), etc.

Thanks a lot for the advice. I'm gonna start branching out. Playing indies, niche titles, playing games with accessories, trying online co-op games more, etc.

wishingW3L1585d ago

dude, don't recommend MMOs to a 14 years old kid! Do you want to turn him into an addict? XD

gaelic_laoch1586d ago

I reckon people with an addictive personality would find it easier to get hooked on games alot easier than those whom have not! I would classify myself as having an addictive personality but I would channel it into games rather than more destructive outlets!

Some people just get a stronger sense of reward from playing video games than others!

e-p-ayeaH1585d ago

Just play mario or zelda those games just highlight what´s trully fun about playing a videogame.

StrawHatPatriot1584d ago

That's part of why I want to get a Nintendo 3DS (Zelda OoT 3D, Mario 3D Land, backwards compatible with Mario 64 DS, and other fun games, etc.)

DestinyHeroDoomlord1584d ago

I don't remember doing anything but playing games all day... goodluck try dark souls haha

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