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New Wii U commercial shows problem with Wii U marketing as a whole

If you've seen the commercial Nintendo ( released on November 1st, chances are, you might think it's better than the UK ad. Chances are you might think it's good. Chances are, you think it's a good commercial with bad music, and chances are, you think it's an all around bad commercial.

A major problem with the ad is that it makes the Wii U look like a tablet controller for the Wii that parents will buy for their kids. Nintendo is aiming for the hardcore, right? Well you don't make PS3 and 360 users feel like getting one with those ads. The commercial shows boxes, styled like rooms, with people - usually families - with kids and parents playing one of the three games: Nintendo Land, Lego City, and New Super Mario Bros. U. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying those are bad choices for games, but when you pair them with the people playing, it doesn't seem good. Here's where it gets worse. Watch the video, they show a girl singing karaoke style with the Tablet - erm uh I mean Wii U Gamepad, singing with a mic in front of some dancing people. They also show a couple, with a girl on her tablet - UGH I mean Gamepad again using the Nintendo TVii app to view movies, shows, etc. WHY are you showing this? Let me just explain everything.

The Wii U isn't a good name for a successor. It isn't. When people watch the commercial, all they'll see is the Wii paired with a tablet. The Wii name is paired with the "bowling/golf/tennis system" that everybody but. Wii U pretty much implies a tablet.

They're making as if.. as if.. like this. You can now play all your favorite hardcore triple a titles that you loved on the 360, with the Wii U tablet. That's a problem. They're not really showing off their games that much, they're making it feel TOO much like a gimmick, instead of a NEW WAY TO PLAY GAMES. They should push the Dual screen gaming factor of it. Which leads to another problem. The Nintendo 3DS. The Wii U gamepad, the 3ds, the tablet, the 3ds. That, kinda, I don't know, seems weird I guess, a bit. Too have both at the same time seems, uh, yeah, weird. They don't fit well having them at the same time. I know you can't use the Wii U as handheld anywhere you go, but still. It's why the original Wii (wii u, wii, wii u wii wii u) didn't use it, (according to Nintendo) because Nintendo knew it might interfere with their relatively young and new handheld at the time, the original Nintendo DS.

The commercials aren't showing what they do with hardcore gaming. I would've preferred they showed off games - like Zombi U - with the gamepad without making it as if you're using a tablet by sliding your finger along and all that stuff. It makes it look like a tablet that you can connect to your TV. It makes it look like an entertainment system that a family would use to play games with the family and cousins every get-to-together during the holidays. Something that a dad and his 8 year-old child would play with once in a while. Something a family of four would use during family game night - which shouldn't be a problem. Because personally, I think it's alright to have that as a selling point on your console. But when you make it so that PlayStation/Xbox gamers won't jump ship, and that 12 year-old tweens who play Call of Duty all day will immediately think it's some dumb kiddy device, that isn't really good, and it's hurting their PR. It's been hurting their PR for a while.

You know, it's disappointing almost. This console itself is more powerful than any console on the market. Yes, it IS Next Gen. It's controller can be really useful for many games(such as an RPG battle menu/screen), it can add extra depth to many games for both hardcore, casuals, or regular fun games(using a Wiimote as a golf stick and the GamePad to emulate a sandy surface where the ball is to swing), it can be convenient for many situations (playing games without the need of a TV, doubling as a tablet,), etc. Despite all the issues I mentioned above this paragraph, it's amazing how different this thing would be. Nintendo could have marketed it as a hardcore system, and they would still get casuals because they see, Wii, and tablet. They would also get hardcore gamers involved, because, well, they could market towards them. I'm disappointed.

A bit of an over exaggeration to something kind of minuscule. Of course, it is the first of their marketing campaign. So nothing to worry about. They can still make up. I just thought that the commercial seems to be like a representation of all the problems.

You can use this for the Wii, right?

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Cam9772025d ago

I agree with this blog, they've taken the wrong approach towards advertising and the name implies it is simply some type of addition for the Wii. A good read, thanks.

ZoyosJD2024d ago

The European commercial got the point across better.

This commercial isn't for the hardcore. The hardcore are either going to buy it early because they know the nintendo exclusives games are coming at some point or buy it when they get there.

It's the casual crowd that needs this prodding and this is the kind of thing that will catch their interest at least until the price catches them off guard.

For those casuals that wanted a Wii HD, they got it and then some, and I'm sure they'll be willing to pick one up since the other next gen consoles won't even even be official until at least next years E3.

SilentNegotiator2023d ago

"The European commercial got the point across better"

Not really. Even if this ad more vaguely defines it as a new console, it did a better job at differentiating the Wii U from its predecessor. The EU ad showed off mostly things that work better and/or easier and/or more fun using a Wiimote, such as aiming and throwing ninja stars.

This ad showed off WAY more ideas/uses that separates it. And that's more important than knowing it's a new system, because you actually need people interested to explore to find that info out.

StrawHatPatriot2020d ago

To be honest, the Wii U European ad's ONLY problem is that they made it look TOO much like a gimmick (sphew sphew sphew). It got the point across better IMO.

dedicatedtogamers2024d ago

Nintendo's problem is that they think the "casual" crowd that bought the Wii for Wii Sports, Wii Fit, etc is stupid. However, they are not. Casuals (most, at least), aren't stupid. They're actually really picky. Case in point: Wii Music. It BOMBED, but Nintendo thought the casuals would eat it up. They didn't.

So, Nintendo thinks if they add "Wii" to their new console's name, it will make the casuals eat it up. But they won't. Until they begin seeing games that made the Wii popular, they won't buy it at all (remember that the Wii was priced to move @ $250, whereas WiiU is $100 more).

I think Nintendo is taking the wrong approach with the WiiU. They're trying to do too much and they're looking very haphazard and unfocused. It's OKAY for there to be different consoles. They WiiU does NOT have to be a "do everything" console.

JokerFock2023d ago

nintendo should make another wii u ad. and it's about wii u and hardcore games!

2022d ago