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How Sony themselves 'Lost' E3.

E3 2010 took place a week back and all 3 companies had their shows up. Personally I don't believe anyone 'wins' or 'loses' at E3 since a company just comes out with it's announcements and future products, but with that said our good ol media always pins up X won Y lost so in those context here are my views at E3.... Oh and sorry for this late article, was on a vacation.

Now to start of, I am gonna be frank with you, IMO Nintendo had the strongest presentation... So many game and lets face it 3DS just took away any chance PSP had of cutting into the handheld market. They showed the most games, the best hardware and held a conference which more than covered up for the past 2 E3 blunder.

On the other hand, IMO MS had the worst showing yet (pulls up riot shield). Call me a fanboy, droid or whatever, but even MS loyalist couldn't stand besides MSes E3 offering. It's like they forgot their 40 million core crowd and focused on Nintendo's 70 million. Kinect to me is nothing more than a hyped Eyetoy 2.0, it's still buggy, still laggy and God only knows how they will implement a hardcore title with it. For me who cares less about any Casual title, it was a huge disappointment especially after what it was hyped to be. The only future prospect I see with Kinect is the UI and thats it for me... The Slim was a good announcement and I will finally upgrade my Elite to a Slim come July, but still no game announcement besides Gears and Halo was really disappointing. Even the media bribed with Free 360s couldn't save them.

This brings us to the last and final company... SONY. Sony's E3 was weird. It was better than MS for sure with BAM moments like Portal 2 and TM, but it also was really slow for the 1st hour.

I call it weird since Sony in fact had the most games showed for their home console compared to the other 2. After watching E3, I was like WTF only TM!!!! But after sitting and counting all the exclusives Sony showed, I am just shocked that they leaked so much prior to E3... I mean here is the games I can count at my finger tips...

Infamous 2
Motostorm 3
Twisted Metal
And many Move Titles.

Now just imagine if Sony had not showed all it's cards before E3. KZ3 would have been a bomb, so would have been LBP2 and Infamous 2. This would have really given Sony alot of as they say 'Brownie points' at E3. Granted it doesn't matter since we get the game in the end and that is all it counts, but nowadays, people blatantly disregard any game announcement that came before a major event... Infamous 2 and KZ3 are the prime example.

When IF2,LBP2 and KZ3 were shown, people were just clapping and were occasionally blown away (by KZ3 in 3D), but it had lost the WOW factor by then. At the same time TM announcement had people cheering, shouting Jaffe's name. You could literally feel the enthusiasm in their scream when they first saw the footage. Now I am not putting TM down, but what I saw of KZ3 or Infamous 2 was as impressive if not more than TM..... Forget those 2, LBP2 was the 1 that actually BLEW me away the most and it probably will be 2010 GOTY, but people seemed like it didn't matter. I am damn sure people would have been tagging Sony with a victory badge if Sony would have kept it's cards to themselves.

I know the 'we want more time and exposure for our games' statement, but come on, there is no way KZ3 wouldn't have gotten hype or LBP2 wouldn't have had enough articles highlighting why it's a true sequel. I personally have a feeling that Sony tried to clear the log before E3 mainly to garner hype. Lets face it, Natal was the talk of the town before E3 and Sony might have been insecure that Natal was getting so much hype before E3 and so just slipped in a few games to pull the spot light from Natal.

After the curtains dropped at E3, my immediate reaction was OK that was good.. Not great but good especially after MSes debacle the previous day. But now that I think of it, if a month back I were given a paper by Sony and were asked which games do I want at E3, the above list would exactly be the same (except for maybe Resistance 3 added). In short Sony themselves 'LOST' their chance of 'WINNING' E3 by leaking stuff before hand. In the end Sony WON, but poor marketing strategy stopped the media from recognizing that they 'WON'.

As I said as a gamer, it doesn't matter since in the end it's the games that talk, but it still feels bad that they could have easily garnered so much more by just keeping stuff to themselves. Hopefully things don't leak out next time.... (Ah who am I kidding... It's Sony.... sigh).

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