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Black Ops 2 scorestreak system is a bad idea

Treyarch and Activision are trying to sell fans that Black Ops 2 is the biggest change since Call of Duty 4, and it may be, but that is not saying much, so don't be fooled by the play on the words. As a fan, I'd rather hear.."This is the best game since Call of Duty 4" but I doubt we'll hear that.

Change is only good when you're changing for the better. After doing some dissecting with Black ops 2, it looks to me the biggest change, "the scorestreak system" is going to be a bad idea.

Treyarch's intentions on this new system is that it rewards players for doing all score-related things instead of just slaying.

Why this is bad in my eyes is because it mixes these scorestreaks with every score-related thing in the game. So now the game becomes more focused on scorestreaks than ever before. People won't play the objective based games for the sake of winning, they'll be thinking about their scorestreaks because it is intertwined with all objectives. So in actuality the whole idea of rewarding the objective playing players is hypocritical because all it does is pave an easier path for slaying to get scorestreaks because no matter what, killing is always the main objective in a shooter. These players are not all the sudden going to hop on objectives, in fact they'll play it more safe now because objectives are more valuable than ever to cap. It backfires.

Another thing is AI killstreaks rewarding players with score points. If I call in a UAV I get score points for every kill my teammate gets. Great, I'll just sit back and rack up the points for my next reward. If my teammate cock blocks my UAV with his UAV, I'll rage like a 14 yr old on the mic. Like we need more of that.

Now what you will get in return is a slow and stagnant game because everyone is going to play with caution around the thought of these stupid scorestreaks, especially in objective-based modes. These developers need to take away, not keep giving.

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XB1_PS42034d ago

They'll play it safe. You're right, which makes the people on your team need to work together to get to the objective quicker. We'll just have to see how it works out, you never know how it'll actually pan out.

Robochobo2034d ago

This seems like a good argument, but I wonder if Treyarch has thought of this and is working to balance it out. It could be possible if you call out a UAV and everyone is wearing Ghost/Assassin, you might possibly get no points whatsoever since your UAV hasn't benefited anyone at all. Of course my argument is speculation, and I guess we'll both see in a few months.

Straightupbeastly2034d ago

Would you agree that since objectives are so valuable to your scorestreaking (some are 3x as much as a kill) that players will play the objective safely in hopes to get that big scorestreak boost instead of playing it correctly for the sake of winning?

coolbeans2034d ago

Given that playing it "safely" around objectives for a scorestreak boost could invariably improve the team's chances of winning that match, where's the problem?

grayfoxx8812016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Yeah, I don't see where the problem is. People that ignore the objective and just pad their kd ratio should stick with tdm. If objectives are worth more points than kills, some players will cap objectives to get to their higher killstreaks. Who cares WHY they are doing it, regardless, they are still helping out their team. This strategy is designed to get more players involved in capping objectives. Players won't be able to reach their higher killstreaks without trying to go for the objectives, so we won't see players go 40-0 with no captures in Domination.

2017d ago