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More Wii U words

So, there are lots of things wrong with the Wii U. Marketing has been confusing, the games have come slowly, third party support is gone, the asking price is too high and the tech is too old. Nintendo doesn't have a problem that people need to insightfully boil things down to; they have a large, unlabeled umbrella full of issues collected like so many undesirable Pokemon.

That's the lens the rest of this article and the points I make needs to be viewed though. No one thing being fixed will do all the work.

So, now that that's out of the way, I wanna talk about "wow" factor and how Nintendo doesn't have any of it.

The way I see it there are 3 kinds of positive reactions to seeing a new game.

Reaction #1: High Excitement - or, the Halo effect.

Everyone who saw Mario 64 for the first time thought the same thing, "I want this. Now." We didn't weigh how much we REALLY wanted an N64, how expensive it might be, or how many other things we could buy instead. We needed Mario 64. Plain and simple.

Amazing exclusives can do that. They can make it so you don't care that you already have two other (expensive and current) game consoles. You need to play Halo and it will be worth it. So you save and do without and you get your new system, even if only to play this one perfect game.

This is the best excitement you can have in the whole hobby; the kind that promises you'll remember why you started playing in the first place.

Reaction #2: Medium Excitement - or, the games that end up on my best of list for the year.

If games like Super Mario Bros. and Grand Theft Auto III are the reasons you play in the first place than these games are the reasons you don't stop in between. These are great games and for some people they may even encourage the same level of excitement that the very best do.

Mostly though, you might agonize over it from time to time, you'll be a little envious of your friends who play them, but you won't buy a new system to do it yourself. Maybe one day, when the price goes down on the machine, then you'll get them. But until then you'll play something else.

Reaction #3: Low Excitement - or, I hear it's good but...ehhh.

This is the ugly one. These games are from a series you generally like or from a development studio that usually comes through. These games may even get good review scores but you can't help but feel tired just looking at them. You might even swear you played them already. You know that you'll probably pick them up. Someday, sure, but definitely not at full price and definitely not while you have so many responsibilities and other games you're excited to play.

And that brings me to Nintendo. All of the games they have made for the Wii U, fall into the second and third categories. Games that people will play if they have already picked up a Wii U or may play someday when it costs 100 bucks to get one.

This is what the general populace thinks when they are shown why they need to get a Wii U:

- New Super Mario Bros: U "Didn't I just play that?...and did I just spend 400 bucks to play a DS game on my big screen HD TV?

- Wind Waker HD: "Isn't it a game I played years ago?."

- Mario 3D World: "May be great but, at first glance, it's every Mario I've already played since Mario 64 . And the Cat suit? Nice try Nintendo but I'm pretty sure he had that already..."

- Donkey Kong: "It's an HD version of a game that could be done on the 3DS."

- Mario Kart 8: "My friend with the Wii U says it's awesome but I definitely played 7 like, a year ago."

- Pikmin 3: "What's that? It's a gardening strategy game? Oh ok. Yeah, I'm probably good actually."

Nintendo needs to ask themselves, not what great games can they make, that they will pretty much always do, but what angle (even gimmick) can they use to entice people to them. Pokemon X/Y were really good games but they had a great excitement generator in being 3D. It was a "wow" factor moment for the series and the system. So people bought it and if they needed a 3DS they bought that too.

Fixing one thing won't fix everything but showing off games that make people really excited for a system they don't have will do wonders.

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Petervincent191473d ago

Nintendo produces games of the highest quality. They have nostalgic factor. The system IS low priced now. The games are gorgeous and honestly myself and many others play it more than the next gen systems because right now there aren't many exclusive games that aren't cross gen. With bayonetta 2, SSB, and xenoblade coming and the games of E3 that have yet to be announced by Nintendo, it is without a doubt the system to have for exclusives. Gaming system opinions are subjective. Its all in how you see it and what it means to you. For me, Nintendo brings me back to the simpler fun times of gaming in the 90's and also guarantees superb quality and detail. Mario 3d world and MK8 have proven that. Plus, one of my favorite games Wind Waker was redone in 1080p/60fps. It was free and well worth playing again. While Pikmin 3 isn't the blockbuster that sells the system, its a good game and it was FREE thanks to the MK8 purchase. Wonderful 101 is amazing and was 18 dollars when i bought it. Zombi U is a hardcore survival game. It cost me 13 dollars. I took advantage of these prices while the Wii U struggles. I think the company will rebound this year. Not a significantly large rebound, but enough to ensure a long enough life for the Wii U and a solid user base. I'm not saying to not buy a Xbox one or PS4 but the Wii U is definitely a bargain right now and the games are cheap.

saber231473d ago

Nintendo is a corporation let them handle their own console or get moving like Sega.

KonsoruMasuta1473d ago

"Pikmin 3: "What's that? It's a gardening strategy game? Oh ok. Yeah, I'm probably good actually."

You obviously never played Pikmin 3.....

grayfoxx8811473d ago

I think it's obvious this person hasn't played any of these games, nor does he own a Wiii U. There is absolutely no substance to this "blog".

Spikeantestor1473d ago

Well I'm not sure if you know it but that was exactly what I wanted you to think.

The quotes I used were not real quotes but imagined statements that reflect the general impression the Wii U and its games have on a majority that's out there now, NOT buying the Wii U.

Spikeantestor1473d ago

My attempt was to give the kinds of things a member of the general public feels in regards to the games on the Wii U. These have not been my personal feels. I personally was excited when Pikmin 3 was announced.

The problem is MOST people, which is to say the majority out there in the wild, playing Thier Xbox or PS system or casual gaining on a mobile device, don't care about Pikmin or even know what it is.

KonsoruMasuta1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

You way way off in that aspect. A lot of the general public were excited by games like Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8, as proven by the sales numbers and reviews for those game.

You admitted the quotes were fake, meaning you made it up. Meaning all of it came from your head. You didn't gather data, you didn't ask a fixed number of people and compare answers, and you didn't actually try to find out how the general public feels.

Nope! You reached up into a bullish*t cloud and pull out a bunch of fake quotes.

randomass1711472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Pfft. A dead console that just sold more than a million units for its killer app in a single weekend.

Geekman1464d ago

Can we stop using that picture for these type of articles? Find out how to get Kirby to do it.