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Microsoft Sued Over Halo 3's Consistent Crashes

Information Week is reporting about a lawsuit against Microsoft filed by a San Diego resident, who claims that Halo 3 is a faulty product that frequently crashes when played on the Xbox 360.

In court papers filed this week, Randy Nunez charges that Halo 3 "consistently causes the Xbox 360 to crash, freeze, or lock up while the game is being played."

Along with Microsoft, Nunez also is suing Bungie, which developed Halo 3 along with Microsoft and recently spun off from the software maker. The action was filed in U.S. District Court in Southern California.

Back in September, we reported the “cannot read disk” error that a bunch of Halo 3 players were experiencing. We never received word from Microsoft about the issue and the potential amount of copies that could be affected. Nunez could certainly be one of players that got faulty disks.

Nunez is asking the court to give the suit class action status and is seeking unspecified damages heres the link:

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