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EA makes more money from mobile games than PS3!

US DS-loving types mostly see mobile games as running on underpowered processors with rubbish buttons, and don't give them the time of day. Yet, shockingly, EA is making more money from mobile games than both the PS3 and PSP.

In a recent financial report for the third quarter of this year, figures revealed that EA made $37 million (around £18m) from mobile gaming, beating by a large margin PS3 profits of $17 (£8m) million. Even the equally portable PSP couldn't match up to mobiles, making EA $21 million (£10m) in the same period.

Clearly, the sheer size of the mobile user base has a lot to do with it, but it's surprising nevertheless.

Xbox 360, meanwhile, has no problems, raking in a massive $218 million (£106m) of EA's total $640 million (£311m) profit. PS2 comes in second ($73m, £35m), Wii third ($59m, £29m), and DS fourth ($47m, $23m).

These figures, on the not-so-good side of things, only show a 5.7 percent growth for EA, compared to its fast-growing rivals Gameloft (51 percent) and Glu (34.5 percent), according to Pocket Gamer. here is the link for more information visit this website

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