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Call Of Duty 4 ahead of Halo 3

yesturday afternoon i signed into xbox live and checked my friend list and there where atleast 35 friends online and 24 of them where playing COD4 and only 3 playing Halo 3 i means whats going on could halo 3 not be the best game out there? and could COD4 sell more then H3  we just have to wait and see.

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TrevorPhillips3778d ago

this is true i did see alot of people playin COD4

toughNAME3778d ago

this first few days if was all COD4

but now its slowing down...sure COD4 singleplayer is great

but you cant beat Halo 3 multiplayer

season0073778d ago

didn't people say it was GOTY and 10points straight..
Seriously...this is how hype and fad can a game

okcomputer3778d ago

This is news? Some random guy sees more people on his friends list playing cod4?

DeckUKold3778d ago

i'm not a big fan of fps but call of duty 4 is better than halo 3 in every aspect the weapons the graphx 1080p vs 640p the online 18players vs 16playes i no I'll get disagrees but it's true

Takumi863778d ago

are you seriuous COD4 is way over above way ahead to the stupid 640p

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