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Could Xbox 360 help with Sony's Crossbuy?

There were many reports of Sony's PS Vita and PS3 cross buy announcement at Gamescom this month but there were many more people asking if it would garner any 3rd party support.

Also upon reading that porting to the Vita from Ps3 is a challenge due to differences in hardware, the Vita having more PC based parts as opposed to proprietary hardware of the Ps3.

Could this in fact mean that a third party developer publishing a multiplatform game, port and release a Vita version using their code for the PC based Xbox 360? (keeping in mind they could also use the same Smart Glass features)

If a developer was looking to take advantage of the Cross buy platform. You can bet they'll want to use the option which requires less resources and money.

Would a Third party be able to do this both technically and legally?

How would the major players react?

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