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Features the PlayStation 4/Orbis should have

With the PS4 rumored to be releasing this year, and on the verge of being announced, I thought it would be cool to produce a list of features it should have. Feel free to add/modify, comment, etc...

Backwards Compatibility (PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP/PSV?)
A problem the PS3 has been struggling with, and a problem it looks like the PS4 will be struggling with as well. It was hard for the PS3 to emulate PS2 games because of the radically different architecture between the two, and if the PS4 rumors are true, this looks to be the case again, but I hope not.

PlayStation Groups
A place for friends to get together, post stuff and w/e, sort of like the Wii U’s Mii verse except bigger, not only should there be groups for each game, there could be groups for anything; clans, sports teams, cities, etc…

X-Game Chat
This notorious feature has been begged and pleaded for, for most of this generation and it would be a serious shame if the PS4 didn’t have it, considering the PS Vita does.

Mod Support
One of the major disadvantages of consoles. Mods vastly extend the replayability of games, and keep old games fresh.

Multiple Ways to Play (DS3, Keyboard/Mouse, PS Move, PS Vita)
The nostalgic trite and true controller, familiar to all PlayStation fans, an obvious inclusion to the PS4.

PS Move
Sony’s answer to the motion control craze of the last gen, a viable gaming option, that should be included for all fans
of motion gaming.

Keyboard & Mouse
While the Dual-Shock is familiar and good for many games, there are some games where K/M excel, including this
as a standard, would open the PS4 up to a whole new audience and many previously inaccessible video game genres.

PS Vita
Nintendo has shown the dual-screen experience is no gimmick and that it’s here to stay, Sony’s only logical answer is
PS4 / PS Vita functionality.

OS Update
The XMB is simple and quick, but also old and stale, with both the 360 and Wii U offering superior, modern user interfaces, it’s time for Sony to rethink the PS4 OS. I’d like to see a modified version of PS Vita’s live arena.

PlayStation Arena
Much like the OnLive arena, this would let you watch your friends/others play games.

Cheap Updates (Allow developers to patch their game with little to no cost)
The current cost to patch a game on both the PS3 and 360 is extremely unjust, and is causing indie developers to move towards pc.

Voice Integration (Voice search, Voice Messages, Voice Control)
Voice has been making serious strides these last few years, with Microsoft’s Kinect, Apple’s Siri, and Google Voice, this would be a welcome feature to the PS4.

Improved Browser (Chrome, Firefox?)
The PS3’s browser was acceptable…for 2006, times have changed, and the PS3 browser has not. Where’s HTML5, Java, Flash, Extensions, Tabbed Browsing, and not to mention the speed we’ve come to expect from our desktop browsers.

Day 1 Digital Downloads for all Games
An excellent start, that needs to be continued into the next generation.

Cloud Integration (Stream Demos, Full Games, PC Games?)
With Sony’s purchase of Gaikai this is a no-brainer, I just hope they implement the cloud in all the best ways possible.

Screenshots, Video Capturing, Live Streaming?
Gaming is already huge on the internet, and video sites like YouTube and Twitch are only getting more popular, so why not have built in features which allow user to record videos and upload them to YouTube, or stream live to Twitch? Many gamers would appreciate this, and besides it’s only free advertising.

Sack Persons (Mii/Avatar equivalent)
Wii(U) has Mii’s, Xbox has avatars, how about PlayStation gets sacks? Imagine your own little sack that you could dress up with any of the thousands of sack costumes available on the PlayStation store.

PlayStation Home Revamp
Remember when Home was announced and you were so excited? Then remember how it was a huge letdown, and how you never use it? While PS Home has been improving over the years, and does have lots of free games/ cool things to do now, it’s still not anywhere near the expectations we had when it was announced, and needs a complete overhaul. How about letting us roam around with our Sacks(see above), giving us that trophy case we were promised, letting us launch any game from inside etc…

Separate PSN Accounts for Local Multi-Player
Allow other local players to sign into their PSN accounts as well, and earn trophies.

USB Power while PS4 is off
Allow devices attached to the PS4 via USB to be charged while the PS4 is off.

Automatic updates / online game storage for all
This is a feature all should be able to enjoy, while currently, only people subscribed to PS+ are able to.

We should be able to have multiple programs open at the same time. Imagine playing a game while listening to music, then being able to pause, open a browser and search for help on the part that your stuck. The Vita can do this, and the PS4 needs to be able to as well.

The ability to change your PSN ID
We should be able to change are PSN ID without losing our games/movies/ps+ sub/etc… The 360 has allowed user this privilege forever, although they do charge a ridiculous fee, I say allow users to change their PSN ID once every 6 months to avoid abuse/confusion.

PlayStation Store user reviews
Allow users to post reviews for all the games on the PlayStation store in addition to the already present 5 star system.

PlayStation Greenlight
One of the coolest features in recent memory is Steams Greenlight service, which allows user to vote for which indie games they want to see ‘green lite’ for a release. The PS4 needs this feature.

Gifting PSN Purchases
Another cool feature of steam is the ability to gift purchases for friends. This also needs to be on the PS4

Tracking game time
Yet another cool feature of steam is how it tracks the amount of hours you’ve put into each game, and the amount of hours you’ve spent playing this week. The PS4 needs this.

Circles (grouping friends)
Google improved the standard friends list by adding the ability to add friends to different 'circles', this would also be a welcome feature to the PS4.

Trophy Leaderboard
Yes it’s cool for your friends to see how awesome you are at games, but imagine if the rest of the world was also able to see?

Headset/ Mic bundled with every PS4 model
PlayStation’s online experience is supposed to be social, so why not give everyone a mic so they can talk together online.

Google Checkout/ Paypal Support
Why wouldn’t you want to give people more ways to pay?

Optional game installs (not mandatory)
Some people just want to play.

Sound over USB
The PS4 needs to be able to output sound via USB, the PS3 does not and as a result many gaming headsets can’t work on PS3.

PlayStation Forum/Blog app
Give the users direct access to the forums and news via the blog with their own apps.

Feel free to add your own suggestions as well, let's get a conversation going!

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a08andan1794d ago

Only thing that it certainly won't have of the things you mention is mod-support. Consoles are "closed" systems and the nature of those systems makes it impossible to have such a feature.

All the other features are possible :)

SmokexFFx1794d ago

Yeah, I'm aware of consoles being 'closed', and PC's being 'open', but I think there are steps Sony could take to implement mod support while still staying 'closed', for example, having developers provide official mod-kits with there game like, Unreal Tournament 3, or even to an extent the creation tools of LBP/MNR.

caseh1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Keyboard & Mouse

This one is already supported with the PS3, its up to the devs to add the functionality like they did with Unreal Tournament.

Optional game installs (not mandatory)

Some games absolutely need to install, decompressing up to 50gb on the fly and transferring that into a relatively small storage medium like RAM is asking for trouble.

Headset/ Mic bundled with every PS4 model

I like this suggestion, only thing i'll say against it is it gives every idiot a voice and thats not always a good thing but theres always an option to mute. :)

SmokexFFx1794d ago

I was thinking along the lines of making the K/M standard, allowing them to be used with any game developed for PS4.

I'm not exactly sure of the technology aspect, but with the PS4's increased RAM, and faster Blu-Ray drive, I figured allowing all games to just run off the disk wouldn't be a problem. The reason I even mentioned this, is because it leaves Sony open with the option to release a cheap 4/8/12 GB model again, but this time without the worries of people running into mandatory installs.

I defiantly agree about the mic thing, but in the end I think being able to communicate with all your team-mates/friends, trumps any idiots you may have to listen to until you mute them.

nunley331794d ago

Mods are a feature for the PS3 version of unreal tournament 3 so it's possible but unlikely for most games. You could see more user generated content like in LBP, modnation racers and far cry even with its maps. And the equivalent to 360 avatars & miis are playstation home avatars. I enjoy Home and go on it every day and i'm looking forward to the out of beta true version that PS4 will have. I'm very certain PS4 will use a new OS that takes advantage of many new features and old ps3 ones even but right out of the box and not added on later so everything will run buttery smooth. Another feature i would want is if you could have your default PS Home apt be your optional os skin. You have a tv and virtual ps4 and whatever you do on your ps4 is displayed on that tv for any visitors who are in the apt also.

SmokexFFx1794d ago

I really like your idea about being able boot your console into Home (as the OS). I think if they were to do it right it could be extremely intuitive and revolutionary.

Also, I was thinking about the Home avatars being the Mii/360 Avatar equivalent, but to be honest I don't like them. What the Miis/360 Avatars have going for them is their friendly vibe, sort of an uncanny valley thing, with the Home Avatars being more on the creepy end.