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Take Off The Tinfoil Hats

The paranoid conspiracy theorists are at it again. This time, they've convinced themselves that the Xbox One is some kind of ultra high-tech "spy" device, designed to watch and listen to everything you do and say 24 hours a day. Of course, there's absolutely no evidence to back up these theories, but that's how delusional people think. Unless someone proves them wrong (which they know is impossible because the console is still months away from release), they will maintain their positions. Conspiracy theories by nature do not rely on evidence or facts; they are generally just a way of expressing hatred towards an individual, group, government, or company.

I've seen too many comments lately like:

Kinect - always watching - always listening.

If you don't like MS's stance on used games - fine. There's evidence to support those positions. If you don't like MS's focus on the Xbox One's multimedia capabilities - fine. Again, there's evidence to support those arguments. If anyone has a link to a reputable source that says Kinect will spy on users 24 hours a day, I'd love to see it. But inventing crazy conspiracy theories simply because you prefer a different gaming console is the lowest form of expressing your opinion.

Look at it this way. Cell phones are always on (as most people don't turn them off), they are always connected to a network, and they are designed to transmit what you say. So, are you afraid of you cell phone too? Would you accuse Sprint, AT&T, etc. of spying on you? Or, are your negative feelings about Kinect simply because it's made by a company that competes with the maker of your favorite console?

When you put on the tinfoil hat, you're associating yourself with a lot of crazy people. You're no better than people who think the world is flat, that the moon landings were staged in Hollywood, or that the Holocaust never happened.

Not to mention, you're giving Microsoft WAY too much credit. I have always been an Xbox fan, and even I don't believe that MS could create, and make work on a large scale, the technology required to spy on, and collect information from, tens of millions of people. All for $399 (or so). If that kind of advanced technology was so cheap to mass produce, the CIA would probably buy millions of them to use the technology spy on terrorists and other enemies.

If you really want to believe in the "Kinect will spy on you" conspiracy theory, go right ahead. Enjoy your delusions and say "Hi" to Elvis for me.

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DragonKnight1854d ago

Really? The very real fact that Kinect 2 is mandatory, must be always connected and turned on, and is always listening (all of these requirements were stated by MS execs like Phil Harrison) isn't enough for you? Maybe you should take off those green goggles before telling anyone to "Take Off The Tinfoil Hats."

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CyberCam1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Well SMGP, you can go right ahead and put one of those things in your home, that's your choice.

I would rather be labelled as "paranoid conspiracy theorists" and keep my privacy, than to be dumb enough to open up my home to some corporation that thinks of profit first.

I and ALL my friends are staying as far away from that thing as possible! On Saturday we were in a 30 person chat on my Teamspeak server, and not one person in the group wants an XBone.

Good luck with that and don't forget to smile for the camera!

HammadTheBeast1853d ago

DragonKnight just destroyed him.


Donnieboi1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Also the fact that Microsoft got caught SPYING on people's Skype conversations says alot about this mandatory Kinect and Mic-being-always-on feature.

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harkki861854d ago

Ok but microsoft has ALREADY gotten in trouble for violating privacy several times in the past. They have even gotten in trouble for spying on skype conversations and guess what? the new xbox one uses skype for communication.

you would have to be pretty naive to brush that aside. or at least, you have to admit that these "delusional" people as you put who are worried about it that you are wrong when you say "there's absolutely no evidence to back up these theories".

ShabbaRanks1854d ago

yup you pretty much nailed it lol

harkki861854d ago

why the disagrees?

i mean if some pervert gropes me on a city bus and then later asks me out on a date and promises to be a 'perfect gentleman', i would have to be a complete idiot to go along with it.

that is what is going on here. users of microsoft products have been 'groped' in the past on several occasions and yet here they are trying to tell us that microsoft will be a perfect gentleman when it comes to respecting our privacy

HammadTheBeast1853d ago

Don't get on Japanese trains.

Or the Xbox One "hype" train.

BitbyDeath1854d ago

Good example of why you should do your research before posting a blog.

GotEnder1854d ago

Xbox one will not be listening to my family and I because i will not be buying one. which is a shame because ive always liked the crackdown series.

SilentNegotiator1854d ago

They have all they need in the ToS already, Kinect cannot be disconnected to play, and it listens when the system is turned off.

All that and the selling of personal info by corporations is very big business right now and you've got probable cause for concern.

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