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The Nintendo Wii U Doom and Gloom Needs To Stop.

It all seems so familiar. Feels like yesterday, everyone, the major gaming media sites, bloggers, and even gamers were saying a certain console was doomed to fail, and the company that released that console wouldn't survive this generation.

Flash forward to 2013. That same company has sold over 70 million consoles, has an impressive number of high quality games, and have announced a next generation gaming console that may be released this year. Not bad for a company that was on the ropes right? If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm obviously talking about Sony and the PS3, but now I feel like that same doubt has shifted to another veteran gaming company. Nintendo.

On November 18, 2012, Nintendo released the Wii U in the U.S. with 2 versions available. The basic, and the premium models. The prices were $299 for the basic, and $349 for the premium. I guess since it didn't fly off the shelves like the Wii console, that it's game over for this company and console too, right?

But, this isn't Nintendo's first rodeo. Since 1985 with the NES, till now with the WiiU, Nintendo has taken risk that the other companies haven't. Do people seriously think that Nintendo has survived all these years on luck alone? No. It's because they push innovation and make games that people enjoy.

The Wii U may be off to a slow start, but what about that other console and company that I mentioned earlier? They are still alive and kicking today, like Nintendo will be years from now.

In my opinion, if it wasn't for Nintendo, companies like Sony and Microsoft wouldn't be as successful as they are today. Nintendo took the risk years ago, even when the gaming market crashed, and they're still taking those same risk today.

I have faith in Nintendo to do what they always have done. Continue to push gaming the only way they know how.

They are true pioneers, and took those risk to get us to where we are now. Let's give them the chance to do something that no one else has the gall to do again with the Wii U. All they need is what the other company got when it paid off for them.


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zerocrossing1940d ago

People will never stop declaring "Nintendo is doomed" Nintendo after all, aren't trying to appeal to the same crowd as Sony and MS so that's apparently already reason enough to hate them for some people...

dedicatedtogamers1939d ago

Well, Ninteno WAS on the decline with the N64 and especially the Gamecube. They bounced back with the Wii and DS, but now Nintendo's console market AND - for the first time in their history - their handheld market are both struggling.

I'm not saying Nintendo really is doomed, but they are doing worse than they have in a long time.

zerocrossing1939d ago

Yeah that is true, I don't mind people mentioning that Nintendo aren't doing well and even more so if they truly aren't, but these doom articles and people commenting on them aren't concerned for Nintendo, they are just pointing and laughing because a company they dislike is doing poorly, it's pathetic, juvenile and it needs to stop.

OpenGL1939d ago

The 3DS has sold ~30 million units in roughly 2 years, I don't really think that counts as struggling.

Welshy1939d ago


The PSP sold over 70 million yet people still label that a failure.

People apparently have different definitions of a failure, i base it on the fun factor and the game.

Although the Vita is having a bit of a rough time, i have no regrets whatsoever purchasing one at launch.

SilentNegotiator1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Big sweeping generalities of negative articles ("People are calling it doomed and think Nintendo will end!") won't save the Wii U from a subpar showing, however.

Without numbers, I don't buy that Ps3/others can be compared to a system that's only selling ~130K in its 4th month. I keep hearing "This is just like Ps3!", but I never see numbers proving that the Ps3 ever did that poorly. By all means, prove me wrong.

IN FACT; Ps3's worst showing in a month ever was ~240K (granted VGChartz isn't the most accurate, it's numbers aren't going to be off by 110K, though).

PS3's doom/negative claims are NOT exactly the same as Wii U doom/negative claims. Wii U is NOT playing out the same way at all.

HammadTheBeast1940d ago

There's different things for every console/platform.

Sony/Vita/PS3/PS4 - Doom and gloom a lot of the time.

Nintendo/Wii U - Ridicule and doom lots of the time.

Microsoft/Xbox 360/Kinect - Lol.

PC Gaming - This deserves it's ridicule/hate both ways. Console and PC gamers will always hate each other. I would like to point out though, PC gamers often throw in specs for gaming rigs that cost $2-4000, and only 2-3% of PC gamers have.

ZombieNinjaPanda1939d ago

"Often cost 2-4000 dollars"

You're joking, right? No wonder people think owning a gaming PC is so expensive. People such as yourself are throwing around false information constantly.

TruthbeTold1939d ago

Yeah, I put together my quad core with Radeon 6850 gpu with used parts and spent a little more than $300 on it.

You aren't spending extravagant amounts on a PC gaming rig unless you are buying top of the line or recently top of the line pieces, or unless you don't go shopping for deals. There always people looking to sell pieces they no longer plan to use since they have upgraded, or are about to upgrade.

That being said, I love my PSWii60, and my new Wii U (Very underrated imo). I'll also be getting a PS4, and perhaps a Next Box if they wow me a bit. I just love games damn it...

HammadTheBeast1939d ago

"PC gamers often throw in specs for gaming rigs that cost $2-4000, and only 2-3% of PC gamers have."

Quote me out of context thanks for that. When people are comparing the PS4 to $1000 graphics cards, they distort the image to their advantage. Also, it's true that the PS4 can pull off better graphics than a $500 PC, yet people overlook that, and compare it to other higher end pc's which is irrelevant.

ZombieNinjaPanda1939d ago

People don't compare the Ps4 to 1000 dollar graphics cards because barely anyone owns those. People compare it to 300 dollar cards, which it doesn't outperform it seems.

Not to mention this whole thing was started due to a certain sect of fanboy claiming to be equivalent to PCs. Because somehow you can be equivalent to a system that is constantly changing.

TongkatAli1939d ago

Nintendo made a profit. Sony is better thou, more power in their hardware with really good exclusives. Nintendo can go through a doomed "console" they are worth billion and have a HUGE software attach rate with their exclusives.

If Wii U were to be a fail. Okay it's one fail, then look how many Sega went through and then died : D

stephmhishot1939d ago

I think the main issue for Nintendo as compared to what Sony went through with the PS3 is that Nintendo is still heavily struggling with third party support. Correct me if I'm wrong, but even Madden 25 isn't going to be on the WiiU as of now and EA Sports is always willing to port Madden to anything. Despite losing third party exclusivity, Sony still at least had prevalent third party software on the PS3.

I don't dislike Nintendo in anyway, its always fun to play a Mario or DK game etc, but the question is if even those legendary games can sustain a console anymore. They finished in second by default to the PSX since the Saturn was a miserable failure, then finished third behind the PS2 and XBox. The motion control fad helped the Wii sell the most consoles thus far this generation, but when it comes to home consoles, it's not like Nintendo has been bulletproof since the SNES days.

Sleet1939d ago

I own a WiiU and I can totally understand where all these doom articles are coming from. I bought the console specifically for its first party games but after buying Nintendoland and Mario at launch there have been no new games for it, and no 1st party games even have release dates !

I wouldnt go as far as to say that the WiiU is doomed but it has certainly lost all its momentum.

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