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PSA: Be Very Careful with Who you Choose to Support on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has a very interesting, pleasant premise; let gamers choose to fund the games that they want, allowing developers to create without needing a publisher. However, the idea isn't without its pitfalls. Many projects get cancelled and there is a lack of obligation for developers to follow-through. Luckily, there are steps you can take to increase your odds of backing a true winner.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the idea isn't too ambitious for the developer. Watch out for small and one-man developers that use words like "open world" and "procedurally generating"; these are things that small teams normally lack the resources and man-power to complete. Projects like that aren't likely to get completed within funding (Or in the "Cult: Awakening" case, not making it with SEVEN HUNDRED PERCENT funding).

Once you've established that, understand the developer's history. A developer with the experience is more likely to know their limits and have realistic goals. With experience, a developer is more likely to make a competent product and on-time.

They might be capable of knowing how long a game will take to develop, but what about you? It's a major plus if the developer provides a detailed timeline of when to expect parts of the game to be finished. If they fail to make many of those dates, you could have a strong case to ask for a refund from the not yet bankrupted developer.

Lastly, have an idea where the money is going. A developer should be expected to provide details on where the money is going. You might not want to give money to a developer that's expecting to spend too much on personal expenses or cocaine. It builds confidence in who you are backing to know that they have a professional understanding of what to do with the money.

TL;DR Tips:
*Don't give to small/one-man development teams that use words like "open world" and "procedurally generated" that indicate a project too ambitious for them to handle
*Only give to those with experience developing professional products
*Only give to those that have a very detailed timeline
*Only give to those that have a very detailed breakdown of what the money is for

"If the problems are severe enough that the creator can't fulfill their project, creators need to find a resolution. Steps ***could*** [AKA, no specific obligation as to how to "fix" the situation] include offering refunds, ***detailing exactly how funds were used*** [AKA just saying "LOL, spent it all on rent, sry"], and other actions to satisfy backers."
--Kickstarter FAQ

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SilentNegotiator1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

BTW, here's an article on the cancelled Kickstarter project that inspired this blog:
Just about 700% funding. Basically one guy claiming he will make a game with procedurally generated maps, story, LANGUAGES, etc...

zeal0us1746d ago

Guess that's the downside to Kickstarter. Anyone can jump up there and exploit the system. You never know who you're really donating to.

Number-Nine1746d ago

kick starters can suck it. donate your money to something helpful.

annus1746d ago

Yeah, stuff paying for entertainment. Obviously you donate all your money and don't play games, right? Nothing wrong with giving support to small developers.

Number-Nine1745d ago

if they want to make a game, let them use their own resources. are you getting any profit for helping them fund the project? no.
if they can't afford it, too bad.

lex-10201744d ago

"are you getting any profit for helping them fund the project? no." Obviously not. You don't get any money from GTAV even though everyone who bought GTA4 helped to fund GTAV. You get the game. It's just a different system. Instead of buying the game after it's released and your money being used to fund later projects your money is being used to fund the current game. No you don't any momentary, you get the game.

Cernunnos1746d ago

Definitely something to watch out for. But kickstarter is also great, It's giving us things like Star Citizen, which is my no. 1 most anticipated game right now.

Deadpool6161745d ago

I just looked up Star Citizen. I wish I knew about that game for I could've given them some money. That game is what PC is all about.

rainslacker1745d ago

I think Kickstarter is a great idea. I really don't like the lack of accountability, or the inability to pursue recourse should a project not come to fruition due to abuse or the developer's own incompetence.

These are good points people should look out for. I've yet to fund any kickstarter because, while I know there are good dev teams on there, the abuse, and the amount of money people can get through that abuse, just turns me off. Until Kickstarter has something that allows me to fund with more confidence, I will not open my wallet for them. That Phoenix game though looks really good, and has been hard to put off.

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