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"Rumors" and Blame: The Downplay of Xbox One DRM Criticism

It would be too much to expect for fanboys to not (poorly) play head games with absolutely any criticism that bestows their favorite system, I suppose, but that doesn't mean that it isn't bothersome reading such excuses. Xbox One has become a veritable punching bag over the last few weeks, but it would be a lie to say that it doesn't almost deserve it; Being the first system with console-wide DRM is a sharp sword to swallow. That analogy being that swallowing such a thing could be life threatening, or at least slice your vocal cords and change your life forever, for the worst. And swallow some have, with pitiful attempts at mitigating blame.

Before revving up the blame machine, we saw lots of talk about the Xbox One DRM being merely "rumored." That's interesting, considering that all of the rumors were based on Microsoft comments, such as their own VP. Their VP confirmed 24 hour checks and unnecessary license complications weeks ago, and yet we were told time and time again, "It's just a rumor!" And not just by fanboys; by Microsoft themselves. When the reception was unsurprisingly terrible (unsurprisingly if you have an ounce of brain; gamers hate DRM and console gamers have always loved not having to deal with it), Microsoft pulled back, shouting "Rumors! Falsehoods! We will clarify later!" Only to confirm these self-rectified "rumors" weeks later. Fanboys were happy to oblige in this fantasy and until the other day, some held off another fantasy...

That other fantasy being that the unhappy reception was the cause of people that hated Xbox to begin with. Certainly the loyal fanbases of Microsoft's consoles' competitors didn't help; Especially as Microsoft began putting a lot of time and energy into Kinect, loyalty to the Xbox brand on the interwebs fell apart. With instances such as being more or less lied to about "Fable: The Journey" being on-rails and ultimately getting a mediocre game instead of what Fable fans actually there really need for shock that some people have found disdain for Microsoft in recent years?

Obvious bias aside, it's a joke to pretend that the reception is mostly due to that. Console gamers don't want DRM. Many gamers don't have internet available to them that they can trust to always work for Microsoft's check ins. Many gamers hate the idea that they should justify their purchase every 24 hours. Many gamers don't like the idea of any form of forced connection to a company that participates in PRISM.

PlayStation fans are the main target of blame shifting. Apologists throw around "if" situations where Ps4 has the same DRM and PS4 fans still accept it, constantly. Where were these people when a million Tweets from PlayStation fans begged Sony not to implement DRM? In what world would Playstation fans have accepted DRM? One that would take a load of self-indulging theoretical BS.

It won't end there, either. As E3 approaches, we're told that "15 exclusives" will make up for DRM. The translation being "We'll find another reason to pretend like only Xbox haters take issue with DRM; the next excuse being Halo 5's announcement!"

I suppose we will never stop dealing with the lies and blame shifting, though. If Xbox One thrives (and it will no matter what, Microsoft spending millions to be sure of that), it will likely always have DRM and there will always be fanatics of it there to pretend it's a non-issue. As Microsoft plays publisher to journalist games, it will start to be accepted and fans will build up and turn their noses to any continued criticism. All we can really do is prepare some air sickness bags...God help us.

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zerocrossing1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

The sheer amount of apologist wishing to sugar coat the matter or play spin doctor, is almost as shocking to me as the reveal itself.

Personally, I simply cannot see any positives in regards to the Xbone, to purchase one is the equivalent of throwing away your consumer rights, the whole idea of ownership and possessing an item of value just ceases to exist when said item can no longer be traded or sold on like we have been doing so for countless generations.

Some people are calling this "the future" no, it's just a future MS and many other Publishers desire, it's anti consumer and I refuse to be a part of it.

cyguration1807d ago

I don't think it's apologists. I honestly think shills are out in full force.

Did you see what happened on Reddit and how many accounts got nuked from that shill post?

They're out in spades across any big site where influence and company reputation perception is at stake, and N4G is the breeding ground of core gamers.

WE ARE the viral marketers for the core community and our perception will automatically determine who wins this fall between the PS4 and XB1. It makes sense that MS would want shills shifting perception as much as possible.

This blog perfectly illustrates how the blame shifting has gone from Microsoft to publishers to Sony. It doesn't even make sense why Sony is constantly brought up when they made their statements PERFECTLY clear. I hope they reiterate those policies again just so the shills won't have anymore ammunition.

The real sad part, though, are the gamers who buy into shill-speak and begin to take on an apologists or spin-doctored view where maybe truth and facts are no longer accountable. That's when things get bad.

jessupj1807d ago

"The sheer amount of apologist wishing to sugar coat the matter or play spin doctor, is almost as shocking to me as the reveal itself. "

Very true.

I know I say it a lot, but I literally can not comprehend the blindness and stubbornness of ms fanboys. I don't understand how anyone can defend the xbone. It makes me very sad and scared of the future of gaming.

Tyre1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

It's in our hands, gamers should avoid it like the plague. We have to vote with our wallets. This is the most important moment in the history of gaming and perhaps mankind. This goes well beyond gaming itself. MS is just using the gaming community. We have to stand together and not buy into it. It's the only way to change the future. Don't be fooled by the 'unavoidable' speech. Complete BS and that talk is Anti-Democracy speech. In a Democracy the people determine the future not a few dictators or 'faith'.

dedicatedtogamers1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Awesome blog as usual (you always deliver, man). I agree. It's a huge whirlwind of spinning. Instead of focusing on the Xbox One, y'know, the SOURCE of all this b.s., some people are pointing the finger in every other direction. "Sony is gonna do it too" and "Playstation/Nintendo fanboys are the only people upset about this" and stuff like that. It's unreal.

I'm strangely at peace about the whole thing. Either the Xbox One will bomb and it will send a message to companies that we won't put up with it, or it will be a success and the market will crash. The only result of the Xbox One (and any other DRM-locked, always-online console) is a market crash, plain and simple. (IMO, of course).

Nicaragua1807d ago

A market crash is very unlikely. Whats more likely is that MS will sell shitloads of xbones to people who just dont care about the drm features of the console.

The people complaining are the savvy ones, we are the old guard, the multi generation hardcore fans - but we are also the minority. 10 million xbox kids who buy COD year on year will be buying an xbone with this years installment, and they will not give a crap about its drm.

UnHoly_One1807d ago

I've been playing games since Pong. I owned an Atari 2600, every Nintendo console, every playstation, every Xbox.

I'm not a casual CoD junkie. I have over 200 games in my closet right now just from the current console generation.

I also don't see one single problem with the Xbox One.

I don't get the insanity of all the complaints and all the doomsday talk. It's craziness.

I think you'll be surprised when the XB1 launches and you see just how many millions of people simply don't care, because none of these "limitations" will affect them at all.

Hayabusa 1171807d ago

I agree with dedicatedtogamers in some way. There's a very real possibility that doing this is going to choke the console business. Sure, there will always be die-hard fanboys and casuals that buy into it, but if the majority of core gamers vote against console DRM, well, the core gamers are the ones that are putting money into the industry. The irony is that MS is allegedly going after pirates and "cheap-skates" who have the audacity to buy a game second hand, yet it's the core gamers - who buy games new - that are getting the raw end of the deal. And once again, why aren't MS and publishers chasing retailers for their "cut" of the used game market? Isn't that the ACTUAL problem? I'm sure it'll sell well at launch regardless, but is it really going to be a sustainable system? This isn't the first time publishers have tried to implement DRM on consoles, and it seems to fail every time they do...will this instance be successful because of the platform?

As for Sony, well, they've already said the PS4 will not require a connection to play games, so that means they can't authenticate it through an online system. The only other way is if the disc becomes tied to the physical hardware, which would be disastrous because it means the game becomes tied to only one console only...unless they allow multiple registrations or something, which then wouldn't solve the problem as it means the disc is still usable after the intial registration. I just don't see how Sony could pull it off. My guess is they're being quiet about it now so they can make a big deal about it come E3: so they can take a standard given and hype it into a feature/advantage over the competition. Remember as well that PS Vita is suppose to be an integral part of the PS4's functionality, and the Vita doesn't have DRM...

If they did both do it, I'll probably buy a Wii-U, if only to spite MS and Sony.

Sharing is a part of human nature. I'd rather live in a world of sharing then a world of profit.

BitbyDeath1808d ago

I've noticed some have started lying to themselves (and others) stating the DRM will be left up to publishers. This is obviously not the case as a mandatory online check is required every 24hrs.

dedicatedtogamers1808d ago

Indeed. The 24-hour check in is - and always has been - the #1 issue for people since it was rumored alllll those months ago with the Adam Orth #dealwithit situation. I can understand people putting up with used game restrictions as long as they can go through Gamestop (it still sucks, though). I can understand people putting up with Kinect having to be connected at all times (it still sucks, though), but the 24-hour check in will be absolutely toxic for the Xbox One.

HammadTheBeast1808d ago

MS has openly said that its for the publishers to decide, and they're acting like publishers are twisting their arms.

What they haven't said is that the infrastructure as completely built by them to nickle and dime consumers after the initial sale has been completed.

BitbyDeath1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )


That is not true though, this is DRM

"With Xbox One you can game offline for up to 24 hours on your primary console, or one hour if you are logged on to a separate console accessing your library. Offline gaming is not possible after these prescribed times until you re-establish a connection, but you can still watch live TV and enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies."

Publishers get no say in that.

sashimi1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Damn that statement makes things seem so bad, M$ make it sound like they're doing us a favor by allowing us to watch the tv/blu-ray/dvd movies that we already paid for that does not absolutely require that Xdoa.

Man every single statement made by M$ is a freakin PR spin to make it seem as positive as possible

Hayabusa 1171807d ago

That's the other major thing that get's me: I can only play for one hour if I'm on a console the game wasn't originally registered on and the connection goes down...why? What's the reasoning behind this restriction exactly?

So hang on, what happens when my console breaks, and I have to replace it with a new mean I get second-hand priviledges because I'm using MY gamertag on a brand new second console I've just brought?

Have Microsoft actually THOUGHT this through yet?

Software_Lover1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

.......... I typed a long drawn out response, but it served no purpose so I just deleted it.

The fact of the matter is, other than the whole used game thing (fee, no fee, family members, etc) Microsoft is doing the same things that have made Google and Apple so popular. Spying on people. You guys, myself included, have allowed this. People praised the Patriot Act, but now are acting like its brand new legislature to them when it turns out the government is doing exactly what they said they were gonna do. Spy on you.

Apple has turned into one of if not the biggest tech company in the world by having a closed system with TOS contracts that are laughable, pimping out the copyright system, Spying on people.

Google has turned into the #1 cloud based company by Spying on you. Gmail, the Android operating system that everyone loves, google docs, Their app store, google voice, now google+, etc. But you people cant live without the latest and greatest phone with your widgets and bigger screen. You have to use Google Maps because Microsoft is evil and google rules!!!!! Frying pan to the fire.

At this point in time, I will not be purchasing the XBone, but people really need to stop acting like if the shoe was on the other foot, Sony or Nintendo, they would not be trying to defend their chosen console maker. They would try to find loop holes in every argument to gain the upper hand. There are those of us who see the faults in the XBone that prefer the 360 also. But we, can also see some of the good things, which are very few at this point.

Although there is no such thing as an unbiased opinion, we are all biased in some way, some of us on N4G come very close to being unbiased but we still are. I currently prefer the 360 to my ps3, but I can see the faults of both. I have owned every console since the Atari, with the exception of the Jaguar and one thing I have seen over the years is this.......

People don't need the internet to decide what they want or do not want to buy. If it does not work for consumers, it will die. There are many consoles in the console graveyard that couldn't fool the consumers. They looked good, sounded good, but died a very, very quick death. I'm always saying the internet has killed and is sucking the fun out of gaming, but it can also be used for good. Unless Microsoft does something it could be the Jaguar, Virtual Boy, Dreamcast(rip) all over again.

I wish them the best.

Let me say this: My decision, at this point, to not buy the xbox one is not based on the Kinect always on thing. I like Kinect and I know how to turn it off or put it in a corner. Its not based on the 24hr check in. My internet has only been off for an extended period of time once since I bought my house 8 years ago. Its not based on the fee or no fee for borrowing/trading games. I've learned to not trade games in anymore for the most part. Those things are an issue still IMHO. It's just that I'm not interested in consoles right now. PS4 included. My PC sucks up all my time.

Believe it or not, this is shorter than my original response.

BillytheBarbarian1807d ago

Yeah man, I agree. I have to wait and see for the most part. But DRM is all over XBLA. It's not necessarily a new idea.

Hayabusa 1171807d ago

"but people really need to stop acting like if the shoe was on the other foot, Sony or Nintendo, they would not be trying to defend their chosen console maker. They would try to find loop holes in every argument to gain the upper hand"

Nope, nope, nope. I've rooted for Microsoft since the announcement of the first Xbox and I love my 360. I even riped into the PS3 and Wii when they were launching. call me a fanboy then. But I am not defending MS. I won't be buying a Xbone and I do not support the direction Microsoft is taking with it. A lot of my friends and family feel exactly the same, we're jumping ship. I am of course speaking for myself, not all XBox fans. At this point, if Sony come out with the a similar thing, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Sony fans also get pissed off.

StockpileTom1807d ago

I have always felt that people's willingness to put up with getting nickle and dimed by MS last gen would come back to haunt them. They have sent the message with their wallets that they don't care (be that message true or not).

There are also the many people out there who don't even know about PRISM... I seriously worry what the uninformed people will do... will they blindly buy the system without knowing the DRM or anything else?

SonyPS41807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

They'll just say "Well I have nothing to hide so what's the problem?" there really isn't a thing you can do with these kind of people. We're living in the golden age of apathy and gamers are simply apathetic of the fact video games are changing for the worse. Unfortunately these apathetic gamers make up the majority. Majority rules, things change and evolve around majority and majority simply don't care.

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