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PS3 Nudging Ahead of 360 DOES Matter

SilentNegotiator | 1124d ago
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It isn't about the console wars. Playstation 3 pulling itself ahead of the Xbox 360 in sales means more than throwing wadded up sales charts at each other (though the Playstation fans have handled the lead in the HD console race with a lot more maturity). The importance behind this event is the implied principles.

While the report is technically unofficial, the Ps3 and 360 have been neck and neck for a long time. The Ps3 released an entire year later than the Xbox 360 (and a year and a half in parts of the EU). The Xbox 360 had an exponentially worse failure rate than it's 7th gen counterpart (and while many were fixed with warranty, they were not completely replaced with something more reliable, leaving several consoles with a similar chance to eventually die post-warranty), to the point that the ps3 may very well have more working consoles out there anyway. Even if the report is wrong and the ps3 is still climbing a few 100K, does it matter if more people are enjoying working Ps3s?

Thus, even if they're perfectly even or off by a little yet, the fact remains; the Ps3 sold as much as it did and in LESS time.

So what are these principles? While the ps3 couldn't reach lofty sales of a system that sold to retirement homes, families, and other groups that made for a Wii with a smaller attach rate, it appears to still be king to the core gamers.

A system that has provided more true exclusive games, an open HDD format, free online play, took a risk with a big disc format, took a risk with unique hardware, etc.....managed to do that well with less advertisement, a higher price, media that clearly gave it more flak, etc.

A system that did all those things can still be popular with so many things working against it. THAT is why it matters.

SilentNegotiator  +   1124d ago
And while ideas like exclusive games, free online, etc may not be important to everyone, I think I speak on behalf of Playstation fans that a lot of people do!
MrGamerBlog  +   1124d ago
im no fanboy since i own all consoles, but when the x360 had more sales they used to bash the PS3, now that the ps3 has taken over everyones trying to act as if nothing matter , its like saying player 2 just got the lead in mariokart so player 1 just quits the game , all i can say is that well done to Playstation and Sony, they have delivered many increadible exclusives this generation and i cant wait to see what next gen will have to offer
iamnsuperman  +   1124d ago
I agree. The only way it really matter is to how well Sony has done despite bad press about being last. In theory it shouldn't matter at all but since the PS3 has always been called a failure by gaming "journalists" and how the PS3 will never over take the 360 it now does matter.
miyamoto  +   1123d ago
An over all World Champion is different from just a US Champion.
It freaking matters because of all the negativity the gaming media put on a Japanese company like Sony and one tiny bit of positive news is like a light in the darkness.

This news does not go well with Xbox's reputation to the already irate M$ stockholders who were against the Xbox in the first place. Losing two generations back to back to Sony PlayStation is not pretty in the eyes of anybody, including me.

Xbox thriving only in the US tells enough and so much information about how non-Americans react to Microsoft. Many gamers do not like games that shows Americans shooting people. That is M$ weakness and PS3's strength.
The PlayStation brand has universal appeal unlike the Xbox. And every one knows how M$ has stuffed millions in just about every media publication, including NPD, in America just to make them spew favorable numbers. Deep pockets does not mean trust & loyalty to many people. Japan & Asia for example.

Everyone thought M$ money machine will dethrone PS2 back in the day.
Plus Sony has a tried and true reputation of long hardware life spans. PS2 sold 25 million units deep into this 7th generation. Same with the PSP still selling 8 years after. The PS3 is at $250 and is more likely to sell more than the PS2 did at $200 price point more so at $150 and at $100. So PS3 reaching 100 million mark is not far fetched.

Micro$uck is destroying the video games industry from with in!

We have seen how Microsoft handled the Xbox and how the Japanese handled the PlayStation.

look at what they did to Japan. They have destroyed the Japanese development companies' reputation at ability to stay true to themselves by bribery.

Success is not all about sales figures. PlayStation has successfully planted so many new IP and games to the industry while M$ rely on only on what is popular games made by other studios and steal its market share. They have never shown any interest in nurturing the industry with their own new games. They only want to reap money.

Look at PC gaming... what new IPs did M$ contribute?
Look at Anti-Piracy... what did M$ contribute?
Look at console gaming... what new IPs did M$ contribute?
The gaming enthusiasts have seen through this.

Micro$uck has a bottomless pit of money that has contributed to its inability to ‘think creatively’ but instead it has used its wealth to bully everyone around it – with the mentality of stealing market share from emerging markets like:
stealing PC market share from Apple,
from Sony PS2,
from Android & Apple,
so forth and so on.

Micro$uck is a dick rider on anything that is becoming popular that it did not create; eats other’s lunch it did not worked hard for;thinks more money, more power, more hype, more celebrities, will buy them respect.

Trash talking is Microsoft's game while the Japanese just kept quiet.
What a bully!

An over all World Champion is different from just a US Champion.
The key words is balance - a good, solid, balance.
It takes good balance for anything to stand up, to keep up, endure, to soar and not fall. And the PS3 has that good balance being lifted up in all regions worldwide.
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DK286K   1123d ago | Spam
Godchild1020  +   1123d ago
@DK286K, I think miyamoto is calling the Sony (PS3) the overall champion of the HD twins (PS3 & 360). That is the reason why Nintendo (Wii) is not included, it doesn't support HD.

The 360 did do very well this generation and I can't wait to see how both consoles (Next Xbox and PlayStation) do when they release at the same time or months apart from each other. That will be the real test and challenge.
FGHFGHFGH  +   1120d ago
Microsoft had a 500 million deal with viacom which owns gametrailers, mtv, spike, nickelodeon, comedy central, vh1, etc. "more than 500 branded digital media properties" They also had a big deals with facebook, NBC, dish network, aol, discovery, navic networks (advertising network that works with TWC, cox, charter) So basically they have deals with almost all the tv providers.
NeverEnding1989  +   1119d ago
Some Playstation fan boys care, but most ignore it because its embarrassing for them.

Xbox was nothing last gen while the PS2 was king. If final console totals are 100 million for PS3 and 80 million for Xbox 360 that's a HUGE win for Microsoft.

M$ tripled their install base, while SONY would have lost a third of theirs.

If you're looking for a pissing contest then yeah, PS3 won. However, anyone who's anyone (including shareholders) know that SONY took a huge loss this gen while M$ increased their status 3 fold
GorillaGameGuru  +   1124d ago
Yeah and the thing is Xbox will always get content first and Xbox is way better at delivering a sustainable online service. I think Xbox also looks to the future as well, using Skyrim for an example of a game that could still handle a complex game when PS3 still lagged behind!
DragonKnight  +   1123d ago
Troll much?
BattleAxe  +   1123d ago
I think his avatar suits him extremely well :D
soxfan2005  +   1123d ago
Do you accuse EVERYONE who supports the 360 a troll?

...looks at DragonKnight's other posts in this blog...

Yup, I guess you do.

"(though the Playstation fans have handled the lead in the HD console race with a lot more maturity)."

Well, I guess "maturity" is a pretty loose term, based on comments from the pro-Sony crowd over the last few days.
DragonKnight  +   1123d ago
@onebubblesoxfan2005: I accuse trolls of being trolls. GorillaGameGuru made a troll post so I asked him if he trolls much. But you know, a 360 fanboy will agree with a 360 fanboy and become blind to obvious troll posts that favour the 360. Do what you gotta do if you're gonna troll, but don't be dishonest about it.
GorillaGameGuru  +   1123d ago
Hmm I don't understand why troll is but...

For the record I have both consoles. So I think I can judge. I have been Let down by both consoles but more people have said to me they are hard done by PS3. Having to wait for Wednesday for any updates. Limited file
Manager. Servers Volatile on every game release

I don't mind your comments but there was no point for the abuse
Enemy  +   1123d ago
Microsoft pays for that, and this is why they have no games. You could say "but but next gen!" all you want but the fact is, they don't even own Epic or the Gears of War IP. They're living off Halo.

Instead of being so absorbed in the buying of DLC for the same multiplatform games other platforms already offered, they should be building their 1st parties.

I can't help but think sometimes that Microsoft don't actually care about putting out good games themselves. Their pathetic DLC but no games strategy is why I can't take them serious anymore, and Kinect only went on to validate this for me to the maximum.

Remember in 2006/2007 when all the Xbox fanboys ran rabid all over the place, all the time? You couldn't escape them. Where are they now? The PS3 is beating the 360 where it matters...worldwide.

Deal with it or deny it, but either way, the PS3 is selling better and has better games NOW, when it matters most.
mechlord  +   1123d ago
I didnt want to say a line over this issue, but your post did it for me.

Whenever people say stuff like you did, the way you did, they leave themselves open for all sort of attacks.
Your post is factually wrong;
I wont bother to provide links because even statistically youre wrong:(when you say will always ... and then in one time it doesnt happen, youre wrong)
-Xbox doesnt always get content first;
-You cant use skyrim for any real comparison just because it has some issues on one platform, its like judging the crop over one bad apple: Most thoughtful people dont to that :)

For the better part, this is like the worst nightmare for Xbox fanboys and a vindication for PS3 fanboys:

If we want to be honest we will acknowledge that xbots
have always pointed to better sales, a better online service, better netflix and such and lately these bullet points turned to favor Sony. that gotta leave some butthurt :)

To me, this always was the difference between a local and a global mindset; Xbox was made for the US while PS was made for the planet. Simple as that. If you debate that, think why the xbox joystick was made for shooters like nothing else was played on the planet.
Cam977  +   1123d ago
Debubbled. If you're an upset fanboy why bother leaving a comment?
mr_kubrick  +   1123d ago
U said nothing why it ACTUALLY matters. Because everything worked against it? Huh? What should that say? Exclusvies or Free Online? These are reasons why it matters? No, it just matters, because you are a Fanboy. Thats all. Simple as that.

Poor poor PS3, all was against you...even the baaad media.
Yeah, it sucks having a father who sold 120 Million consoles.
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DragonKnight  +   1123d ago
150 million. If you're going to troll, at least get your insults right.
Ezz2013  +   1123d ago
that father sold 150 in 12 years
ps3 sold 77million in 6 years only

do the math
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RuperttheBear  +   1122d ago
The ps2 sold over 100 million in less than 6 years.

Just saying....
DivineHand125  +   1123d ago
After reading this blog I have still yet to see why the ps3 pulling ahead of the 360 at the end of this generation matters. Its 5 years too late IMO. If this happened earlier, developers would have paid more attention to the ps3 version of multi platform titles and we might have seen them try to create some naughty dog level quality games since the cost benefit would have been there.
DragonKnight  +   1123d ago
Who said the gen is over? Where are Sony and MS's next consoles if the gen is ending? Oh that's right, more trolling.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1123d ago
The generation was over the day the WiiU launched. The next gen has started. If you cannot accept that you're the one doing the trolling. Not others.
miyamoto  +   1123d ago
Winning Three Video Game Generations Back to Back matters

A Three Feat Back to Back Grand Slam matters

a good record matters.

Its not winning the game but how you played the game that matters

the present matters to the future

It matters for the launch of the next PlayStation & the next Xbox.

it matters to the developers and publishers and to all the industry investors

Sony has stayed true & steadfast despite all the negative stuff thrown at it.

I am sure that matters to a giant like Microsoft... a lot!
What matters more to M$ is losing two generations straight despite having more money.

This proves to the investors to bet and renew their faith on Sony.
This proves that Japan can withstand the pressure from the

This proves that they by doing it themselves out of great responsibility, they had a winning strategy by planting new game IPs and ideas themselves to fill the gaming industry with variety and diversity; games of all types for everybody.
mechlord  +   1123d ago
I dont know about M$, devs might as well drop 360 support as soon as the xboxNext is announced, we all know M$ will just shut the thing down.
With SONY on the other hand, devs know they will still have someone actively using the PS3 some years after the PSNext is announced, so they could still make games for it.
Godchild1020  +   1123d ago
While the PS3 pulling ahead doesn't matter to a lot of people and we still have to wait until Sony & Microsoft announces numbers, the generation is not done. Both Sony and Microsoft have stated the both consoles will get support until 2015/16 and I believe they can go longer than that. So, all I can tell you is that the battle was lost but the war still continues.

As time went on, you do see more and more developers paying attention. The extra content on the PS3 from Ubisoft, EA, RockStar, etc... Hell love at Valve, they added Move support to the PS3 version of Portal and I can play with players from Steam.
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darkvenom  +   1123d ago
lol! it certainly mattered when the 360 was ahead,and now it doesn't?,flip flop!
DigitalRaptor  +   1123d ago
It matters. You can't say it doesn't. Microsoft and Nintendo fans, and the media who took sides pretty quickly were all over the fact that PS3 released a year after the 360 and that its sales tally was millions below Microsoft's. For years and years up until recently, PS3 was spotlighted for its sales total being behind the 360's. So it's pretty damn convenient that it no longer matters? Eh?Amirite?

People like myself have been saying for years PS3 would outsell the 360 due to the fact that it sells more each year, but it was met with denial and laughter, as brushed off as fanboy nonsense. I remember, as should you, is why it matters. At its current rate of play and with the number of games that are still coming out for it, the PS3 is still going towards the 100+ million before close of play. Is that ridiculous to suggest too? Are people going to deny that up until it happens again?

What this pulling ahead represents is the accumulation of arguments like "PS3 is doomed", "PS3 has no games", "Blu-ray is not needed", "PS3 sucks it's the dead last console", "PS3 has crap online". Even though some of these arguments don't relate to sales, it proves that what people have been saying is well and truly obsolete and that those who brought the arguments up are not to be trusted, because PS3 is popular, it's sold better worldwide each year than the 360, the head start in sales has been cut down, it has great games, it's not a "dead last" console, and the PSN improved massively since launch including the brilliant PS+. Sony lost a lost of market share... okay.
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newflesh  +   1123d ago
Both consoles are equally great. Stop hatin' plz
Software_Lover  +   1123d ago
It doesn't matter, as it never mattered that the 360 was in the lead, of the ps3. Who cares about 2nd place any? The wii won this generation a long time ago.

Cry babies need to give it a rest. Its not like it gonna all of a sudden make Uncharted a better game than it already is. Or Halo is now trash.

I've never seen so many grown men, if you are grown, cry and care about the stupidest things.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1123d ago
I find it amazing that an UNOFFICIAL site claims that sony has SHIPPED more PS3 which really ONLY means there are more PS3's on the shelf at RETAIL and the Sony Loyalists on this site think it has any kind of relevance in the console market as truth" while all the Sony loyalists have been saying for YEARS that VGChartz are UNOFFICIAL numbers and can't be trusted which are actually MORE important since they indicate the amount of Market share each console has from sold consoles at retail and in consumer homes.

LOL you sony fanboys crack me up. Gotta love the backwards thinking of the Sony Fanboy.

According to VGChartz the 360 still has a 1.6 million console lead which translates to a 30.2% console market share while PS3 has a 29.5% console market share.

If we are accepting some random site's UNOFFICIAL SHIPPED numbers as truth for Sony, then the same argument can be made that VGChartz UNOFFICIAL sold at retail numbers are truth.
#9 (Edited 1123d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
majiebeast  +   1123d ago
According to VGChartz

You wanna talk about unofficial sites then you name vgchartz as credible now thats a joke. Vgchartz is a site started by a 360 fanboy, who got banned from neogaf for making up bullshit sales numbers and passing them off as real. Atleast the site you mentioned is a analyst firm who does this thing for a living.

You are just a salty 360 loyalist grasping for straws.
#9.1 (Edited 1123d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Zechs34  +   1123d ago
The PS3 has better software attachment, more quantity and quality in its game library, it users have logged on the most netflix hours on it than any other kind of streaming box, and there are more users on PSN than Live, came out a year later, caught up with a 7+ million lead, and all while being scrutinized and being the most expensive console on the market.

Not too shabby.

And as far as VG Chartz goes or not, basic retail knowledge should be widespread by this point. Shipped to retailers is still sales numbers for Sony and Microsoft and any other company who doesn't operate completely digitally.

Point of the matter is that after "the doomz of 06, 599 US DOLLARS, Riiidge Racer, no games, bad ports, lazy developers, glorified blu ray player" and whatever else was said, Sony's gaming division obviously has very strong brand loyalty and know how to cater to the consumer.
Ezz2013  +   1123d ago
"I find it amazing that an UNOFFICIAL site "
and then
"According to VGChartz"

lol oh the irony
#9.3 (Edited 1123d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1123d ago
LMFAO at all the fanboys above me NOT reading my whole comment and saying that I am saying VGChartz are official...

Here, I will copy and paste my comment again for the not so bright who replied.

"If we are accepting some random site's UNOFFICIAL SHIPPED numbers as truth for Sony, then the same argument can be made that VGChartz UNOFFICIAL sold at retail numbers are truth."

I hope you kids NOW understand that >>IF<< you are accepting a random sites UNOFFICIAL numbers as truth, then WHY would you argue another sites UNOFFICIAL numbers as NOT truth?

Oh I's because 1 site has the PS3 as the lead (in shipped) while the other site as the 360 in the lead (as sold to consumers).

Sony Faboys are the single most WORST fanboys of any console. They are the biggest hypocrites in the industry.
ZoyosJD  +   1122d ago
We don't even have to look at UNOFFICIAL sales.

Your just denying the inevitable.

Regardless of WHEN the OFFICIAL numbers come in we know the TRENDS. It is UNDENIABLE that it will happen IF it hasn't already.

360 sales have dropped off nearly 25% last year, while the PS3 sales were within a 10% drop.

Not to mention that these reports are coming in after the holiday season when 360 sales spike (even moreso percentage-wise than PS3 sales).

Now, you should stop quibbling over offical and unoffical numbers and congradulate them on a job well done, that is if you feel like saying something on the subject, or just let it go if you don't.

Because, the WORST fanboys are of the BITTER, SORE, and "SALTY" kind.
mr_kubrick  +   1122d ago
just check the NPD sales numbers for 12.2012:
xbox 1.4 million sales, ps3 < 650k

idc was wrong so many times....just google it up.
so no lead up to now. it happens in june 2013 i guess

and: if sony is ahead, where is the official statement from sony?
#9.4.2 (Edited 1122d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
EffectO  +   1123d ago
IDC is an analyst firm,see Pachter.They could be right/or not...see lottery
In any case,

you have literally fallen into quicksand with the bellow statement

"to the point that the ps3 may very well have more working consoles out there anyway."

That would make PS3 software sales even more embarrassing,if you ask me.It would also mean that 360 games/Live attach rates are insanely high,something that gaming industry has never ever seen before.

Basically a gaming industry dream audience...
#10 (Edited 1123d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Nes_Daze  +   1123d ago
Software sales are fine kid, just some games slip under the radar because Sony doesn't market those games well, but games like Uncharted DO sell. Maybe not as much as the other overrated franchises that have been around longer, or another casual dance game, but they sell fine. And yes, sales for Xbox360 games have been high..considering the great selection there is...>_>
Nes_Daze  +   1123d ago
First big mistake journalists made: underestimate Nintendo
Second big mistake journalists made: underestimate Sony

They did laugh at the Wii as well, but Sony's expensive black box became the major focus.Gaming media just never learns...their "whipping boy", as they called it in an article a few years back is now a SUCCESS.

2006-2007 you wouldn't here the end of it from Xbox fanboys, saying that the PS3 had no games, and making fun of "flops" like Lair. And now here we are, Sony's little dark box in second place worldwide.
#11 (Edited 1123d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
thebudgetgamer  +   1123d ago
It really doesn't but it is funny that the same people that wrote PS3rd for so many years have moved on to the next excuse.
sdplisken  +   1123d ago
Wheres all the doom articles from the us media now????

Sonys makin em eat crow thats what

all the xbox fanboys have run for the hills with this bit of news lol


Bladesfist  +   1123d ago
Now that is just trolling. I own neither console but the amount of times people say PS3 is more important or sells better than wii is crazy. Every time a nintendo fan mentions hey you are not on top he is disagreed to hell. Can't you all just grow up and get along. Next Gen starts when a console is released. So it has started already. I know I will be disagreed because a rational post never meets the agendas of the company lovers on this site. I like to stay impartial.
SilentNegotiator  +   1123d ago
Oh get over it. The Wii and ps3/360 weren't selling to the same audience. My grandmother has a wii at the home. It's like comparing Angry Birds to the latest is MEANT to be accessible to absolutely everyone (free, available on every cell phone and other platforms) and the other is Halo, a game for sci-fi shooter fans.
DK286K   1123d ago | Spam
ZoyosJD  +   1123d ago
does it matter, personally i want to say no, because i knew from purchase the system was going to be worth every penny.

but why it matters, thats because these numbers are more than that. they are individuals, investment, allies and enemys...fellow gamers who saw value in a little plastic box not because of th wires and gold inside, but because they didn't want to miss all the fun and unique experienes that this brand has come to represent.

i respect everyones choices and i understand that investing your money into a piece of plastic seems absurd but millions have done it. there never was any reason to feel like it was the wrong choice but, after so much bs from a select few, this feels like vindication for the words that many of us politely choose never to say allthewhile simply saying this day will come. nothing needs to be said for we knew the day would come and say it for us.
FGHFGHFGH  +   1120d ago
I think it matters to Microsoft because all they ever talk about is SALES

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