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Sony's Anti-Used Patent is Nothing to Panic Over

When Sony patented a means of linking games to systems so that they couldn't be sold again, people positively flipped. They feared that the "PS4" would implement it. They feared that "PS4" would be absolutely doomed using such a practice. I suggest to them, however, that they partake of a chill pill.

The first point is implementation itself; will it be used to stop the used? Well, has every one of the Big Three's thousands upon thousands of patents been put to use? Hardly. Have you played with the Wiimote Football ( http://nintendookie.files.w... )? Have you tasted the joys of Sony's tongue controller ( http://www.playstationlifes... )? Is Microsoft's game helmet all the rage ( )?

No, no, and no. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo....they are corporations. Their first priority is OWN ideas, not implement them. They want to be the first ones to get everything on paper so that they can license them if someone else wants to use it or have it ready to use for themselves. Even a tongue controller could have abstract researching purposes.

Beyond the question of "will they use it?", many think that if they do, it would mean instant doom for the PS4. I think that is absolutely comical. I hate the idea, but here's the thing.....I hate DRM, online passes, constant breaking down of content into DLC, etc....but that's EXACTLY what people put up with. Most PC gamers primarily use Steam, a service that essentially acts as DRM itself. Sure, you can trade SOME items/games, but those games still lose any REAL monetary value once you purchase them. On the console front, there's so many passes and codes that I feel like I'm going through the TSA before boarding a plane.

We sign away our souls and own nothing as we accept TOS for games, songs, movies, etc. PS4 wouldn't be doomed for locking games to systems. It wouldn't be much different from the way things are done today in many ways.

I'm not worried. Sony considered it for the PS3 and it didn't happen then. They had the "audacity" to patent such an idea and the internet is ready to lynch someone. It's incredibly unlikely that they will actually do such a thing.

Rest easy, internet. Unless Sony actually uses the patent, there's zero reason for such panic.

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InMyOpinion1897d ago

Why not wait and see before we do damage control?

iamnsuperman1897d ago

It isn't really damage control though. People are blowing the situation out of the water and not really thinking. If people actually thought about it for more than two seconds they would realise there is no way Sony could ever implement this on their own. They would need Microsoft and Nintendo to really get on board as well. The only way they could do this is through a deal. Now Sony patenting this means Sony essentially holds all the cards. They have the solution to a problem that the big three are having. The only way the patent will be introduced is if everyone does it.

I remember a patent for an apple bike. Doesn't mean they will actually make it

SilentNegotiator1897d ago

LOL, damage control?

That's like calling it damage control to have talked down 2012 doomsday preppers. An event that hasn't happened, isn't on the books to happen, and is assumed to happen for a stupid reason like a calender ending or one of a million patents.

smashcrashbash1896d ago

Oh I see. We should wait and see before we do damage control but we shouldn't wait and see before we panic and fly off the handle? Mindless panic and mob like behavior before calm logical thought right? Sounds like the modern gamer to me.

@ SilentNegotiator. I don't know why you are getting disagrees. That is a great analogy.Everyone made wild assumptions and panicked instead of using logic and thought no matter how many people tried to talk them out of it and how stupid it sounded.And when it was time we found out that the Mayans that exist now actually knew that it just meant a new calendar year for them.And all the people who flew off the handle looked like @$$es. The Mayan people were probably laughing at us all while people ran around like chickens with their heads cut off.That fits gamers to a tee. Panic now and look like a$$es later

TheRealHeisenberg1897d ago

Discussion does not equal panic. The news got out and like myself, people expressed their opinions about it. I think we are allowed to do that.

SilentNegotiator1897d ago

Maybe not you, but there was plenty of panic.

PS4 is teh d00000000000med!!!

TopDudeMan1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I buy (just about) all my games new, anyway, so if I do decide to get a PS4, it's not really going to be much of a problem for me. I just prefer that "new game" smell.

The games will be account-bound like in steam, so I don't have a problem with that. That's what it said.

iamnsuperman1897d ago

"I just prefer that "new game" smell" that is kind of weird but I guess it is like a new book smell :P

I prefer buying them new because I want Sony and the developers to get my money for their product. If it means I wait I have to wait but I am supporting the developers who make games by buying them.

Anyone who thinks the used game market is helping the industry is a fool. It may be helping struggling retail shop but it doesn't help the source of the games (i.e. the developers) who are loosing out because publishers just aren't going to risk anymore games because the initial return was bad (even if twice as many people actually play it).

TopDudeMan1897d ago

Yeah, I'm totally aware that's weird. But it's awesome.

SilentNegotiator1897d ago

I buy new but I want to use my games on any system without hassle or restrictions. The more BS "protection" that piles up, the sweeter the much easier piracy route looks.

TopDudeMan1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Well, just sign into your account and you can. It said in the patent that it ties the disc to your account, not your system. Just the same as steam, except steam is more code-orientated.

SilentNegotiator1896d ago

It's still hassle and restriction.

That's not why I bought a physical copy of the game.