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Why PlayStation 3?

Over the course of the years PlayStation band has carried a unique style of gaming and entertainment over its contender Microsoft. But over the last 4 months Sony, the company that is the creator of the PlayStation 3 has been making moves that in the long run will hinder the company in ways that can only lead to lost, lost of customers and benefits over Microsoft. I've come up to believe this due to the change of the system, features and my overall experience with PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3. Oh, and lets not forget PSN and PlayOnline, two of Sony's multi-player online services/networks.

PlayStation 3, as a gaming console and home entertainment system has lost a lot of its system selling features over the last 6 months or more. Some of these features being "OS" a operation system feature for programs like Linux, Microsoft and PlayStation 2 software like FFXI (Final Fantasy XI) and Socom add-on maps. The feature was discontinued optional via firmware software update to help prevent hacking and security risk. At the same time it put the consumer in a "pickle" when it came to options. If one would update there system it would prevent one of "OS" supported data that is no longer supported on the PlayStation 2 due to discontinued models of PS2 w/ hard drives and the hard drive its self. Which I disagree with since FFXI players must pay a online fee in order to play this game that can not be accessed due to the fact one must download PS2 data software via PSN store. Which would entitle one to update there system in order to access.

Moves like this makes the customer feel used and forced to things most don't really understand, which entitle them to not buy in to the next item up for bid in fear that it will only happen again. Which this will make it the second time happening.

To make matters worst if one was to not update there system and can not afford to get a new system. The gamer would be limited to "OS" software only if he/she downloaded the PS2 data before hand. The customer/gamer at this time would lose out on all features and upcoming features with losing the ability to play upcoming game titles due to the fact that new titles indeed require firmware updated software 90% of the time. And to add on to that "NO" new hardware would be accessible like PlayStation Move, etc.

The next feature that could have introduced so many classic games to new gamers was the ability of full backwards compatible games. Need I say more on this, but the fact that now these titles are being put on PSN at a very high price for a title that is digital and at anytime can be discontinued and deactivated by PlayStation themselves even if you already paid for it. To clear things up better the PSN is a digital distribution program that is only accessible as long as PSN is up and running. Good Example: Mortal Kombat 2 was once removed due to business disagreement with Midway and returned. When this had happen I was unable to download this game that I paid for already.

Let me know how you feel about this situation and how does it change your views on gaming if so?

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MorganX2841d ago

I seriously doubt OS as an operating system was a system selling feature for all but the most hardcore geeks. I have several computers and have never had a non IT job and I never had a desire to install an other OS on the PS3 Fat I owned.

Neither platform has 100% backwards compatibility. It's a lot to ask for in the console business. Even computer OS' at some point have to drop significant amounts of backwards compatibility to advance.

Dramscus2841d ago

What are you talking about. Talk about not having your facts straight and not having a concise or easy to follow topic. Go look at some essay writing tutorials and learn how to properly write.
Sorry to be offensive but yeah....wooo >.>

Godmars2902841d ago

The internet browser and Home are better selling features for the PS3, and people are always ragging on them. Its a sure bet that if they had left it in, piracy or no, no one would be talking about it now.