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Microsoft's E3 presser in a nutshell=Kinect+Casual+Usual+Halo 4

Microsoft’s E3 presser was all about Kinect,boatloads of Modern Warfare 3 and Mass Effect 3,Kinect dashboard,more Kinect games and Halo 4 trilogy announcement.

It wasn’t a surprise to see MS presser kicking off with a 10+ minutes of good old COD:Modern Warfare 3 footage just as Black Ops kick started last year’s E3 with Mark Lamia showing off Campaign gameplay.The gameplay was still the same old CODdish but crisper compared to all the previous iterations of the game.

Then came a huge load of KINECT centric stuff like

1)Kinect support for Mass Effect 3 where you will be able to speak the dialog using a Kinect camera, and the game will detect which option you picked and go down that dialog sequence.This really felt a gimmick rather than an innovation(Just imagine conversing with a Krogan at home!)

2)Kinect support for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – You can select gun parts in the “Gunsmith Editor” with Kinect movements or voice commands. You’ll be able to use voice commands to randomize loadouts and pull up specific loadouts.It also features kinect for gameplay like firing weapons and movement.Further more Ubisoft CEO claimed “All future Tom Clancy’s titles will utilize Kinect!”

3)Kinect Dashboard redesign with enhanced Voice control.

4)Kinect based Crytek’s Xbox Exclusive action game Ryse revealed.

5)Kinect support for Forza Motorsport 4 enhanced with multiplayer features, such as multiplayer racing clubs and monthly expansions.

6)Kinect support for Fable: The Journey which is basically an on rails shooter with Kinect controlled movements.

7)Kinect support for Minecraft,the indie sensation finally hitting Xbox 360.

8)Disneyland Adventures= A Kinect based minigame collection.

9)Star Wars Kinect -Basically a light saber swinging game with auto-targeted enemies.

10)Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, the new Kinect based minigame collection.

11)Kinect Fun Labs, an Xbox based Kinect platform that allows users to exploit and build specific Kinect software.

12)Kinect Sports Season 2featuring six new sport minigames like Golf, Skiing, Football, Darts, and Tennis.

13)Kinect based Dance Central 2 featuring a new Campaign mode,enhanced tutorial and 2 player support.
The E3 conference ends with a first look at Halo 4.

If you go through the above list(13 announcements-are you kidding me?) you can clearly make out the KINECT dominance in throughout the press conference with known games like MW3,Gears of War thrown in to fill in the gaps left by a Nauseating number of Kinect centric game announcements.
Microsoft clearly tried to go after the core and casual crowd with Kinect,but they ’ve failed on both. Kids stuff looks fine but most of the core Kinect titles look downright awful or they don ’t look like they work.Some of the Kinect technology looks neat.Specifically finger tracking andvoice recognition, though I don ’tknow the appeal of having it in gaming.

The whole conference felt like a Pre-E3 event loaded with motion and voice stuff catering to Casual audience while the inclusion of the Kinect features to Hardcore games like ME2 and Ghost Recon only felt like an afterthought addition without any substantial substance to its inclusion.Xbox 360 isn’t doing anything for the hardcore gamers besides Gears of Wars 3 and Halo 4.I was liteerally shocked at the lack of any good Xbox 360 exclusive games catering the Hardcore gamers.This explains Microsoft’s silence preceeding E3.Just portraying Kinect to cater a wider audience without having great lineup of Platform Exclusive games(look at SONY=Exact opposite) and totally depending on third party titles wont do good for Microsoft on a long term.Overall it was boring apart from a few cool things here and there.

RATING- 6/10

MS definitely is losing E3.
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shreeveera2542d ago

Now its getting clearer.
Hardcore games + Exclusive system seller AAA titles = Sony or Nintendo.

Casual games + Better Multiplatform ports = Microsoft.

Who agrees with me?

hennessey862541d ago

your talking that much shit your arse is getting jealous