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Next gen Superman game! Who wants one?

I have looked around the internet searching for what people actually want in a good Superman game. Here's my take on the new Superman game for the next gen consoles.

A lot of people are waiting for Superman to appear in a good game but everyone is also complaining about the fact that Superman is doomed to fail because of his backstory and properties. Luckily there are some fans (including myself) that are also eager to see someone succeed in translating the character to the gaming world. I even found numerous posts on the Lego Batman 2 game, asking at what point it's possible to play Superman and just fly around.

I'm trying to stimulate developers into making the best Superman game out there. (because there actually isn't one yet in my opinion). So feel free to comment and improve these ideas.

So lets get started...

Chapter 1
Why not play through the whole superman experience from the absolute beginning? The game starts of with Jor-el as playable character on Krypton pocessing no flying ability, no superpowers what so ever. Think of settings/stages as the inside of a spaceship, a small city in the krypton universe etc. It doesn't have to be open world just yet but kind of like the Arkham Asylum type of playground. Appearances of clark as a baby, Jor-el's wife, her father (Think along the lines of the superman animated series). Have Jor-el do some missions and finally shooting his son on his way to earth.

Chapter 2
You find yourself playing clark as a teenager (white shirt, blue jeans) in the country side of smallville (again think of Arkham proportions of playable areas). Make him run errants with super speed, high jumps (crackdown style), Xray missions what not. This way it starts to get fun but you still feel the urge to be able to actually fly and be the almighty Superman. Somewhere in the middle Superman learns to hover his jumps (like the game Prototype). Make the final 'mission' trying to safe Jonathan Kent. Ending this chapter in Clark moving to metropolis.

Chapter 3
Now being Clark Kent in metropolis. Make Metropolis a huge open world city with all the familiar places in the superman universe. Working for the paper, make the first mission to be that Clark has to investigate something and keeping undercover. Then somewhere in this chapter he should finally change into superman and the real fun starts. This is up to the developers to make a nice story with some kind of villain to cause trouble (but do it in the Arkham Story type). And the subtle hint of Lois and Clark liking each other… It's important to make people care about the characters.

Chapter 4.
Near the end of the game Metropolis becomes a dark place and without the sun's energy or something Superman becomes vulnerable which can have a cool impact on the storyline with Superman fighting to save Metropolis.

Superman being invincible
Doesn't have to be if u are following the NEW 52 series where superman can actually be bruised and beaten. Make his health bar regenerate. If knocked out… game over/captured or whatever.

Make the game start out like a normal GTA, Sleeping Dogs etc type of game and make it become a Superman game. This way its not all about the superpowers but more story driven with the satisfaction of being able to BE superman in the end. Now i know from experience that people hate waiting for the good stuff so maybe make it start with chapter 3 as the present and you keep going back to chapter 1 and 2 with flashbacks or some kind of thing. Feel free to comment on this.

The xbox 360 Superman Returns had it perfect when talking about the flying bit. The flying actually felt great so no changes there! Maybe make the animations look even more smoothly and the cape ultra realistic but thats it. The ground take of would look great if dust and stones begin to move around him when charging just like in the first scene where superman takes of in the movie Man of steel. Some mild air acrobatics for fun would be cool but isn't a must have. But imagine flying through a tight spot and superman turn 90 degrees to fit through the gap.
The switching of powers with the D-pad worked great also. But make the ice, fire etc effects and particles look awesome. The fighting bits should be like Batman. So when, in air, an object gets thrown at you make it to be countered with a push of a button. Make the animations for the fighting on the ground not to stiff but make Superman be SUPERMAN. So bare knuckle punching with long sweeps and stuff.

Flying in Superman Returns:

- Personally i would love to be able to turn into Clark or Superman when i want. But since pay phones don't exist anymore there is no area where Superman could jump into his super shorts without being noticed :). So that idea probably is impossible. But prove me wrong please.

- Extra playable characters would be nice!

- Extra outfits would also be nice

- Pay attention to the details! For example when Superman picks up a car, don't make it to easy for him but the player should really get the feeling he's lifting the impossible. (don't make it a struggle either though). When flying past glass skyscrapers it would be great if there is an reflection of superman in the building. His cape should move realistic. etc etc etc.

- Make the open world be animated. Keep Sleeping dogs and GTA in mind when bringing Metropolis to life.

- Free roaming as an option later on in the game

- Make it to be as huge as possible without compromising game speed and graphics.

5 types of missions:
1. Clockwork. Get a mission done before time/life bar runs out or… people die or whatever. Safe Lois.
2. Fighting missions. Like in Arkham with variable opponents.
3. News reports as Clark. Get the scoop or whatever.
4. Collectibles throughout the city.
5. Boss battles like DMC where there is one particular way of beating the boss. With cool cinematic like the unreleased superman game where he battles a villain and pushes him through a building where people work.

Unreleased Superman game:

Story has to be good! The flying has to feel cool! Don't make it suck!!!!

Please comment and let me, and of course the DEVELOPERS, know what the next gen Superman game should be like!!!!

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xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1552d ago

Yes please. To all of this. I personally think Rocksteady would make a great Superman game. They treated Batman and his universe with alot of respect.

WTF are you waiting for WB! Give them the green light, Playstation 4, PC, XBone can handle it!!!

Gamesgbkiller1552d ago

It's hard to do s superman game that makes sense.

Your story line is really good and fits right.

I hope we see that in the near future.

gamejediben1552d ago

I'm a lifelong Superman fan and I would LOVE a great Superman game but the reality is that at this point in time, its simply not possible.

Here's why:

A great Superman game needs a fully destructible open world game engine. No such thing exists yet.

The closest thing is DICE's Frostbite engine used in Battlefield 4. But even that engine cannot do full destructibility, just pre-scripted destruction. We need to be able to punch villains like Metallo, Mongul and Brainiac though buildings and see city-wide damage.

Don't worry. It's coming. Technology is advancing toward that possibility. Superman is "lighting the way" but we can't "join him in the sun" just yet. Maybe in 5 years?

WildArmed1552d ago

Man, i'd be willing to trade total destructibility for a Supes game. And then the sequel can pull off total destructibility.

I'm dying for a new Supes game since that Ps2 Superman returns game. (the game played really well)

Ezz20131551d ago

isn't infamous SS ps4 is fully destructible open world game ?!

so why not Rockstedy do the same thing with superman game

i don't know why
but i feel that they are already working on superman/batman game

Shouridono1551d ago

Although i think destructible surroundings would be the most coolest thing ever, i don't think it's a must have for a good Superman game to be fun to play and succeed.

Like in the unreleased Superman game it's been used in the cutscenes which is almost equally satisfying for the time being. Granted that if destruction where to be implemented it would feel a hell of a lot better when hitting enemies through a building.

So lets hope they make a good Superman game this year and working their way up in about 5 years to total destruction.

Anthotis1551d ago

Superman is almost invincible, with his most glaring weakness being Kryptonite, but not every lowly crook or supervillain has access to this element. Fortunately, there are plenty of baddies with super strength, various superpowers, advanced tech and of course magic who can harm him easily.

It's not that difficult to work around his strength and resilience, seeing as comic book writers have been doing so for about 75 years now, and there's no reason why game developers can't do the same.

MAULxx1551d ago

Batman has his series and even Green Lantern got a game. I would buy a good Aquaman game so I would definately be hyped for a Superman game. What about a Justice league action RPG?

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