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Final Fantasy XIII Linearity Problem - Be reasonable people

I really didn`t feel like talking about this issue at first, because
frankly it seemed so stupid, but it`s gotten so out of hand that I
really felt like inserting a small voice of reason.

Final Fantasy XIII is being bashed left and right by gamers, because of one of its characteristics: linearity.

It's gotten so bad, that more than two-tirds of the comments on
Final Fantasy 13 articles I've seen are negative and saying that the
game will suck because of its linearity.

One of my friends came up to me and said, "Hey, so turns out FF13 is
going to be bad ". A bit surprized, I ask: "Have you played it?" He
replies to this: "Nah man, everyone says it is". Knowing what the
problem was, I ask: " And they haven't played it either, right?"

From what I`ve heard, the logic seems to be that since Open-ended
games like Fallout 3 are fun, as well as other good RPGs which are less
linear, then the game will suck. Do you see what is flawed about this

If you don't get it then let me point it out:
Just because a game has characteristics that are different in some
ways to games that are fun, does not mean the game will not be fun...
both types of games have the possibility of being fun.
Is this so hard to understand??

Anything can be fun if it's well done or integrated, and that
includes linearity. There are certain games that work perfectly well
with certain aspects that might not work in other types of games.

It's strange that this train of thought (that FF13 sucks) is even
circulating, as FF10, which was extremely liked, as well as many
awesome Strategy RPGs, are extremely linear.
The strangest thing of all though, is that the game isn't even
released in North America, and is being judged before having even been
played, by mostly North Americans and others who have not even played
the game yet.

I really would like gamers to be a bit more open-minded. I hope you
come to realize the flawed logic behind this logically flawed
judgementalism, as most of us wish to play it first and enjoy the game
if we can once it comes out, but the irrational progoganda floating
around the internet may affect our appreciation of a potential gem. At
least give it a chance; SE usually knows how to make a good game, so
why not give it a chance for what the game is instead of comparing it
to what it isn't?

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peanutt13036d ago

Its also only the first half of the game which is linear when in cocoon in Pulse its open world. And FFX is one of my favorite games ever, and its linear. I think people just like to follow the crowd.
Iver way the game will be great.

Noctis Aftermath3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

The thing is linearity isn't the games only problem, it's the lack of towns, merchants(savepoint for a shop? woah don't put in to much effort), lowest number of playable characters for a main FF(spinoffs don't count), half the characters are sh1tty or annoying, the costumes remind me of FF8 which was the WORST styled FF ever.

There's also things like the combat system(some like some don't), to me it just seems like they are trying to turn the franchise into an action game, with all scripted events similar to uncharted 2, and as a longtime final fantasy fan that is the LAST thing i want.

I will be buying it eventually, but i just cannot get excited for the game.

Also, for the people saying that all final fantasy games have been linear, you might want to go replay the PSone final fantasy games, cause even though they were linear, there was always extra/optional content throughout the games pretty much from start to finish.

Examples: FF7: Condor(the phoenix place), golden saucer(all those mini games), vincent(a hidden character!), all the hidden weapons and materia and items, breeding chocobos, ruby weapon, emerald weapon, ultimate weapon.

There's more but the list is long enough as it is, and don't forget that you could pretty much go back at any point and get a majority of the things you missed.

I'm not saying the game sucks a$$, just reminding people that there is so much missing from this game that people now EXPECT from a final fantasy game and instead of having more content they decided to fill it with CGI movies.

Lastly, quit telling people to shut up about it's linearity, not everyone plays final fantasy for JUST the story, i like the whole game and not just a single aspect.

Jinxstar3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Another point. Out of the past 7 or so FF's to be released only 2 were Decent... not great... Decent... not even including the Shovelware like Crystal Chronicles or junk like that. i haven't liked anything from Square since FF9 and that was just OK. 7 was good for it's time but hasn't aged well for me... All this game seems to have is decent graphics. Not great but decent. Linear is fine if the story is great but it looks very generic so far and from what everyone has said it is...

dktxx23036d ago

FF8 -great
FF9 - best game ever
FF10 - second best game ever
FF12 - good game

i guess it depends who you ask. most however say that all the above games are really good, or at least they did. then FF went multiplat and then all the sudden the series is average. amazing how that works.

Jinxstar3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Well my point being. Most people can tell if the game will be good or not based off impressions and history. I haven't enjoyed any of the games you put up there. So what will make this one so different that I should try it out besides graphics? It looks dull and automated to me. You only control 1 character and... I just have too many issues all around with it...

For you it's a buy for me it's a solid pass and go to a friends and watch them play for a bit. I just feel like with most FF games if you watch a solid 30-40 min of it then you know how the game will play... Thats enough for me.

Digitaldude3035d ago

YES! its rare to find other people like me who also think FF9 is the best game ever.
It is the whole package of FF13.

GrandDragon3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII has gorgeous graphics. The sheer attention to detail is mind blowing. To call it decant in a bad way is being moronic and complacent. Just because you don't like aspects of the game doest mean you knock good bits of it.

The designs and art style are so crazy, the designers have truly out done them selves this time. Definitely the best multi platform game out, better than most Game by far

@ Digitaldude

NO, I agree that FF9 was an amazing game, it was the first FF game I plaid

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ReservoirDog3163036d ago

Yeah, most of the FF's have been extremely linear. People praise them up and down even till this day (besides graphics, FFVII has aged perfectly), yet the new one follows the same path the rest did and it's all of a sudden so bad that some people aren't even gonna give it a chance.

Doesn't make sense.

wanderofys3036d ago

I don't get the linearity argument either, but I'm pretty upset about their not being towns or cities to explore. I understand a linear plot, that's par for the course, but that doesn't mean you take out all exploration, because that's always been part of the fun in the series too. I'll still buy it and I'm looking forward to it, but that one thing does annoy me a bit.

TheOrion3036d ago

There has always been a linear element to guide you before it all opens up, its a part of the way FF works, people seem to forget that not all games are supposed to be Sandbox types, and honestly after all these years why would they expect this to change.

Annoyingly though, they keep removing touches from the games series that I liked, such as manual piloting airships, next apparantly towns and cities, I would hate to think whats next to go.

GSpartan7773035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I honestly do not get the linearity problem either. Based from what I have seen, read from import reviews and comments from those who played the Japanese version, this game is still going to be a great if not good game.

I think the reason why people are so quick to judge it is because FFXIII was promoted as a linear game. If Square Enix had kept their mouth shut reactions could have been different. But the problem is how different? as in people would find out and be like meh it's ok or they would burn the game and kill themselves for what SE did.

I give Square Enix a lot of credit for being honest to gamers in my opinion because it lets us know what kind off game we are buying in comparison to their previous product. Rather then spending $60 and finding out the game turned out to be completely different than from what we had expected.

Same reasons people complain about the early phases of linearity (I heard the first 8 hours are linear after that the remaining +30 hours not) and lack of big towns (there are towns, just not big and interactive, which for me were way too distracting), I like those changes. Because they turned this into a fast paced action based RPG.

This all has to do with people's loyalty to JRPGs which they are SE are abandoning for the Western audience and turned this into a action adventure RPG. Just as there are people who hate what this game has become, others will enjoy it. In fact from what I learn about the internet, those who post online are the loud minority.

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