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GTAV and why I am happy it has been pushed back

I have been been searching the web just like everyone else has, desperately trying to find out new information on the game. What features my be implemented, locations to visit or really anything I can speculate in my head as im so eagerly waiting for this game.
Just as everyone else, I was disappointed to hear that the game had been pushed back, however I can understand why it was and im happy they are making the game they want to. All the best games are released exactly when they want to and to the standard they should be and lets take a minute to look at what the are attempting to do.

Huge map! No that isn't right because this thing is more than just huge. What the finish product looks to be is an actual city. More reminiscent of what we were used to from San Andreas with different towns, country side and an all round feeling of exploration and travel! This is not easy to accomplish as its one thing to have a huge map with lots of places in it that is fun to explore and look around in, but it is another to just have a huge map that in the end just feels like a huge place that's an inconvenience to get to places when you need to.

Three different playable characters, and this is something new entirely to the series. I am also betting good money that it will also feel like three different stories and characters you are playing as as well and not just three different characters that could easily be one. I want these characters to be completely fleshed out and not let me and other players let down with a feeling they could have done more.

Allot of what has been officially said about the game is new to the series and has to be built and put into the game properly and not just made and put in or it will feel strangely out of place, especially when you put into account that it has been official said that they are doing away with purchasing property which in my opinion was a huge part of the game.

But I am not writing this to relay information you have read many times over and over for you to read yet again. Lets have a look at games that could have reached a whole new level that they just didn't and not only let the game down, but disappointed fans eagerly awaiting them. These reasons listed are why im happy Rockstar are releasing the game when they want to and making sure its to a perfect standard that we have come expect.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was an amazing game and we expected no less. However there were some features that never saw the light of day and these features where some that made me it so bad when it was announced! It was meant to be an ever evolving world where it would be ever changing with something new always around the corner with a new radiant system. But what came to light was bitter disappointment, at least in my eyes. We did get radiant quests but all they ended up being was small time repeatable quests in different locations which in itself is pretty cool seeing as you could, if you really wanted to play Skyrim forever. But what we were meant to get was characters with families and history. Eventually a shop keeper would retire and a new character would take their place. Or perhaps you decided to kill a shop keeper, as everyone knows unless its the guy from Riverwood and his sister takes over the shop is rendered useless and this was supposed to change. Still a fantastic game, but that feature could have opened up so much more for role players and its disappointing to see it left out to what I can only see as lack of time to meet the November 11 release date nailed to it.

Or how about we look at Yakuza 3, or Like A Dragon 3 as it is known in its home of Japan. The game was the first on the then next gen, now current gen consoles and fans were waiting for the next big instalment! We all saw it drop in Japan and we knew we were next, at least we hoped and hoped for it. Eventually it did end up coming our way, but with cut content. It was bitter sweet. It wasnt cut for being to graphic or violent. It was a hostess activity and a trivia game, which may sound small and insignificant, but we want the full game, not just most of it. In the end we were just happy it did eventually get here but why counldnt we have the full game? The only reason we can really have is that it had a strict deadline to meet, as the hostess game made it into the western release of Yakuza 4.

Now here is two big examples, and honestly there are many more I could touch on more and will if asked to. But do you really want GTAV to suffer from this? Do you want to play an amazing game and pick up on things that should of been implemented but just isnt there? Or a story of any of the 3 characters feeling shallow and weak? Or maybe your looking to pushing the new flying mechanics to the limits and you finally jump in an aircraft and it all feels good and fun until you cant go as high or its not as realistic as you initially thought it to be? Just as time is what gives us the games we love, it is also the thing that kills the games we could have loved.

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Cam9771903d ago

I'm glad because I have exams in the Spring.

sway_z1903d ago

all good things are worth waiting for....within reason ;)

Tetsujin1902d ago

The only good thing is I can at least complete some more of this back catalog of games before I start something new; however I don't like that I'll be in class (College) once this drops.

Perjoss1902d ago

In an industry where 'unfinished' games are constantly rushed out the door by companies that are eager to please investors, it's crazy that gamers complain when the odd few games are pushed back and held onto by teams that actually want to release a fully tested game.