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Sony always plays the waiting game.

I'd like to start this story with my experience with the PS3. I didn't get it during launch since my parents didn't have a spare $600 to burn at the time. Mind you I was 12 around the time of PS3's launch. It wasn't until March 2007 that my father happily took me to Gamestop to purchase a $600 60GB PS3 and a copy of Resistance: Fall of Man the only notable title available at the time besides Motorstorm. But regardless to say, the early years of a PS3 owner was brutal, I'll be the first one to admit this. The first title I had my eyes on was Lair which was first slated for a June release and I couldn't wait, it looked incredibly promising and I was heavily anticipating the title. But alas in the early days there was a sony delay curse almost every title that was worth noting suffered a delay and just like those games Lair was delayed all the way to the 4th quarter. So instead I went to gamestop at the time and picked up a few titles for my birthday(may) I chose Fear and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I enjoyed these games a lot but I still was yearning for Lair. Once I got my hands on Lair at the end of August I was utterly dissapointed. Litle did I know around the same time Warhawk was released as well and the PS community juggled between the two. Since I wasn't as smart as I am now when it comes to games I chose Lair. Lair was terrible, the sixaxis made the game unplayable, what I expected from the game was not what I got. The next few days I traded in my $60 copy to gamestop for $25 which I put towards Warhawk. Warhawk was amazing I loved it, one of the best multiplayer experiences I ever had built on the premise of "variety". Titles started to sink in that year like Heavenly Sword and Uncharted. Unfortunately Assassin's Creed, once an exclusive became multiplatform. But I didn't mind much the game was repetitive as hell anyways and I never got the crossbow they showed in the trailers! Anyways fast forward a bit throughout the years even though we lost exclusives like GTA, Devil May Cry, and even Final Fantasy. Sony focused on it's first party by releasing games like Infamous, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, God of War, and LittlebigPlanet and as the PS community knows there are dozens more.

So why do I bring this up? There seems to be a common misconception that Sony has gone Indie-happy and is going to be the next Ouya. Well let me start defending against these allegations by comparing the exclusive launch lineup of AAA XboxOne and PS4.

Killzone: Shadowfall

Dead Rising 3
Ryse: Son of Rome
Forza 5
Killer Instinct

So when you compare the two, the first thing you might say is Knack is going to suck, and DriveClub has nothing on Forza. And Killzone is gonna be mediocre etc. First of all it's easy to talk trash about ANY game besides specific games like Metal Gear Solid or GTA etc. But that's not what we're here for. A lot of people don't mention that a few months later we'll be getting Infamous: Second Son. So I don't understand why people are saying how much the XboxOne's lineup is so much better than the PS4's. Especially when Ryse still has incredibly clunk gameplay and Killer Instinct is being made by Double Helix. And Dead Rising 3 is having framerate problems. Now I'm not talking trash in this case, I'm stating notable issues with these titles stated by the community. But on the otherhand all of PS4's titles are looking and running great although with one exception. DriveClub is going through similar issues as Dead Rising 3 albeit more regarding the optimization of Drive Club to hit 1080p with 60fps.

But the trash talk starts when it's noticed that Sony hasn't announced any titles for 2014. Yet Msoft announced Titanfall and Halo for 2014. Yet many of you forget Sony announced The Order: 1886 which looks like it's a 2014 title. And I ask you guys a few questions.

What is Media Molecule working on?
What is Naughty Dog working on?
What is Sony Santa Monica Working on?
What is Sony Bend working on?
What is Sony San Diego working on?
What is Sony London Studio working on?
What's Quantic Dreams new IP?
What's Guerrilla Games new IP?
Where's the Last Guardian?

That's a potential 10 more PS4 games right there. And to all of those who keep saying PS4 owners are waiting for games that don't exist. But you're wrong they do* exist they're being developed as we speak they just haven't been announced yet. Confirmed by Sony at gamescom that all of their first party studios are all working on PS4 titles. They just aren't ready to show their PS4 titles and obviously Guerrilla Games and Quantic Dream won't show their next titles before their current titles ship. Jack Tretton had an interview recently and he stated that he doesn't believe Sony has to show future games now to draw in PS4 consumers at launch. He said the developers will show the games when they believe it is in that state to be shown. And that's what everyone seems to forget. There's so many more studios for Sony that haven't even teased their next game. And you can be sure their PS4 lineups are going to be amazing unlike the launch year of PS3.

The last year of PS3 gave us
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
God of War: Ascension
The Last of Us
Tales of Xillia
Dragon's Crown
Kingdom Hearts HD
Beyond: Two Souls
Gran Turismo 6

And you can be certain PS4's 2014 lineup is going to look just as strong.

So why is Sony going Indie happy? I'm glad you asked.

Media Molecule is one of the newest additions to Sony's 1st party, how did they get there? When they went to publishers to show off Littlebigplanet they happened to show Sony first. And Sony took care of them and gave them their own studio and ended up buying them. That's an example of what they are doing to the indies Sony has taken under their wing. Sony is going to develop them into the next Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, or Sucker Punch. Or a developer for AAA vita games. This is a cheap effective way to get a larger number of First party studios.

And when looking at Msoft they abandoned the Xbox360 in its final year. And I believe that once the games Msoft has announced are out XboxOne gamers are going to feel a drought of games like they've had for the past years getting only repeats of Halo, Forza, Gears of War, and Fable. Whereas Sony has been giving PS3 owners new IP's like Puppeteer, Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us, and localizing titles like Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Tales of Xillia. Sure Msoft maybe able to do the complete opposite but they have to prove themselves. Sony on the other hand, has already proven themselves by giving PS3 amazing support through and through in its last year despite launching a next gen console in a few months. And if this drought of a year for Xbox says anything about Msoft it's that they abandoned almost all Xbox360 development to focus on XboxOne games. It's a simple fact that Sony has more capable and talented developers than Msoft. Since Msoft stooped so low as to get Double Helix to develop Killer Instinct, and made Rare a shell of a company as what it once used to be. Ryse is being made by Crytek, Dead Rising by Capcom, and TitanFall by Respawn Entertainment. The only 1st party titles being Forza 5 and Halo 5. And just letting you Xbox fans know that if your game is being developed by a third-party it's extremely hard to keep sequels exclusive to the respective system. Look at Mass Effect, since Respawn Entertainment is tied with EA it will be extremely hard for Msoft to keep it an exclusive. And if Titanfall is successful you can bet your ass EA is going to put it on PS4 at one point or atleast the sequel. Same can be said for Dead Rising 3 since after Dead Rising one became successful Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record appeared on both the Xbox360 and PS3. But you can be sure PS4 exclusives won't be going anywhere since a large amount of them are first party. Msoft only has a handful of first party studios left that have unannounced games such as Black Tusk and Lionhead and etc. But they're still no match by the sheer number and quality of the games that are pumped out by Sony's Worldwide Studious on a yearly basis. Everyone just seems to forget that.

Even titles like MGS5 even though its multiplatform now. The Legacy Collection is exclusive to PS3. Kindom Heart 3 is multiplatform as well, but SquareEnix is releasing KH HD 1.5 and then later 2.5 on PS3 exclusively. So gamers know which system to get if you're excited for these titles, the PS4. FF15 is a little different since every FF game has a new story but since KH and MGS was born on PS you can be sure the majority of sales will continue on PS. But then when looking at previous multiplatform Final Fantasy titles FF15 most likely will still continue to sell more on Playstation.

As shown by sales of FF13 and FF13-2. FF13 sold 50% more on PS3 and FF13-2 sold 100% more on PS3.

Thank you for your time for reading my first blog, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there. Just wait. We'll see the rest of Sony's lineup for PS4 soon. Whenever they're ready. Not whenever we're ready.

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trafalger1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

"There seems to be a common misconception that Sony has gone Indie-happy and is going to be the next Ouya."

not sure where you are getting that perception from. sony has always delivered the goods when it comes to games. what we've seen on the ps3 was a slow burn. not a very compelling launch of games and it didn't really start hitting it's stride until mgs4.

the difference this time is the ps4 won't have the hurdles or the complications that posed difficulty to game developers early on. i still expect big games to be delayed like the order 1886 but it won't be anything like we seen on the ps3.

"Msoft only has a handful of first party studios left that have unannounced games such as Black Tusk and Lionhead and etc"

ahh, i see. so what we have here is yet another console wars blog. just what we all need.

it's amazing how many sony enthusiasts can't seem to enjoy what sony offers without wanting to convince themselves and others on how much better they are than m$.

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Shadowsteal1729d ago

That perception was an exaggeration of the outlook Msoft gamers have on Sony's current lineup and focus from e3 and gamescom conferences.

And no, I'm not trying to base this onto a console war blog. I'm trying to defend the PS4 against gamers who think Sony has nothing else in store.

Trust me I will enjoy my PS4 as I have my PS3 but I won't let others downplay it with unrealistic allegations.

JackOfAllBlades1729d ago

There are many things that make a great console, and no as everyone says it isn't all about specs, there is a lot more to it. Specs are important, BUT it's not all about specs, you don't want a godly powerful console with no games. But the PS4 is apparently more powerful and has great games. However, what console is best for you depends on which has the games and features you like most. Mine is the PS4 and one of my great friends is the Xbox One. They're both solid choices, as is Wii U for people who love Nintendo's exclusives and an amazing choice is PC, while it costs more for a good rig games are cheaper. It is all simply a matter of preference.

BLow1728d ago

Well, I'm going to be a little more positive and say MS has learned their mistakes with the first party stuff and is trying to fix that. 1 billion to be exact. Rather they follow through with that or not is a different question. Hopefully every game doesn't have to sell Halo numbers to get a sequel. You know they tend to kind of abandon games that don't sell bucket loads. That's one thing with Sony does a little better. The game may not sell over 5 million copies but they will still support it. See competition is great because both companies are trying to outdo one another and WE(GAMERS)are going to have HUGE smiles on our faces for their efforts.

But know with both companies charging for Online, now things are going to get scary. Sony has made all these games now with a free online service. Now if they start to make that BILLION dollars a year just off subscriptions, then I can't imagine what going to happen next. MS might have opened up a can of worms.....Next Gen is gonna be beautiful and UGLY at the same time.

HammadTheBeast1728d ago

$1 billion's actually not a massive amount once you go through advertising costs, development and production.

They spent $500 million on Kinect alone, that would've been better spent on some good games for 360.

BillytheBarbarian1728d ago

Nothing matters without Shenmue 3 and Nfl 2k.

THE_SALT1727d ago

Well I think whats important is the fact you said you were 12 when PS3 launched, as it will explain your excitement over some of those single player titles, and sub multi-player games you're talking up like Infamous Second Son.

Those a fair bit older like myself have played hundreds of single player titles and not many of those genres have advanced from the PS1 outside the obvious graphic improvements, that we dont get sucked in by the hype.

The gameplay hasnt changed much, if anything games are getting easier, more noob friendly, but as long as they look pretty with a coat of paint they can find themselves a whole new audience. Fact is most of the launch titles from Sony, attract a certain type of casual gamer. I mean seriously who gets excited about Final Fantasy any more? That game died with FF8. They are not delivering anything new, and the life of the games is getting significantly shorter and cost more money to make.

A good example is the PS1 Tomb Raiders compared to all the next gen failed attempts at reinvigorating the franchise. Tomb Raider wasnt about pretty set pieces, and giving you way too many weapons, ammo and upgrades. It was like a giant platform puzzle that had geometric rules such as how many step backs you needed to be able to run and so you just couldn't leap off from anywhere. If you missed it you died, you just didn't get an auto grab from pressing X or whatever and landing every bloody jump.

That is the problem with the PS4 line up at launch. There is nothing there beside Planetside 2, Diablo 3, and Day Z that distinguishes itself as a unique and compelling proposition for the hardcore gamer. Looking at those popular PC games, they are not genre defining. Planetside 2 is no Battlefield in terms of game engine/physics etc. Diablo 3 (how old is that now? and plenty of free alternatives like Path of Exile) and Day Z well all you need do is look at how clippy, pop uppy the hit rego of zombies are, Zombies jump through your body, and the animations aren't timed with the hit. I'd play it for free for sure but not a calculation in my purchase.

Its fairy floss!

Do yourself a favour and just buy GTA 5 and wait for a price drop and more titles to sink your teeth into once PS4 gets up and running as you suggest.

The only 3 worth getting at the moment for next gen are:

BF4 - optimised for XB1 direct X11.1 and will XB1 will get DLC earlier than PS4.

TC The District - looks great on both.

TitanFall - XB1 exclusive in 2014 (at this stage)

Therefore because my decision to get a launch next gen console for BF4 is based on those 3 games, 2 of them I can get from either platform. Only Titanfall will be on XB1 and so it gives XB1 the nod, backed up by XB1 superior controller ergonomics, and playing feel, especially for shooters.

Looking at other exclusives (no real interest to me) its safe to say Forza shits all over Drive Club, especially with Forza using Cloud Computing to continual evolve AI patterns from your friends etc

Dead Rising 3 - using the Kinnect to pick up ambient/background noises (like a door closing or someone coming into the room speaking) will alert Zombies to your location.

Currently you would not get the same experience on PS4 as you would on the XB1 for either of those games if they were not exclusives.

Outside of that I think both consoles look great, very excited and so it comes down to experience and preference.

If PS4 take the lead and start smashing market share, and therefore a greater volume of must have games THEN i will make a purchase and do so happily.

slimeybrainboy1727d ago

I see your point in alot of ways but I think you're having double standards.

inFamous Second Son and Killzone are both using new features on the controller to improve gameplay. If you've seen the inFamous controller trailer thing they actually are using the controller for attacks and actions in the game that are parallel with the real life motion, which I think will make the game more immersive.
I know KZ is using touch and the lightbar and the speaker on the controller too. That can only be done on PS4. All the next gen features are really small things and I think the true innovation has come in the form of unified memory and x86, everything else we'll still have to throw it at the wall and see what sticks.

The PSeye has a Microphone so it could have done these things similar to Kinect. Drivatar has been in Forza on 360 and all it needs is a server to send the information to and then analytic software. I really don't seee that much weight in the cloud or Kinect, but the dedicated servers will be good.

You sound like youre in a very specific position, you only want multiplayer games, I'm sure you understand that not everyone feels that way. So I don't think it's fair to say your not into SP but then say the PS4 doesnt have anything to offer hardcaore gamers. inFamous or 1886 may not interest you but I assure you they interest the hardcore gamer.

I think there's more games that are looking great than just those 3.

The Division
Quantum Break

There definitely is a lot of preference involved, but I think the consoles have more to offer at launch then they are being given credit for. Once we get a go on them, I think we will all shutup and play again and I can't wait.

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