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Polar-Opposite Worlds: Inside and Ori Revamp the 2D Platform

How will two projects revamp a classic genre to fit the modern taste? For starters, Play Dead Studios's "Inside" focuses more on a straight-forward story-telling plot as a young boy journeys from the fields into the city's factory. On the other hand, "Ori and the Blind Forest" developed by Moon Studios set their priorities on the game's mechanical features. To read more details with the videos and available links, please click on the article. http://www.gamerheadlines.c...

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The two-dimensional platform receives a special upgrade during the live performance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year when both Playdead Studios and Moon Studios present their polar-opposite projects. When comparing the colorful but alluring landscapes of Ori and the Blind Forest to the young boy’s subtle steps in the shadows from Inside, these two titles may have presented very strong contrasting ideologies, but their determination for developing the greatest game maybe that golden key to transform gaming audience’s first impressions, and then opinions, and finally expectations for the better toward 2D platforms. To deliver this hopeful promise, Playdead Studios’s offer seems quite irresistible and inquisitive after watching a trailer about the boy’s vast journey into a foreboding urban environment before arriving inside a factory.

While first hearing the resonating sounds of rain drops, audiences could later hear the marching footsteps that gradually become louder and more effective upon the sight of droid-like people walking in straight lines. While these unconcern beings head toward an unknown destination, our captivated eyes continue to watch the protagonist who follows their life-less trail while climbing over high fences, crossing boards through abandoned buildings, and more. This chilling masterpiece evokes the audience’s main concern toward the brain washed victims, then the unidentified enemies looking for ‘something’ (when the boy purposely walks awkwardly in the spotlight), etc. but eventually shifts toward a memorable scene when the main character joins a group of office workers who gather and gaze through a window.

Though this particular video taunts us with more questions,top-notch journalists cannot ask for more details because this studio will not hold any press interviews, so this team can spend more time in the development process of this up-coming production. However, this brooding game incorporates not only a perspective toward transition graphics when a static bird suddenly becomes three-dimensional in its surroundings but also various subtle noises. Even though these technical attributes bring new ideas for indie developers, they actually correspond more toward this pensive story. Since previous works often purposely installed musical tracks to entertain audiences on each level, having no music will enforce the cognitive approach about being connected in the moment and time.

Although time plays as a rather critical component as a game-play trait inside traditional side-scrolling and platforming games like Mario Brothers, this abstract concept often toys with modern gaming designers by a) vividly reminding them about their childhood awe-inspired moments from previous entries, b) motivating them to exceed beyond those classics, and c) enforcing them to master these consecutive seconds, minutes, and hours inside and outside the workforce.

For four long years, Moon staff has been earnestly working hard on an enormous nature-loving package, resembling quite closely to the inspiring Miyazaki/Ghibli’s productions but also ideally presenting as a memorable entity similar to childhood classics. Reinventing itself as a genremix called “Metroidvania”, this magical entity will contain a strong platforming focus and light role-playing elements, all set within an atmospheric world where a charming forest spirit lives. While listening to its own instrumental scores and more along this enchanting coming-to-age tale, this fast creature strives within its green environment filled with fascinating texture glows and light techniques as this spiritual fellow gradually learns of its responsibilities and values with or without the mystifying inhabitants’ guidance.

Unlike its rival that centralize storytelling in gray-scale scenes, this peaceful package encompasses entertainment as an important beneficial factor. Meaning, timing the jumps and solving obstacle levels will become major assets to learn and recognize to beat this whole thing this upcoming Fall for the XBox One and personal computer. So what do these mere differences and slight similarities mean in for our future on the long run? Basically, the two-dimensional platform is slowly being revolutionized and going to be a AAA winner one day.

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Software_Lover1383d ago

Ori looks like it could be a great game. For some reason it reminded me of Dust, I don't know why but it did. Here's hoping that it lives up to my expectations at least. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Serrafina1383d ago

The developer has been working on this project for years, so it's nice to know that their hard work pulled off at the end. For those who did not know, this project will also be available for XBox 360 Owners in 2015.