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Inside The Creative Minds Behind RaiderZ - An Interview With Mark Hill Part 3

(Continued from pt. 2)

Sephris: Many online games have chosen to jump the rift from PC gaming by expanding to game consoles. Have you thought about bringing RaiderZ, or any of your other games for that matter, to the console market?

Mark: At the moment, we are concentrating solely on the PC version of the game. Of course, we are always open to new opportunities to reach new players if we find it to be feasible.

Sephris: Wrapping things up, I want to know what a player of RaiderZ needs in their PC to play the game optimally. Just the simple requirements a person should have so they aren't having lag or graphical issues. Also, what programs do you think a common gamer might have that could interfere with the game play? You know, like having Norton's and McCaffee's running at the same time. What would you recommend to make a client's game time the greatest and most optimal experience possible?

Mark: RaiderZ is optimized to run on the vast majority of modern machines, all the way from the hottest new systems to ones that might be a few years old. The specs shouldn’t hold anyone back from playing. We will release a detailed list of system requirements very soon.
Thanks for the interview, Sephris. It was quite an experience!

And quite the experience it was indeed! My loins tremble with need and my mind roils with unabated excitement when I think of being part of this globe-shaking experience. And now that I have chenged out of my hobo clothing and slipped back into my purple pimp suit, they have allowed me to be part of their beta event. From my hand I will drizzle every moist drop of awesomeness this game has to offer right into your chirping, eager maws. Together we will experience the thunderous magnitude of enjoyment Mark Hill and the rest of the crew at Perfect World Entertainment have delivered to us. And then there will be peace.

Yeah...right. It's slaughter time baby!!!!!!

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Emilio_Estevez2113d ago

Great interview Sephris, love the way you pose questions.

Sephris2111d ago

Thanks Emilio! I thought this was just going to some PR guy, but instead it went to one of the big guys of the company. When I found out just who it was going to I nearly panicked. Then they said they wanted to put it on their main page. I could barely believe it. They have a great sense of humor over there, and I am really lucky they did. I loved the "someone actually married you?" part. They took it and gave it back. It was beautiful.

Emilio_Estevez2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Seems like he's a pretty cool dude and that's the kind of person I would want making my games. I would be willing to bet he wasn't wearing a suit and would be fun to have a drink with.

2105d ago