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Inside The Creative Minds Behind RaiderZ - An Interview With Mark Hill Part 2

(Continued from part 1)

Sephris: The other day an email of mine was hacked and shortly thereafter my grandmother received an email from me wanting to show her pictures of my new male dungeon partner. He was a strappingly large black man in studded leather straps with a disarming smile and twinkling, trustful eyes. I've had a wife for over 10 years and I still had to dig myself out of a hole with her. I detest little creeps that make what is mine theirs. And I detest them on the game servers I play on as well. What do you have in place to show you and I have a mutual feeling about these detestable vermin?

Mark: First of all, you should probably take better care to keep your email secure. Identify theft: it’s a big deal. Secondly, someone married you?

To everyone, I would suggest having a highly secure password, and never, under any circumstances, EVER give it to anyone.

Sephris: Always loving to see a company hang itself, I read on MMO News, ( in the article with Daniela Loesing and Nils Sturman I believe, that there will be no drops from vanquished enemies at all. No money, no items. While I applaud the realism...I mean I killed a bear the other day and the only thing I picked up from it was a few disease carrying ticks...but in the MMORPG world, this is generally thought of as a retarded idea. So help me to understand how you unretarded this concept and made it into something I will enjoy?

Mark: I’m not familiar with the article you mentioned. Mobs in RaiderZ differ from traditional MMOs in that they don’t drop full sets or pieces of gear. Instead, you can expect more material-type loot drops for the game’s item crafting system. We think being able to use materials to craft the gear you want for the character you’re trying to build compliments RaiderZ’s freeform class system and takes some of the grind out of the genre. Don’t you hate it when you down a tough boss and find a whole bunch of epic loot you can’t use?

Sephris: RaiderZ will be heavily focused on raiding, as the name suggests. It has been floating around the web that you will be adding other content besides murdering and pillaging. I am curious as to what this content is, and how well it can compete with the delicious orgy of blood and gore you are already giving your fans.

Mark: If you’re looking for something outside of blood and gore, try some of RaiderZ’s social features. Equip a guitar and start a jam band with friends; start a feast and slap each other silly with fat legs of meat.

Sephris: I've noticed that you do franchise games such as your Star Trek MMO. Is RaiderZ an original concept of Perfect World, or is there a place where your audience might go to for background lore so they can further immerse themselves in the game you offer them?

Mark: MAIET Entertainment is the development studio for RaiderZ. For more lore (and a little bit of gore), head to

Sephris: Will RaiderZ be offering a player vs. player mode, and if not, is there the possibility of a PvP expansion in the future?

Mark: Yes, there will be PvP in RaiderZ. The current system will be duel-based, where you will approach someone out in the open, challenge them, and if they accept, you’ll start battling on the spot. There are a ton of plans for future PVP content that we will be releasing more news on in the near future.

Sephris: Along the same lines of the last question, what additional material do you plan to bring to the game in the future, including DLC as well as holiday specials and the like?

Mark: We already have a long list of new content that we will be releasing after the game’s release. Players can expect regular updates and new content for RaiderZ, including in-game events and special events run by the game’s community team.

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