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Dragonborn: Finally a proper Expansion?

With the Dragonborn DLC arriving soon for Skyrim I must say that this DLC looks a great deal better than the previous two down to simple things, like a much needed and long time coming change of location for one thing. I'm just going to share a few thoughts about how I felt about Dawnguard in comparison to how Dragonborn looks.

As Bethesda said long before the release of Skyrim, we were due to have 3 DLC add ons that were the size of a proper expansion like Morrowind had. So far I have felt still happy enough but ultimately let down by the recent releases.

Being one of the few people that enjoyed the life of a vampire in Oblivion I recall reading "Immortal blood" and noticing the style of Volkihar vampire in Skyrim. So when Skyrim was announced I immediately envisaged becoming a powerful ferocious beast that stalked his prey at night with playful ease.

But alas it wasn't what I'd hoped for and suddenly the vampire in Skyrim had no appeal for me as it was identical to Oblivion's. Skip forward a few months and I'm playing Dawnguard and It's everything I hoped it would be! Only I'm thinking to myself that despite my new found powers the game doesn't feel any different. Sure the story was fun and I travelled to new places but all within the confines of the Skyrim map and suddenly I felt tired of what I was seeing.

When Hearthfire came out well, let's be honest that should have been included with the game in my opinion. I knew then that I needed to leave Skyrim for a while and go on a new adventure in a different land.

Which brings us to Dragonborn. The first few seconds of the trailer instantly excite as we arrive to a foreign island on a boat and already I can tell I'm in for an adventure. Shots of new enemies are a relief as I've become too accustomed to fighting Falmer, Bandits, and Draugr. ( especially the Falmer ). Hopefully given the scope and lore of Solstheim, the main story will be a little longer than Dawnguard and I'd imagine there being a lot more side quests to take part in, as well as a trip to Oblivion which I've been looking forward to, given that It's a substantial one.

Facing off against a fellow Dragonborn should make for a very epic fight and possibly the most difficult yet, having collected all shouts in the game I'm looking forward to plundering into a few more dungeons and finding more creative and helpful shouts to use. Thank the Nine for whomever thought of the "become ethereal" shout. New weapons are seemingly in the game as I'm sure I noticed small tribe like creatures attacking our Dragonborn with spears while riding on what I believe to be a boar. ( note the wereboar from previous Elder Scrolls title Dagerfall )

All in all I'm feeling as though Dawnguard was more "Knights of the Nine" , "Hearthfire" was more "Horse Armour", But "Dragonborn" is looking like a "Shivering Isles" , "Bloodmoon" , "Tribunal" kind of proper add on that we were promised to from bethesda to begin with. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks so leave a comment.I know there are still an incredible amount of Skyrim fans out there with hopes and anticipation for the latest installment.

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