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Resident Evil 6: A True Horror Story

Just to clear it up for those that don't appreciate irony, the horror of Resident evil is not the exquisite dialog and compelling story line. It's the fact that put quite simply, this game absolutely sucks.

I apologise in advance for the rant. But the quality of game play alone is completely below par, so much that even attempting the Chris or Jake play through's are nothing more than a sad and depressing chore , how the developers seem to have abandoned all passion for what the franchise started out as and built its reputation on is a complete mystery to me.
Even the Resident evil films are looking like works of art in comparison to this lackluster attempt at a horror genre.

Capcom have essentially erased the magic of Resident evil by trying to make it 3 different games rolled into one, One of them being a Gears of War ( the Chris play through ) doppelganger that barely comes close to being anywhere near as good.

I feel the direction they have taken Resi needs to come to a screeching halt and go back to basic idea of being a pulse pounding tense horror/thriler. I even feel as though "Operation Racoon City" and "Outbreak" even put it to shame and I can't see myself buying another until someone at Capcom has an epiphany and understands the fun stopped in 2009 with Resi 5.

I admit to being a bit of a cynic at times and maybe I'm just blowing steam after my disappointment, Or maybe a lot of people out there feel the same way, regardless let me know what you all think, there might be someone out there with a convincing enough arguement to make me see a better side to the game.

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Kratoscar20082056d ago

RE Outbreak was the last chapters of the series that where truly Survival Horror and had the classic elements of the series. I think releasing RE Outbreak 1 and 2 for PSN with full online could help get the series in the right direction.

RE6 is bad, there is no argument in this world that will make it seem like a good game.

maniacmayhem2055d ago

I agree, forgot about Outbreak. But yes with PSN and Live set up this game if brought back can recapture the original RE feeling.

Scrivlar2056d ago

Very good idea! Despite being a really fun game maybe for maximum enjoyment it was released on the wrong generation of console.Perhaps releasing a new Outbreak 3 could be just the blend of old style nostalgia and fresh perspective for most of the people that joined the series late.

Kratoscar20082055d ago

exatly RE outbreak even with Coop was still RE.

2055d ago