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Now admittedly, this faint hint at a slight tease with the slim possibility of an actual Knights Of The Old Republic 3 being even thought about is enough to peak my interest, and I will be monitoring any progress on this with intense fixation.

Though the Obsidian article we have all been hearing about is just a tiny comment, and if there were a KOTOR 3 being made, It would be in a Galaxy far far away from now. I have to say that KOTOR 1 was probably my favourite game of all time or definitely top 3 only rivaled to Skyrim and San Andreas.

And when The Old Republic came out I thought it was all over and my hopes and dreams were crushed under the multi million dollar whore that is MMORPG's that churn out big games without the soul and passion that makes them enjoyable to begin with.

But alas! there is A New Hope! An Obsidian writer out of nowhere says the slightest thing positive about working on a KOTOR 3 and now I can dream again, It's good feeling like it can be a possibility again.

Now folks I know it's barely anything and even if it's possible it will most likely be next Gen consoles. but at least we have somebody that wants to make this game that is in a position to actually do so, and there's nothing wrong with having a little faith that it will one day happen. Same goes for Battlefront 3 while I'm at it, both would be selling worldwide for millions even if they sucked so surely there's a plan in place to make these things happen.

Anyway before I ramble on any further let me know what you think. I desperately hope I'm not alone in this love for KOTOR.

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darkvenom2118d ago

wish they would make kotor 1&2 hd versions,kotor 3,and as you mentioned battlefront 3.this would make me very happy.

Zha1tan2118d ago

lucasarts are not in the business of listening to fans.

DW742118d ago

There are a *lot* of devs out there that would love to do a *lot* of things, but never will because of money, time, or licensing issues. They say it interviews all the time. And frankly, I wouldn't want Obsidian to work on any more games I might like. They'd just turn out the typical Obsidian way: bug-ridden, incomplete, messes.

Scrivlar2118d ago

At this point I'd take a bug-ridden mess over having nothing but whispers of a KOTOR project every few months.It's gotten to the stage now where they should at least just try and fail rather than not bother, there's no doubt that people would buy the game just for it's title alone.

apollo0032118d ago

I have been desperately hoping for a KOTOR 3 for years. If they do make one, I hope it's developed by Bioware like the original was. I still loved KOTOR 2 but the original was hands down better.

da_2pacalypse2116d ago

The Bioware of today is but a fraction of the Bioware which developed KOTOR1. I, for one would rather see Obsedian make the game rather than Bioware... But in my honest opinion, the best fit to make KOTOR 3 would be CD Project red. They are the Bioware of this generation, Witcher2 is the best RPG I've ever played!

apollo0032115d ago

I agree that Bioware's track record has gone downhill since the days of KOTOR 1 but games like Dragon Age: Origins and the Mass Effect series show that they can still make excellent games. Their main problem is being under the thumb of EA. While I agree that The Witcher 2 was a very good game, I definitely wouldn't say best RPG ever and having the Witcher series under their belt does not make them the Bioware of this generation, they will need a few more great games for that to happen.

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