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GTA V & Jet Packs

Are you a GTA Fan? Have you played many of the games in the series? Do you browse the internet? If so chances are you encountered what has become a rather spirited debate amongst gamers. The inclusion of the Jet Pack.

Before we begin I would like to say that over the course of the Grand Theft Auto series we saw an increase of travel options. Not only do we see the number of cars increase but we then see the addition of other vehicles: Bicycles, Water Craft, Helicopters, Planes, Dirt Bikes, Hovercraft and yes the Jet Pack. I feel that GTA IV took a step back in removing a lot of these options. The GTA series (headed by Rockstar) is a series that paves the way for sandbox games. When IV was released a lot of gamers complained about the lack of airborne travel options available. In this short piece I will attempt to make the case for the inclusion of the Jet Pack.

My criteria for any vehicle in the GTA series is that a working model needs to exist in real life. We need the technology. So no UFO's or the like.

Does the technology Exist? Surely. Jet pack experiments have been going on since World War 2 believe it or not! The device was first looked into by the Germans called "Himmelstürmer" (Heaven stormer) and was later picked up by Bell Aerosystems for further testing. Through the course of these years and up to today many advancements have been made.

Today a company called Jetpack International makes a number of models that have flown a variety of distances for varying lengths of time. Last I checked the T-73 model (attainable for $200,000 w/training) clocked a flight of 9 minutes.

Likewise Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana has a model available for the general public and offers training for $200/hr.

This is usually when I encounter my first argument: fuel. "Scotch" they begin, "Those Jet Packs only fly for a short period of time. That would be unrealistic to include this technology."

Would it? Since when does fuel add any sort of vehicular restriction in the GTA series? The people that say this don't seem to have a problem with cars, helicopters and boats that never need to be refueled. So this should be a non issue right?

Overall we aren't talking alien or futuristic technology here. It exists. I think it would further diversify the transportation options. It was nice in GTA:SA to switch to my Jet Pack and bee line to a destination. It's a good mode for seeking out those hidden packages and easter eggs.

Still too unrealistic? It doesn't even need to be part of the main story. Make it purchasable after unlocking it through a variety of optional side quests and give us something else to spend our hard earned dollars on. That way people that hate the idea will never know its there and those who want to seek out this guilty pleasure can. Everyone wins.

But what do you say?

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Nate-Dog2541d ago

I'm not the biggest or most hardcore GTA fan (I've still played each GTA since GTAIII though including the PSP games) but personally I just thought the jet-pack added to the fun and some of the ridiculousness of GTA. I wasn't a fan of GTAIV myself, I felt it was just a bit too realistic in it's story and some of its missions among other things and it didn't for me have that fun aspect of something like Vice City or San Andreas. Can the inclusion of something like a jetpack really be that big of a deal between GTA fans? I thought it would mainly be there for its fun factor more than anything and as an extra option to mess around, maybe even just at the end of the game.

Kon2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

nevermind this post, i completely missed the point

creamsoda2540d ago

I'd like the game to keep it's serious and realisticness that GTA IV had with a little bit of ridiculousness on top of it like jetpacks etc. Would be fun.

Kee2540d ago

I liked the jetpacks in san andreas.

nskrishna22539d ago

small wonder SA was the best..:)