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The hidden rules of N4G

Sangria | 2090d ago
User blog

Every community has its rules. You may transgress them or not, they still exist. News For Gamers has rules as well but not as many as other community-oriented websites. As a result, several hidden rules reign on the site, and here is a list of those.

  • Veto does not exist:

As you may know, the principle of N4G is to let people contribute to the content of the site with submissions of various sites. And every news submitted to the Pending section is susceptible to get approved or reported by other contributors. But whatever the number of reports a news can have, as long as it reaches 10 approvals, the article is accepted. You have no choice. So what is the use of reporting if a news get validated after all?

  • Boobs are always related:

Name your site something-gamer, post a pic of a random girl and say she's related to gaming because you know it and submit your article to N4G and your article will be approved. You probably know me for being the one to fight against Loot-Ninja's weekly spam and I know it's a battle I already lost. You can't win against boobs.

  • BIoodmask is the king of N4G:

BIoodmask is the most active N4G user of all time, and whatever Cyrus and s8anicslayer try submitting crappy reviews of crappy games from crappy sites, they can't even reach BIoodmask's monthly activity. If you are wondering who is he, people will tell you he's a troll without social life that loves irritating people, especially other trolls. May he be famous or infamous, it seems no one can swear without BIoodmask, and he seems to love congratulating himself to feel so notorious.

  • We cannot trust VGchartz but we still trust them:

Are VGchartz accurate? According to many people, VGchartz has been created by a 360 fanboy that got banned from NeoGaf for posting fake charts numbers and now taking his revenge with his site. True or not, I remember a time when VGchartz used to get reported for being inaccurate and never got approved. Until some months ago, where people had no problem with this, and it's especially the case if numbers are in favor of a console or another. So we can't trust VGchartz excepted when our console of choice wins in the charts.

  • A multiplatform game is considered as exclusive if there is a similar exclusive game on the concurrent console:

It may seems incongruous but if you read comments, that's how it works. Dante's Inferno beats God of War 3, Prototype beats inFamous, Quantum Theory beats Gears of War, Tomb Raider Underworld beats Uncharted Drake's Fortune, , Brink beats Killzone 2, etc... It's not a matter of graphics superiority, framerate, storyline or gameplay, It's just because one is exclusive so the multiplatform is considered as exclusive to the other console. And this scheme will repeat until the end of times, because if there is a multiplatform equivalent of an exclusive, then the multiplatform game is better and superior on the other console.

  • There are only PS3 fanboys on N4G:

When it comes to any random article talking about fanboys or a fanboy war (such as Forza 3 vs GT5), you'll often see people barging about how pathetic PS3 fanboys are, and how this or that is a twist from Sony Defense Force. Apparently, N4G is owned by a large PS3 fanboy majority. Wii owners do not exist on N4G beause they are not hardcore enough to know this site and the only PC fanboy is Pandamobile. 80% of other people are PS3 fanboys, and the others are just gamers with an Xbox 360.

  • Sex sells, controversy sells, interest fails:

Do you want to know how to reach more than 500° hotness with your articles? Talk about sex. Put a sex picture as illustration. Talk about some controversy, it's even better if it's sex-related. Start a flamebait such as "HipHopGamer rewarded as the best gaming journalist of the year". If you can gather every points, then it's Jackpot. A sex scene from an exclusive game? Naked pictures of game babes? Jade Raymond talking about how she loves Wii Fit? Bling bling. Talk about an alternative to Natal developed by MIT? A non-Nintendo Wii game got canned? Chinese government censoring social games? You fail my friend, no one cares about that.

  • We don't care about facts, what matters is the interpretation:

Never say an obvious fact, you'll get disagrees and eventually lose a bubble. Never say Wii is winning this generation of console, PS3 is in the last place of the race, how much aliasing there is in Forza 3, Halo 3 : ODST is a simple DLC with a retail price, PSP Go flopped, your PS3 died (mine died twice but I must not say it because it's not the truth, it only disappeared for 4 months, but it never broke). However, if you say that Gabe Newell is lazy, that Natal will sell tons of consoles, that PS3 will close the gap with Xbox 360 anytime soon, that Xbox 360 is leading this generation, that Left 4 Dead 2 is a good game, that Wii doesn't have games, then everything is ok, you're everyone's friend.

  • The systsem is flawed, we love the systsem:

This joins my first point about the non-existence of veto. People keep complaining about VGchartz "guesstimations" but they still approve it. They keep mocking about HipHopGamer being a caricature but his articles keep being approved. They complain because a glitch video of an exclusive game has been approved but they submit a glitch video of a concurrent exclusive game in response. They complain because some bad story has been approved whereas it was many times reported, but they're happy if it's theirs. They whine when they lose a bubble but they don't have any remorse to click the debubbling button if they meet someone that doesn't match with their opinion.

  • No one is unbiased, not even websites:

If you're on N4G then you have to choose your side. You're either a PS3 fanboy, either a 360 gamer (because N4G is ruled by PS3 fanboys, remember), you can't be unbiased. If you have both consoles you're a denying fanboy, if you have all three consoles you're a rich man that has nothing to do with his money, if you prefer PC over consoles you're a Pandamobile other account. It works for sites as well. Kotaku and Eurogamer are Xbox 360 fanboys while IGN and Gamespot are obviously PS3 fanboys. As soon as you post a comment, you're categorized following the bias of your comment, which also means your comment cannot be unbiased.

  • Gamer Zone is where we can to troll gently:

N4G comments section is separated in two categories: Gamer Zone and Open Zone. The Open Zone is where people have 1 bubbles and say "lololol Xbot can only play Glitchza 3 in 2009". Gamer Zone is where people have 5 bubbles and say "Xbox fanboys can only play Failza 3 in 2009 because they only have that". Yes, Gamer Zone and Open Zone is pretty much the same, there are as much trolls, the only differences are just the orthography and the length of some messages. There is no place for real gamers comments, you must choose between idiot troll area or clever troll area.

  • Nasim is worse than Agent Smith:

According to Alexa, the wide majority of N4G visitors are 18-24 years old American males. According to the only review of the site there is on Alexa, N4G is just a flamebait place where only the big ones get approved. And among all of that, there is Nasim. Nasim virtually died months before I register to N4G so I'm not old enough to know him personally, but according to legends, Nasim used to be a severe PS3 troll, not an ordinary one but a legendary one. And since Nasim stopped his virtual activities on N4G, it seems that every old ones get paranoiac and detect Nasim everywhere. You're a troll, you're biased toward PS3 so you're Nasim with another name. Nasim is as much a legend as mods on N4G, you never see him but you have the feeling he is everywhere. And YOU could be a potential host for Nasim after all. Watch your back, he may scratch at your door at a moment or another.

  • Never dare to be against the majority:

It's not a matter of bias but tastes. In N4G, everyone must have the same tastes regarding games, no matter on which side you are. So never say the MAG beta disappointed you, Halo 3 is ugly, Left 4 Dead 2 is an expensive scam, Brütal Legend is a fairly good game, Wii has hardcore games, Xbox Live is not lag-free, you did not enjoy Fallout 3 or Street Fighter IV was disappointing, you'll be considered as a traitor and automatically get disagrees and lose bubbles. Everyone must have the same opinion. Heavy Rain is GOTY 2010 even if no one ever played it, Activision is evil, Natal will be a system seller, Alan Wake has a great concept, Assassin's Creed was awesome and had a great storyline, Metal Gear Solid Rising will match Metal Gear Solid 4 quality if you're a 360 fanboy, it will be milking a great franchise if you're a PS3 fanboy,if you're a Wii fanboy you don't care because you already have Snake in Super Smash Bros Brawl. There's just no place for differences of tastes in N4G.

  • Every field is a potential battlefield:

The video game industry is a perfidious equilibrium between PR vomit and fanboy swallowing. In this context, every subject can be hijacked into a fanboy war, no matter if the war is related to the original discussion. What only matters is the way your gonna say it. And if you success, then the entire discussion will turn around what you said and not the content of the article.

  • Having friends and several accounts is the true Force:

Want to know the secret of longevity? Follow this rule. As you may see, comment section is regulated by a bubble system. You say crap you have less bubbles, you say interesting things you have more bubbles. But how can some trolls on N4G don't say anything interesting and still keep at 6-7 bubbles? It's simple, you have duplicate accounts, you can bubble yourself. You know people browsing N4G, then ask them to give you bubbles. The same happens for pending news. How can certain garbage sites still be approved and reach the top stories? Just ask to your buddies to approve it, you'll be on top within seconds. What a wonderful world it is when you have people to count on to approve your faeces, give you bubbles and congratulate you when you say that Xbox 360 sinks or PS3 stinks.

  • The more you submit, the more you have chances to get approved:

This is another point of the top contributors war. I don't know what you get from being the first biggest contributor in N4G excepted self-satisfaction and a flawed perception of your own success, but it seems being number one is a long and hard race (I love when it's long and hard anyway). And so in order to be The One, the most common thing is to submit as much as possible, whatever the subject, whatever if it's a duplicate story or not, whatever the site... The most easy to submit are reviews: there can't be a duplicate review, it's fast  to submit, no need to check and it gets approved quickly, disregard the game or the platform. As a result, a day you have half a dozen pending news, then once the review contribution is unleashed, you have more than 5 to 10 pages of pending news and reviews. Consequence, 35% of pending stories fail to get approval. Sometimes because it's a duplicate, sometimes because it's a poor quality news, and most times because the story simply hasn't been approved at time. But who cares, as long as in the 65% stories that don't fail there are our shitty reviews.

  • Original story is pointless, we only read the title and click for the pic:

I really love this one because it defines N4G very clearly. The community is set around a single metaphysic law: tl;dr. Most N4G users only read the title of stories because it's written in big and blue, and the pic becomes an intensive to click. So if you put a chick, boobs or pantsu even if it's not related to the story, you'll gather some extra visitors. But the best of that point is how people comment a story where they only read the title and sometimes the summary. The shorter, the better. This is why E4Ginfo and VG247 are so popular on N4G, even though their news are copypastas where they don't credit their sources. N4G love them because their articles never last more than three sentences. And with this point, opinion blogs like HipHopGamer and GameThirstArticles gather major success, because their headlines are deliberately flamebait, even if the content doesn't follow. Who read stories with more than two paragraphs anyway? Want a proof? You wont read entirely this article. You'll see the title, you'll click because you're intrigued, but when you'll see it's a pretty long article, you'll just read the red headlines and watch the pictures. You'll only read the paragraph that interest you and comment this article like if you've read all of it.

You can now switch off your sarcasm detector and thank the Lord for the ham in your plate.

Forbidden_Darkness  +   2091d ago
A wonder read i must say. One of the most enjoyable blogs i have read in a while. Great job. Hope to read more of you work in the future.
LiL T  +   2089d ago
Consoles aside, this blog is funny and true. Something I acctually enjoyed reading because besides the info from devs this is the most truth in awhile. Keep it up and let the trolling live on.
dragunrising  +   2089d ago
The blog was quite interesting to read. Excellent job....and so true. And yes...I read the whole thing! :-p lol
Crazyglues  +   2088d ago
Yes,,, yes... yes
I must say I enjoyed reading, that.. I have to agree with Forbidden_Darkness when he said- "One of the most enjoyable blogs I have read in a while. Great job. Hope to read more of you work in the future."

This is really a true look at N4G for real.. I really thought I was the only one who could see it..

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LordMarius  +   2091d ago
Well you gotta admit, the majority of the community of N4G is biased towards the PS3, any 360 news gets full with trolling comments and bashing.

Makes for a good laugh ;)
Arnon  +   2090d ago
lol @ the disagrees.
LordMarius  +   2090d ago
it doesn't surprise me,
I once made fun of MGS4's cut-scenes and got called a 360 fanboy then lost a bubble...
Sarcasm  +   2090d ago
I wonder why that is? Doesn't people ever stop to think why this site was flooded with 360 fanboys, inadvertently becomes dominated by PS3 fans?
Saaking  +   2090d ago
Lol, people still stuck on Nasim? He must have really traumatized you all. haha
kwicksandz  +   2090d ago
Is the author seriously arguing against the huge majority of ps3 fanboys on this site? Has he actually read any 360 news articles lately? lol

what saddens me the most is how few degrees PC related news gets. just panda, me and a few other regulars =(
Sangria  +   2090d ago
Nope, I'm conscious there are many PS3 fanboys on N4G, and I often laugh at some people extremism, but discriminating PS3 fanboys we tend to forget there is also a big community of Xbox 360 fanboys. That's what I pointing out, when people keep whining "N4G is owned by PS3 droids" they also deliberately forget they participate to fanboy fights.

Both camp are immature kids, one side mock the other and the other replicate mocking again. No gamer respect, if you don't have my console your my enemy (btw, I own all five -including handheld- consoles so technically I have no enemy).
Immortal321  +   2089d ago
nobody likes the 360
anything ps3 good or negative it's a hit, "360 is good", that gets troll "360 is bad" that gets agrees. the internet is for the angry Sony guys because in the real world they're minority.

2010 is going to be a blackout year for the other console. everyone already know that the ps3 graphically is superior ever since KZ2. everyone know that the 360 have more games, but on the internet it's a never ending battle.

anyone with a job have a ps3, and a 360 and they don't care
Jamescagney  +   2090d ago
Excellent read, and very true.
docsavage  +   2090d ago
We all lose to the power of the boobies
Good read and some very true statements are tucked in here.
Sarcasm  +   2090d ago
Maybe bubbles shouldn't be bubbles anymore, they should be boobies. For instance, I just gave you a boobie!
pixelsword  +   2090d ago
Er, uh...
...can I squeeze it?

*hangs head down in shame*
Cajun Chicken  +   2090d ago
Heh, I enjoyed reading this.
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2090d ago
I didn't enjoy this. I'm against the majority.

BWT I think that if you're in the top ten people with the highest N$G score you get paid. That's why we got a 35 years old Bloodmask so obsessed with this.
#6 (Edited 2090d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Sarcasm  +   2090d ago
With all the energy put into 31 days a month looking for articles for a measly $500 a month, he could have gotten two jobs and made $4000...
pixelsword  +   2090d ago
maybe he's handicapped
I don't know the reasoning behind a lot of things on N4G, but if it helps him out then I cannot speak ill of his motives.
Sangria  +   2090d ago
What is scary is not only BIoodmask's energy to feed the site, but also the energy the other ones spend in order to try to compete with BIoodmask. Even though money is always a good carrot for the human donkey, $500 is certainly not enough to waste a life on it.
Darkeyes  +   2089d ago
God help us if something happens to Bloodmask lol.. N4G will have a serious drought of news if that ever happens. He does put in a lot of effort for the news.. But 500$ is really not enough lol. He puts in thousands of stories here and he might get an average of just a few cents per story..
Parapraxis  +   2090d ago
Very funny blog.
A lot of truth in it too, which is scary.
Thanks for the laughs and the well-written post Sangria.
TenSteps  +   2090d ago
This is ace
Sangria  +   2090d ago
Thanks everyone, I appreciate you appreciate.
II Necroplasm II  +   2090d ago
This is arguably the best blog I have ever read on here... lol! Nice work!
UltimateSin  +   2090d ago
Nicely done, great read.
DelbertGrady  +   2090d ago
Minor correction to an otherwise great blog post.
"However, if you say that Gabe Newell is lazy, that Natal will sell tons of consoles, that PS3 will close the gap with Xbox 360 anytime soon, that Xbox 360 is leading this generation, that Left 4 Dead 2 is a good game, that Wii doesn't have games, then everything is ok, you're everyone's friend."

Hmmm... Gabe Newell lazy, PS3 will close the gap(will win this gen in fact), Wii has no games, then yes. They will give you agrees.

On the other hand, if you say Natal will sell tons of consoles (or anything Natal positive at all), that the 360 is leading this gen or (god forbid) that Left 4 Dead 2 is a good game you will have your bubbles stripped in a jiffy and get verbally stoned in the comments section.

Lots of good points though. Great read. =)
FragMnTagM  +   2088d ago
Your disagrees prove your point Soda
So sad.
phonicx  +   2090d ago
This is genius ...
MaximusPrime  +   2090d ago
this is the first time i read N4G user blog here and i must say im impressed.

I'm a member of N4G for many years. probably 3 or 4 years.
You are correct that PS3 fanboys are alive and active right now. less than 2 years ago, N4G was mostly xbox 360 fanboys.

Regarding Bloodmask, its true. hes the most active user. TnS used to be active but he mysteriously disappear, thus made way for Bloodmask.

nice job.
Arnon  +   2090d ago
"If you're on N4G then you have to choose your side. You're either a PS3 fanboy, either a 360 gamer (because N4G is ruled by PS3 fanboys, remember), you can't be unbiased. If you have both consoles you're a denying fanboy, if you have all three consoles you're a rich man that has nothing to do with his money, if you prefer PC over consoles you're a Pandamobile other account."

You're famous, Panda!!
Pandamobile  +   2090d ago
I knew I had somewhat of a reputation on this site but I didn't think it was that extreme :\
pixelsword  +   2090d ago
lol you're a PC thug, Panda
get used to your celebrity.
Sangria  +   2090d ago
Don't take it bad Panda, I really respect you for representing so much a minority :)
Gun_Senshi  +   2089d ago
I'm a PC Gamer,

So I'm Panda too?
Sangria  +   2089d ago
According to the N4G fanboy conspiracy theory, if you bash consoles and claim PC is the best gaming platform, then yep you're a Panda.
#14.5 (Edited 2089d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PirateThom  +   2089d ago
Sony has droids, Microsoft has bots, Wii has Nintendrones/Wiitards....

PC has Pandas.

N4G is so awesome.

FragMnTagM  +   2088d ago
I'm into PC gaming too Panda
but I prefer my 360 first, PC second, PS3, Wii fourth, and PSP last.
Sarcasm  +   2090d ago
My favorite was the one about me... Nasim... LOL
Tony P  +   2090d ago
Entertaining read.

A bit sad how much I agree with the points.
alphakennybody  +   2090d ago
I'm sorry but you make it sound as if the 360 fanboys are the victims here, face it both side have their fair share of them( i can link you all the ps3 doom article, and about anything related to ps3 exclusives and you'll see the sheer amount of 360 fanboy trolling in em). other than that nice read! oh you forgot one more rule

-360 fanboys tend to hide behind the pc when their game is proven inferior than the ps3
oobob  +   2090d ago
As a primary but not exclusive wii gamer, I'll have to say the ps3 people here destroy the xbox folk and I tend to vote them up despite liking my ps3 better.
Sangria  +   2090d ago
Don't get wrong, I don't support any camp. Like I said in old comments, I'm not a console fanboy. I don't care if Microsoft face bankruptcy, Sony stop the Playstation brand or Nintendo takes becomes the only console manufacturer available (well, I would be a bit pissed off because I tend to not like most of Nintendo IPs but it's not a hardware fanboyism).

However, I'm a very aggressive fanboy regarding some series, like Metal Gear Solid, Hitman or Legacy of Kain. I also tend to defend small and independent developers. So if we should call me a fanboy, I'm a game fanboy. So I didn't intend to defend any side, just denounce some hypocrisy regarding the war.

N4G is owned by Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, if you take a look at comments, articles, news, podcasts, videos,... Almost everything is for the PS360. Wii and PC and a very small minority, and yet I already pointed out the problems with minorities. In this point of view, I would only say that both PS3 and Xbox 360 fanboy camps belong to the Hall of Shame of the video game industry. The only people that are more shameful than those people are developers and publishers that feed the war instead of calming down people and respect fairly their partners and concurrents.
wanderofys  +   2090d ago
I always wondered where the handheld fanboys are. For the DS to sell so well, you gotta wonder where those people are. (also I love my DS and my PSP, no hate here)

Also I read the entire thing, in response to "You'll only read the paragraph that interest you and comment this article like if you've read all of it." Mostly spot on. I have the extreme difficulty of wanting to talk about game genres (I'm a huge jrpg fan) and my comments being turned into console wars. I really don't care what console something is on, I just want to talk about games :( I mean really, I hit up an article about 360 rpgs and talk about how I think SO4 sucks or how I think LO is awesome, and my comment is followed by "hurrr look at this 360 fanboy" and then I hit up an article about PS3 rpgs and talk about how awesome Demon's Souls is and I'm a "PS3 fanboy". Which is it? The only place I feel safe from this garbage is PC and handheld articles, because most console fans ignore them.
FragMnTagM  +   2088d ago
That was spot on man
I feel roughly the same way. I come here to find out info about new games and the industry, not to participate in fanboy wars. No matter how unbiased you try to comment, it doesn't matter on this site, you will end up with a label.
bigjclassic  +   2089d ago
This is nothing but the truth
I have been on N4G for a while now, and have noticed the trends that you hit on. I would consider myself a hardcore traditional gamer, owning around 13 consoles and playing each one on different occasions. I have stated on numerous post that I usually play: Wii, PS3, Dreamcast, SNES and N64 because that is what I and my gang of friends tend to play.

But dont go on the forums saying you play Wii over PS3, or your that you think that the FPS movement is a fad. You will get bubble raped.
Quadrix  +   2089d ago
The truth is so thick that it puts the durability of titanium to shame.
mfwahwah  +   2089d ago
One thing I wish would have been addressed (but apart from this it was a great read). You can never subtract bubbles, you can only divide or add them.
littletad  +   2089d ago
Amazing read
I thought there only a few mature multiple console owners who actually were gamers, and not fanboys. I'm glad to know were out there, even if were in such small numbers.
ZombieAutopsy  +   2089d ago
Article speaks the truth, id have to say before i came to N4G i wouldnt of considered myself a "fanboy" by any means. My earlier comment history i didnt rag on the 360 and even defended it a couple of times but i just had to join the war and chose to be on the Sony side of things (mainly because ive owned all of the Playstations). To be honest i'll play any console and just about any game if its put in front of me because i love to play games but here on N4G i'm a droid and im proud of it.
FragMnTagM  +   2088d ago
I've read a lot of your comments and would not label you a droid.
Maybe I haven't seen any of your recent posts, but from what I can remember of your comment history, you were relatively unbiased. Hope the whole droid thing works out for
ZombieAutopsy  +   2088d ago
lol yea i didnt start acting like a fanboy until about a month or so ago but i rarely even post anymore because its getting kinda old with everyone always b1tching about the same old sh1t.
ChickeyCantor  +   2088d ago
Reading is hard, i like pictures =(.

Uncle Rico  +   2087d ago
This is an excellent post. Nothing but the truth. Too bad it won't be changed due to the frozen mentality of many of the members and admin team.
WhiT3Kr0w  +   2086d ago
Great article
Loved the article. :)
meepmoopmeep  +   2085d ago
some is true, others not

but good blog
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