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Rag Doll Kung Fu to get DLC

In May 2009, I received a survey from Sony about Crash Commando. The survey was asking, among other things, my appreciation of the game but also what I'd like to see as DLC. The survey proposed several DLC choices, including new maps, new characters, new weapons and new modes.

And few weeks ago, in late August, 5 months after this survey, Sony released on the PlayStation Store two DLC packs, one including new maps and a new mode for 2.99€ ($2.99), and another one including new playable characters for 1.49€ each ($1.49). There are certainly other players that received this mail (it's a survey after all), but it's not really hard to see the link between the survey and the DLC release.

So, what do I mean? What's the matter with RagDoll Kung Fu? Well, that's very simple. I received few minutes ago a PlayStation mail regarding a survey about Rag Doll Kung Fu, what do I think about this game, would I recommend it to friends, how many times I play video games, and...

... What I would like to see as DLC. Games like Fat Princess get very popular even before their release, It is legitimate to see Sony planning DLCs in order to benefit of that hype. But in some other PSN games cases, they become more successful than expected and Sony can't ignore it, and they plan to release DLCs some months after their release (Crash Commando released in Europe in December 2008 and the survey came in May 2009. Rag Doll Kung Fu released in April 2009 and the survey came in September 2009).

So, if that survey is not only an innocent way to know what PS3 gamers like to play on PSN, we should expect to see new Rag Doll Kung Fu DLC, certainly two packs (one with new characters, one with new maps and modes) coming in the next couple of months. It took 5 months after the survey to release the Crash Commando DLC, so if Media Molecule follow the same development process, the DLC for Rag Doll Kung Fu will probably release in February or March 2010. Hang on !

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TheColbertinator2996d ago

I have the game.It sucks ass even when I got it for free

Nineball21122995d ago

I agree with ya Steven. It's nearly as bad as Pain. Just not fun for me.

Cajun Chicken2996d ago

I've had great fun with this game since I picked it up for free. Glad DLC is on the way. They should patch the wands in too, it is a little hard due to the use of Sixaxis, but me and my mate like playing it. Char Design is terrible though.

Boz2994d ago

Im pretty sure Media Molecule isn't the one who made ragdoll, althought I could be wrong. I think it was a swedish company if I remember right.

Cajun Chicken2993d ago

One of the lead devs made the original of the franchise on PC, he then became the lead designer on LBP at MM.

Sangria2993d ago

Yep, but you're still right. Mark Haley used to be an independent developer when he created Rag Doll Kung Fu, then he co-created Media Molecule. But Rag Doll Kung Fu : Fist Of Plastic on PS3 hasn't been developed by Media Molecule but Tarsier Studio. My bad.