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Raving Rabbids get NSFW for a calendar

Sangria | 2335d ago
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8 years ago started in France Les Dieux du Stade (Gods of the Stadium), a series of calendar where french rugby players were posing naked in an erotico-artistic way. Those muscled buttocks were available each year and a part of the calendar benefits were given to charity associations.

But french rugbymen are no longer the only one to do this, now.
Ubisoft announces The Raving Rabbids : Stadium calendar, where our dear bunnies show their impressive performances through this erotico-artistic calendar.

Here are some pics of this prestigious stuff, where a part of the benefits will be given to Ubisoft's Orphan Rabbids Center.

The calendar is already available in France in many stores for 9.99€ (around 15$) but is not available yet at digital retailers. Ubisoft did not communicate any information about a possible release in USA or in the rest of Europe.

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