Metal Gear Solid 1 is awesome ... oh wait .. it's 2010 :$


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Back to the ... Past! (with Metal Gear Solid)

A while ago I wanted to buy a game I should've bought a long time ago: Metal Gear Solid 4. But I later found out that the story is related between all metal gears and I had never played a single one. So I wiped the dust off of my Playstation 1, bought Metal Gear Solid (it was hard to find) and started remembering how I used to control my characters with the directional buttons, not the analog stick.
After a couple of hours I couldn't stop playing! Everything was outstanding! Be it the magnificent cut scenes, the story, the gameplay, and the battle with Psycho Mantis.. it was just an incredible journey! And today, I beat the game, which I started 3 days ago, and I couldn't believe what a marvelous game I missed! Thank you Konami! And I'm looking forward to continue this incredible series!

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GWAVE2883d ago

All the Metal Gear games are in a league of their own, and they stand the test of time. Enjoy the series! It's a goodie!

samaniac2883d ago

So the Metal Gear games are not related story-wise? But still I don't regret playing it, it's a great game!

table2882d ago

no they are all very much related story wise. They are in a league of their own for quality. Make sure you play 2 and 3. Unbelievable games.

NecrumSlavery2882d ago

Download the MGS DataBase from the PS Store. You will be amazed how related and connected every little thing in the universe is. It's a really awesome franchise.

DAS6922882d ago

Why didn't you just buy the game on psn?...

samaniac2882d ago

Honestly I don't know. Maybe I just wanted a reason to use my PS1 i guess.

NecrumSlavery2882d ago

All PS3's play PS One games. you didn't need to use your ps one.

Terarmzar2882d ago

I remember this game my brother use to play this game all the time on the ps1, in fact i still have the original game.

samaniac2882d ago

If you have never played it before I suggest you do. UNBELIEVABLE! I mean I couldn't believe how they could do that on a PS1! You won't regret playing it, I can promise you that.

samaniac2882d ago

@NecrumSlaverly I knw but I miss my PS1 :P

NecrumSlavery2881d ago

I'm sure she was wagging her tail to play with you again. I actually love how the PS3 works with PS One games. I remember a few games that I had issues with playing on PS2. I had to play Chrono Cross on my PS1 cause it could read better through the scratches. And some classic games I played on PS2, mostly Squaresoft games, the screen would bounce when they turned on. It was really weird and frustrating.

2881d ago
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